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Conquer Stress and Anxiety and Elevate Your Health and Well-Being so You can Become More of Who You Want to Be and Live a More Fulfilled Life

Even if you’ve tried it all before or can’t take nutritional supplements

Integrative Holistic Health Coaching

— With Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.

– Vivian Greene
When we live with a chronic health condition, there is no area of life that goes unscathed. It has a profound impact on the physical, mental/emotional, social, cognitive, occupational, and spiritual levels and we are forced to embark on a journey that often feels lonely, frightening, and difficult. We may go down many winding roads, up wrong paths, make endless U-turns, and begin all over again before we find our way.
  • You’ve tried everything under the sun and got minimal results
  • You have a cupboard full of supplements that either did nothing, made things worse, or you can’t take them at all
  • You’ve been to numerous integrative medicine practitioners, and nothing has panned out as they said it would
  • You’ve made changes in diet but didn’t see results or you’ve made hundreds of attempts and can’t remain compliant
  • You’re stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, confused, afraid, sad, and feel held back
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the conflicting health information and don’t know what direction to go
  • You are using substances (sugar, caffeine, carbs, alcohol, benzos, etc.) to cope with your symptoms

On top of all that, we are living through the most turbulent, frightening, and challenging times throughout our world that most of us have ever witnessed in the course of our lives, which increases our fear, anxiety, and stress even more and causes pause. Our future feels uncertain and lacks stability. As a high-stress and anxiety-prone individual myself I know exactly how you feel.

But you can take charge of your healing journey, become more of who you want to be, and live a richer more grounded, peaceful, and fulfilling life, even during challenging times with my integrative holistic health coaching.


In my Higher Level of Health Complete Support Programyou receive a strong, complete, evidence-based, and actionable self-care plan to help reduce stress and anxiety, elevate your physical, mental, spiritual health and well-being, live life to the fullest, and move forward with strength and confidence.

Hello there, I'm Cynthia Perkins

Please allow me to take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself and why I’m qualified to help you. I was raised in a violent and abusive home (physical, emotional, and sexual), locked in a basement at times, deprived of food, love, or affection of any kind, and faced vicious beatings and ridicule. I grew up feeling inadequate, defective, unlovable, deeply flawed, and worthless, all of which hard-wired me to become a highly stressed, anxious, and nervous individual.


For more than a decade, I suffered from debilitating anxiety attacks, clinical depression, widespread chronic pain (fibromyalgia), and compulsive overeating, which led to an addiction to alcohol, marijuana, sugar, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, and serial relationships with abusive men in an attempt to self-medicate. By the age of eighteen, I was a full-blown alcoholic and drug addict.


I searched for answers through conventional mental health counseling and main-stream medicine but found no relief and became addicted to the benzodiazepines, which is what they prescribed for nearly ten years as the “solution” to my issues, but it only magnified the problem. I attempted suicide once, spent time in the psych ward, and engaged in never-ending counseling.

At the age of 27, I felt completely dead, hollow, and empty inside. Dread and darkness consumed me. I could not get through the day without being high on something at every minute of every day. However, no matter how much I drank, smoked, snorted, or swallowed, I could no longer find any relief from my anxiety, pain, depression, emptiness, etc. I was a walking dead person.


It was then that I met my breaking point, and my life came crashing down like a demolition site and I landed in rehab broken in a million pieces. My withdrawal was excruciating, prolonged, and severe. I thought I would die or go insane. For the next year, I attended twelve-step meetings faithfully and worked the steps obsessively, engaged in heavy-duty psychotherapy, attended support groups of many different kinds, and managed to stay clean and sober. However, I was intensely miserable. My anxiety had increased with a vengeance and was so acute I could barely function.

The anxiety was so severe it caused me to hyperventilate numerous times a day and I carried a paper bag around with me and was constantly slipping into bathrooms and hallways to breathe it out and regain composure. I was hanging on by a fine thread. Additionally, my son, a child at the time, had such severe attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder that he was practically uncontrollable and had to be held back in the first grade. Life was challenging, to say the least.
Then, the Universe intervened and provided me with a miracle. Through a series of events, I discovered I had candida overgrowth, low blood sugar, severe chemical and mold sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, and various other health issues. Treatment for these conditions required that I make significant changes in my diet and lifestyle. To my pleasant surprise, my disabling anxiety attacks completely disappeared when I made these changes, just like magic. Instantly. Not only that, but my son’s ADHD improved by about 90 percent, and he became a new child. 
That was more than 34 years ago. Not only was my anxiety relieved by these changes, but so was my depression and widespread chronic pain. Furthermore, I never experienced cravings for drugs and alcohol again. As of the year 2022, I have remained free of the crippling anxiety attacks and have maintained 34 years of uninterrupted and craving-free sobriety from all drugs and alcohol without attendance in 12 step meetings.

