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What is the Best Time to Meditate?

Clock illustrating the best time to meditate

Although mindfulness meditation can be beneficial at any time of day, you can get more out of your session when you choose the right moments for your practice.

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What is Ketosis and Is it Dangerous?

Image of word Ketosis on purple background

A frequent concern that comes up for some people when I talk about following a very low-carb Paleo diet is whether ketosis, ketones or a ketogenic diet are dangerous. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation and confusion on this topic that gets passed around and results in an unsubstantiated negative perception and needless fear. [click to continue…]


Can You do Paleo with an ApoE Gene Mutation?

DNA illustration with gene mutation and words ApoE4 and Paleo

Questions about following the Paleo diet when the individual has an ApoE gene mutation have begun to rise in my consultations with clients and creating a lot of confusion. Here’s what you need to know to alleviate your concerns if this is an issue for you. [click to continue…]


How to End Your Addiction to Chocolate or Caffeine

Coffee in cup and chocolate pieces looking blurred to depict addiction.  How to End Your Addiction to Chocolate or Caffeine

Caffeine and chocolate (including dark and raw cacao) are mind-altering addictive drugs that affect the brain in a similar manner as other psychotropic substances like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and alcohol. Therefore, the process for overcoming addiction to them is the same as it would be for any other drug.

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Nutritional Supplements that Can be Counterproductive

Adverse Reactions Sign

Although many nutritional supplements can be beneficial and support health, that is not always the case. In some circumstances, particular supplements can be highly counterproductive or even harmful. It is vital to be informed about potential complications to optimize your results and prevent a setback in your healing journey. [click to continue…]


Paleo Snacks

Beef Jerky Makes a Great Paleo Snack

The first issue to address on the topic of Paleo snacks is your beliefs or mindset about snacking. Munching on something in between meals is not a nutritional necessity. For the most part, you will enhance your health by eliminating this habit, which is easy to do when you are eating correctly. [click to continue…]


Balancing Neurotransmitters Checklist

Balls Demonstrating  Balance of Neurotransmitters

Balancing neurotransmitters (otherwise known as correcting disrupted brain chemistry) is one of the issues I work the most on with my clients. Simply because neurotransmitters are involved in pretty much every aspect of health, but especially when we are dealing with conditions like Candida, SIBO, IBS and other functional gut disorders, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety disorders, OCD or any other mental health issue, sugar and carb addiction, compulsive overeating or binge eating, or drug and alcohol addiction. [click to continue…]


10 Impressive Nutritional Benefits of Pumpkin

Sliced Pumpkin Pieces and Seeds in a Bowl and on Chopping Board

While pumpkins are traditionally associated with fall decorations, jack-o’-lanterns and Thanksgiving, you may not realize they are also regarded for their significant nutritional value and can be enjoyed any time of year without guilt or fear by pretty much everyone, regardless of the health condition that may exist.

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Spooky Halloween Candy Dangers

Spooky Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns Illustrating Dangers of Candy

Well it’s that time of year again when we dress our children up and then parade them around the neighborhood to collect a bag of poison that they will shove down their throats until they literally can’t eat another bite. [click to continue…]


Designing Your Individualized Paleo Plan

Lemon Slice as Color Wheel Demonstrating Individualization of Paleo Plan

As you know, I am a strong advocate of the Paleo diet. However, it’s important to be aware that there is not a one size fits all even within these guidelines. We are all unique and what works for one person may not work for another. Each of us should take the basic Paleo principles and fine-tune and customize them for our own individual biochemistry. [click to continue…]