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Holistic New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when many people think about setting New Year Resolutions. I’m not big on resolutions, instead I like to think of setting goals for the future.

When thinking about setting your goals, remember to be kind and patient with yourself. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting impossible goals. Break your long-term goal down into several short-term goals and allow yourself to achieve the goal in small steps instead of all at once. Allow yourself several increments and a period of time to achieve these increments.

Be flexible. If setbacks occur or you have not met the time limit for an increment then don’t give up, but allow yourself the freedom to adjust the goal and reset the time frame. Perhaps it may need to be broken down into smaller increments. Setbacks are a normal part of the process of change. They are bound to occur. Be forgiving and patient of yourself.

If you set goals in this manner, it will be easier to achieve them and a lot less stressful. Here are a few goals to think about incorporating into your life to improve your health, that you could call holistic new year resolutions.

1. Eat Organic

2. Nourish Yourself Spiritually More Often

3. Exercise Regularly

4. Recycle

5. Express Your Feelings on a Regular Basis

6. Eliminate Refined Sugar from Your Diet

7. Educate Yourself More About Your Health and Alternative Treatments

8. Eat Healthy Wholesome Snacks

9. Eliminate Toxic and Harmful Personal Care Products from Your Life

10. Clean Up Your Indoor Air

11. Recognize and Value Your Intrinsic Worth

12. Be Understanding and Patient with Yourself and Others

13. Remove Toxic and Harmful Cleaning Products From Your Home

14. Get More Sleep

15. Practice Stress Management Techniques

16. Wear Organic or Natural Fiber Clothing

17. Reprioritize Your Life to Focus on What’s Most Important

18. Get in Touch With Nature More Frequently

19. Drink Pure Water in Adequate Amounts

20. Tell Your Loved Ones How Much You Love Them on a Regular Basis

21. Breathe Properly

22. Get More Green

How about you, do you have a holistic new year resolution you’d like to share with us?

Happy New Year to You!

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