I then felt called to help others do the same and a deep sense of responsibility to share the lessons I have learned along the way so that others do not have to suffer needlessly, become dependent on substances, and lose years of their life in the same way that I did. I was in awe of the transformation I was able to achieve and appalled that nobody in the mental health field had knowledge of what I had discovered, and this is what fueled my passion for the topic and inspired me to go to college. So, my expertise comes to you on both a professional and personal level.


I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree of education in mental health counseling, a certificate of completion in functional medicine, and a certificate of completion in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn), and I’m the author of more than ten self-care books on the topics of candida overgrowth, SIBO, mindfulness, drug and alcohol addiction, sugar and carb addiction, depression, migraines, chronic stress and anxiety. 


All the techniques and strategies that I share with you are not only based in science, but they have been confirmed to be effective through my personal experience and I have been walking the walk of what I teach since 1988. So, you are getting decades of wisdom and tried-and-true methods that can truly transform your life without any of the hype or BS. (Yes, I’m now a grandma.)


For more than 18 years I have worked with individuals all over the world to help them alleviate stress and anxiety, overcome addictions, and elevate their health and well-being so they can become more of the person they want to be and live a more peaceful and fulfilled life. The principles I teach in my integrative holistic health coaching have helped thousands of people with chronic health conditions of many different kinds to successfully improve the quality of their lives and move toward a higher level of health and have enabled me to live free of crippling anxiety attacks and addiction for more than three decades.

During a session with me you can expect to attempt to identify possible underlying contributors of your symptoms, clarify goals, develop a plan of action, get headed in the right direction, receive customized dietary guidelines and lifestyle approaches, troubleshoot roadblocks, a nutritional supplement assessment, supplemental reading material, and lab testing suggestions if desired.


I provide a roadmap for transformation and all you need to do is follow and implement.


Integrative holistic health coaching is client-centered and brings conventional and complimentary approaches together in a holistic and coordinated way to enhance all aspects of health and well-being on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.


Above all, at the heart of my philosophy is the belief that healing is a life-long journey, not a one-time event. It requires a passionate commitment and dedication to the goal. Sometimes not all conditions, syndromes, illnesses, or diseases can be completely “healed”, but they can, at the very least, be significantly improved and managed with the right interventions.


Being healthy or achieving optimal health is not always defined by the “absence” of disease or illness. It may also mean living and functioning as optimally as possible with your condition. Finding harmony and balance in the midst of the storm, while continuing to strive for a higher level of health.

More about integrative holistic health coaching

Couple Relieving Stress

What can you expect in a session?


 At the core of my approach is the belief that the foundation for healing is built first and foremost with a diet and lifestyle that encourages health. This means that the food we eat and the way we live should be aligned with Paleo/Primal principles at the base, the way nature intended us to eat and live. While at the same time, recognizing that we are all unique biochemically and the need for individualization. Therefore, making simple changes in the diet is one of the most powerful self-care strategies at your disposal and it is the foundation of my holistic health coaching approach, and it will be personalized for your needs.


From there, we strengthen the foundation with other holistic practices like mindfulness and breathwork, we identify the potential underlying causes of your symptoms, and we may use functional medicine lab testing to go deeper or explore other avenues. In addition, we will investigate potential issues like microbial overgrowth, neurotransmitter imbalances, sympathetic nervous system activity, environmental toxicity, nutritional imbalances, and more and ensure that you are thoroughly informed about how to proceed and achieve transformation.


Last but not least, I hold a firm opinion that responsibility for your health lies in your hands, not your practitioners. My goal is to help you take the reins and lead the way. Empowerment is found by being as informed as possible about your conditions, the challenges that exist, and the options available to you.

