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Candida Secrets Plus Package

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The Candida Secrets Plus package includes the Candida Secrets eBook, 45 Candida recipes, the Break Your Sugar Addiction Today eBook, a Candida Diet Support eBooklet, a Candida Meal Plan with Sample Menu and Meal Planning Tips, the Meditating for Health eBook, and the What Your Psychologist Hasn't Told You About Anxiety and Depression eBook.
  1. Candida Secrets eBook - Value of $29.99
  2. Get my best selling Candida Secrets eBook, which provides a comprehensive overview of all the steps needed to overcome yeast overgrowth.

  3. Candida Diet Support: Sticking with It - Value of $6.99
  4. Strictly following the Candida diet is the most important aspect for recovery and also the the most challenging. This little handbook will give you the extra support you need to stay on track.

  5. 45 Candida Diet Recipes - Value of $9.99
  6. Use these 45 recipes from Cynthia's personal stash to help you get started on a healthier, low-carb, sugar-free diet plan.

  7. Candida Meal Plan - Value of $9.99
  8. The Candida Meal Plan comes with a 2 week sample menu plus meal planning tips to help simplify your transition to the Candida diet.

  9. Break Your Sugar Addiction Today eBook - Value of $9.98
  10. Eliminating sugar from the diet is the most crucial factor for overcoming yeast overgrowth. You simply can't be successful if this is not achieved. However, most people with Candida find this task nearly impossible because they have an addiction to sugar. Learn how to overcome your addiction to not only sugar, but caffeine, nicotine and carbs as well.

  11. Meditating for Health eBook - Value of $7.00
  12. Reducing stress and sympathetic nervous system dominance is absolutely essential for overcoming yeast overgrowth and restoring health to the adrenal glands, which are commonly compromised with this condition. Learn the benefits of meditation on your health and how to use these quick and simple mindfulness meditation techniques and deep breathing exercises to find instant relief from stress, anxiety, tension, pain, insomnia and much more.

  13. What Your Psychologist Hasn't Told You About Anxiety and Depression eBook - Value of $16.95
  14. Anxiety and depression are two of the most common symptoms to result from Candida. However, yeast overgrowth is only one of the major contributing factors to depression and anxiety. Learn how to identify all the underlying biochemical causes and how to break free.

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