What Satisfied Clients are Saying about Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Thank you, Cynthia. You are truly amazing with your insight, wisdom and knowledge. It was a very valuable experience and money well spent. I'm so thankful I found your web site.
Woman Client Icon Testimonial for Integrative Holistic Health Coaching
After talking with Cynthia only two times, my life changed dramatically for the better. She has more knowledge than any doctor or counselor I have ever talked with.
Woman Client Icon
Thank you so much for your wonderful consultation and help. You've helped me more in one hour than I've had in 13 years.
Woman Client Icon
I thank you so much. You are the greatest thing that's happened to me since I began my healing journey. The best money I've ever spent.
Male Client Testimonial for Integrative Holistic Health Coaching
Hi Cynthia, the consult session was a big help for me... especially your first hand experience. Bless you.
Male Icon Testimonial
I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you yesterday. You had answers to questions numerous doctors have never been able to answer!
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I can provide you with everything you need to take charge of your healing journey, begin moving toward a higher level of health and living your life to the fullest in one or two sessions, depending on how deep you want to go and the extent of support you would like. I’m not going to lock you into months of unnecessary coaching.


And when I come into the initial consult with you, I have already reviewed your intake forms, taken notes for a plan of action, and I’m ready to dive immediately into presenting you with an empowering self-care plan designed specifically for your needs. When you leave the session, you can put these steps into action instantly and begin your transformational journey towards better health.


However, you can benefit greatly from additional sessions by working on a particular issue, concern, technique, remedy, etc., in more depth or for accountability and support. So, I am always here for ongoing consultations if you need or desire to go deeper

Primary Areas of Expertise


Candida Overgrowth

Learn how Candida may be at the root of many medical and mental health conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, hyperactivity, eating disorders, gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders. With more than three decades of research on this issue and the author of three books on the topic, I provide the most up-to-date advice to be found on anything related to yeast overgrowth.


SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Discover how undiagnosed SIBO may be involved in many medical and mental health conditions like OCD, compulsive overeating, sugar and carb addiction, depression, anxiety, IBS and other functional gut disorders, acid reflux, GERD, Candida overgrowth. and much more. Learn the best dietary practices, nutritional supplements, testing, and treatment options.


Chronic Stress

Understand how overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system (aka sympathetic dominance) can be a significant factor in many health conditions including adrenal fatigue, Candida overgrowth, SIBO, IBS, addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, dysautonomia, neurotransmitter imbalances, and much more, and the steps you can take to decrease stress and increase parasympathetic nervous system activity.


Sugar Addiction &
Compulsive Overeating

Conquer your cravings for sugar and carbs and overcome binging or compulsive overeating by resetting your biochemistry with the proper diet and lifestyle changes. Use the same innovative principles that enabled me to completely overcome my cravings and binging to achieve the freedom you desire.


Anxiety Relief and Management

I overcame disabling anxiety attacks and you can too with the proper changes in diet and lifestyle. Learn how to regain good mental health by identifying the underlying contributors that disrupt brain chemistry. Reduce anxiety, find inner peace, and enhance your mood and well-being quickly and effectively with proper diet, mindfulness-based meditation techniques, deep breathing exercises, non-toxic living, and other self-care strategies.


Brain Health

The way we think, feel, and behave, is governed by the brain. The brain is the commander of the ship and has an influence on every organ, system, and function within the body. From appetite and breathing to spirituality and everything in between, supporting the brain is critical for optimizing our mental, phsycial, and spiritual health. Learn how disrupted brain chemistry (neurotransmitters and neurons) can be a primary underlying cause in many mental and physiological health conditions and the basic principles for restoring balance.


Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue or burnout can be a major contributing factor in many chronic health conditions, syndromes, and illnesses, both physical and mental/emotional. It can be both a cause and a result of health challenges, thereby creating a vicious circle that leads to more deterioration. Learn the basics of adrenal fatigue, how it impacts your mental and physical health, and what is needed to restore balance through diet, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes.


Paleo Diet Customization

Your dietary needs are affected by the health condition you are addressing or the goal you are trying to achieve and needs to be personalized to these issues. Discover how the Paleo diet can improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, regardless of which health condition you face and design a diet plan that’s right for your unique biochemical needs. Understand the basics of a good Paleo diet, the science behind it, why it works, and develop your Individualized Paleo Plan.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction

As a recovered alcoholic and drug addict with more than 30 years of uninterrupted and craving-free sobriety, I can share with you the reason traditional treatment fails so often and what you need to get sober and stay sober. Learn about alternative treatments for alcoholism and addiction that are much more successful than the traditional route and how you can achieve life-long and craving-free sobriety.


Mindfulness & Breathwork

Discover how to use a variety of of simple and affordable mindfulness techniques and/or deep breathing exercises to support the brain, improve health and well-being, manage stress, relieve chronic pain, alleviate anxiety and depression, aid in overcoming cravings for addictive substances, reduce sympathetic dominance, assist in spiritual development and awareness and much more. 


Migraines and Chronic Pain

Identify and address the many possible contributing factors to migraines and other chronic pain syndromes such as neurotransmitter imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, and microbial overgrowth.  And how to use mindfulness-based meditation, deep breathing techniques, or limbic system retraining to alleviate and manage pain.



Other conditions I commonly work with include insomnia, depression, tinnitus, OCD, hyperactivity, food sensitivities, leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, hypoglycemia or low-blood sugar, insulin resistance, obesity, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chemical sensitivities, EMF sensitivity, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome MCAS, autism, mold toxicity, heavy metals, panic attacks, dysautonomia.

Why You Didn't Get Results in the Past and Why Working with Cynthia Would be Different

You’re overmedicated with supplements or unknowingly taking supplements that aggravate existing conditions or create new symptoms. Many practitioners focus too heavily on nutritional supplements and skim over other more important components like diet and lifestyle. They often overprescribe supplements and herbs or do so without educating the patient about possible contraindications or ramifications that can occur, and they tend to over-exaggerate benefits that can be achieved with these remedies.


Contrary to popular belief, nutritional supplements are not always the best way to get results. In many cases, they can make stress, anxiety, cravings, and overall level of health and well-being worse. My motto is “Less is More.” Additionally, if you are not eating the right diet, then you might as well throw your supplements away. They will do little good. Supplements have their place, but they are not the be-all and end-all. Unlike most practitioners, I do not focus heavily on nutritional supplements. 

You have been misinformed by well-meaning practitioners who lack depth of knowledge and personal experience. Without accurate knowledge of all the issues that come into play, your health may be compromised further. Unfortunately, many practitioners (even those in the functional, integrative, and alternative medicine field) do not have the level of expertise that is needed to address complex situations that do not fit into a well-defined mold or have all the pieces of the puzzle. 

Many practitioners are just regurgitating what they have been taught by their outdated training, mentor, and other practitioners, without knowing whether it is truly effective, and they dismiss the client’s experience if they don’t get the expected result.. They often have expertise in one particular aspect of a condition, but they don’t appreciate the full magnitude of the problem and oversimplify health conditions.  

Due to my personal experience, I have a deeper understanding than most on all the pieces of the puzzle and how they affect one another. There is a level of knowledge and understanding that can only be acquired through experiencing a condition firsthand. And I live and breathe by the principles that I teach and have done so for more than three decades. 

Your changes in diet did not go far enough and you are unknowingly eating foods that are contributing to stress, anxiety, cravings, and other symptoms. Many people eliminate a few bad things, which is a good first start, but this approach is incomplete. They are often misinformed about what should be eliminated or included. Without the proper diet in place, nothing else is likely to work very well.

Tools like breathwork and mindfulness do not get optimal results if they are not accompanied by proper changes in diet and lifestyle. Most practitioners do not focus enough on diet, their guidelines are not broad enough, and their definition of healthy eating is not in line with my experience. Making the right changes in diet is what will provide you with the most relief in symptoms. I focus heavily on diet with re-education and provide highly detailed guidelines and how to individualize them specifically for your needs.

You don’t have a plan, or you haven’t stuck to the plan long enough for it work. First, you need to have a plan to follow that is proven to be effective. Second, you need to give the plan time to work. Many people try something for a couple of days or a week or two and then get frustrated and try something else. Don’t switch gears or throw in the towel. You must have fortitude and stick-to-itiveness to get results. There must be a “whatever it takes” mindset and a willingness to remain committed for the long haul.  A commitment to take action even when you’re afraid, uncomfortable, or don’t feel like it. It is repetition and consistency that will lead you to success.

You’re following too many plans at the same time. One of the biggest mistakes people make that derails them from success when trying to make positive changes in their health… they listen to too many voices at the same time. As you know, there are thousands of different opinions out there about what constitutes a healthy diet and lifestyle, most of which are filled with lies, half-truths, and misinformation and result in more stress and anxiety and degradation of mental and physical health.

Wading through this convoluted maze to actually find the truth is kind of like sailing the open seas without a compass and leaves many people confused and disoriented. When you listen to too many voices at one time you become incapable of moving in any direction or you sail all over the place without really getting anywhere. (I know you all know this is true because we have all been there.)

In order to stay on track and achieve your goals, you must shut out all the other voices and remain focused on ONE PATH AT A TIME. You can’t be visiting websites, reading books, attending seminars, and talking with people about different paths because they will sabotage your current path and you’ll find yourself right back where you started. Combining approaches that conflict with one another cancel each other. 

A large part of being successful in making dietary and lifestyle changes relies on changing the way you think, and you cannot change the way you think if you are filling your mind with misinformation. If at some point you truly decide this path isn’t right for you and you want to try another path, then you can do so at that time. (I doubt that will happen because I believe you will be successful with my approach) But, while you are trying to succeed on this path, you must be 100 percent focused and committed to this approach, and this approach only, in order for it to work its magic. And later, after you master one path and can discern between what works and doesn’t work, then you can combine paths if more is needed.

You haven’t implemented the tools, or the tools have not been implemented properly. Many people collect a lot of health information, but they don’t follow through with execution. Their heads may be full of life-changing knowledge, but they haven’t put it to use. They are continuously Googling for more information but they haven’t taken action. Or the tools haven’t been implemented in the best possible way. They dabble with a little of this and a little of that. Again it is commitment, repetition, and consistency that are needed to achieve your goals.

Your approach has not been complete, and you have not removed the biggest nails from your shoe. In order to get the best results, we need to identify all the underlying contributors to our symptoms and remove as many nails from the shoe as we possibly can. The more nails removed, the better results we get. I help you identify the nails in your shoe and provide you with a complete and comprehensive plan that you can put into action immediately.


I Have Unique Superpowers. My greatest Superpower is my ability to understand the complex and multilayered aspects of the brain, anxiety, stress, neurotransmitters, microbial overgrowth, toxicity, cravings, adrenal health, addiction, diet, etc., and their interconnectedness in a way that most practitioners do not and zero in on identifying the underlying contributors to symptoms, so you can get to the roots of your problem and experience greater transformation.

I’m a straight shooter and I have a reputation for speaking the truth, even when it is not a popular stance. You get no BS, hype, or candy-coating from me. I provide nothing but the facts. My clients frequently tell me that I am the “voice of reason” in a sea of misinformation or partial information. And that I present them with details that most of their doctors, (including the specialists) do not know.

Ready to Take Charge of Your Healing Journey, Begin Moving Toward a Higher Level of Health, and Become More of Who You Want to Be?

Higher Level of Health Complete Support Program


Work with Cynthia one-on-one for two weeks utilizing her integrative health coaching Superpowers and get everything you need to take your health to a new level and live a more fulfilling life. 


60-Minute Phone Consultation

Spend one hour with Cynthia on the phone one-on-one identifying potential root causes for your symptoms, conditions, or neurotransmitter imbalances, personalizing your diet, evaluating nutritional supplements, clarifying goals, and designing a plan of action so you can move forward with strength and confidence. 
(Valued at $300).

Lab Review

If you have completed lab tests that you would like to include in your intake process, you can submit up to eight tests for review. Access to additional lab testing including doctor's order and recommendations is available if desired.  
(Valued at $200).

Detailed Health History Review

My intake forms are designed to provide me with a complete picture of your health that enables me to provide you with superior guidance. I will utilize my Superpower of being able to identify underlying contributors to symptoms, navigate complex situations, and understand all the intricate facets and how they are interconnected, to help you pinpoint the areas where you need to put your focus so you can make the most improvement in symptoms and health.  
(Valued at $300).

Diet Audit

Prior to our initial consultation I will perform a diet audit on the foods that you eat and then discuss this with in you the consultation. I will help you identify foods you may be eating that could be contributing to anxiety or stress, imbalanced neurotransmitters, cravings, degradation of health and well-being, and other symptoms you may be experiencing and explain what foods to eat to alleviate symptoms so you can clear up all confusion on diet.  
(Valued at $300).

Nutritional Supplement Assessment

Too many supplements or the wrong kind can be a major contributor to anxiety, stress, insomnia, cravings, overeating, poor adrenal health, Gaba and glutamate imbalance, and many other debilitating symptoms. I will review your supplement protocol and provide feedback on potential problems so you can avoid unintentional self-sabotage. 
(Valued at $150).

30-Minute Follow-Up Phone Consultation

Then follow up with Cynthia in two weeks with a 30-minute phone consult to discuss your progress, troubleshoot roadblocks, tweak diet plans, or address other concerns so you can continue to move forward in your healing journey.
(Valued at $200).

Unlimited Email or Text Support

Get unlimited email or text support between the two calls for a two-week period to answer questions that may arise as you implement the new strategies and help you stay on track with your goals.
(Valued at $500).

Higher Level of Health Diet Solution

Higher Level of Health Diet SolutionImmediately upon your purchase you receive access to my exclusive diet guidelines, The Higher Level of Health Diet Solution and The Higher Level of Health Diet Solution Quick Start Guide, that are geared specifically to alleviate stress and anxiety, overcome sugar and carb cravings or compulsive overeating, balance Gaba and glutamate and other neurotransmitters, support adrenal health, decrease inflammation, improve sleep, reduce microbial overgrowth (bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses) and encourage better health regardless of what health condition that exists, so you can get started on the diet right away.  (PDF Digital Download – Valued at $300) 

9 Essential P's to Conquer Stress & Anxiety and Elevate Health and Well-Being

9 Essnential P's to Conquer Stress and AnxietyUse my exclusive blueprint, 9 Essential P’s to Conquer Stress and Anxiety and Elevate Health and Well being, so you can take charge of your healing journey using the exact steps I have used in my own life to balance neurotransmitters, manage stress, and maintain more than 30 years of recovery from crippling anxiety attacks, depression, compulsive overeating, and addiction to many substances. 

(PDF Digital Download – Valued at $200)

Higher Level of Health Library

Higher Level of Health LibraryAccess my exclusive content in my Higher Level of Health Library, which provides supplemental reading material on everything we discuss in our consultation and then some so you can be empowered with the knowledge you need to make the most progress. 

(PDF Digital Download – Valued at $1000s)

The Breath Stream Technique Audio Course

The Breath Stream TechniqueInstant access to my audio course The Breath Stream Technique. My signature deep breathing and mindfulness meditation combo technique to help calm the mind, relax the body, alleviate pain, improve sleep, support brain and adrenal health, increase Gaba, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, and enhance health and well-being. (50-minute audio Course with downloadable MP3s and digital downloads)

(50 Minute Audio Course Plus Downloads – Valued at $424)

Mindful Yoga Techniques

Mindful Yoga TechniquesLearn to use gentle mindful yoga techniques to conquer stress and anxiety, decrease pain, improve sleep, support adrenal health, boost mood, increase Gaba levels and other calming neurotransmitters, overcome cravings, and enhance health and well-being overall. These routines are chosen specifically because they are the perfect fit for conditions like dysautonomia, adrenal fatigue, post-exertional malaise, or physical limits of any kind.  3 Videos [20 minutes, 37 minutes, 36 minutes ]

Adrenal Recovery Basics Pre-Recorded Webinar

Adrenal Recovery Webinar

Anxiety, stress, Gaba production, energy levels, and many other aspects of our mental and physical health are greatly influenced by adrenal health and vice-versa. Left unchecked, then these conditions worsen. Learn the correct way to support your adrenal glands so you can avoid wasting time and money on ineffective supplements and therapies that cause setbacks in health and unwanted side-effects.

 (52 Minute Pre-recorded Webinar – Valued at $499)

The Ultimate Adrenal Health Checklist

Adrenal Health Checklist

The Ultimate Adrenal Health Checklist is the perfect companion to the Adrenal Recovery Basics Pre-Recorded Webinar. Whether you’re new to adrenal fatigue or have been struggling with it for years, this checklist will help you identify the underlying contributors to your condition and provide 32 practical solutions to overcome them.

(PDF Digital Download – Valued at $150)

Top 3 Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

Top 3 Adrenal Supplements eBooklet

Taking the wrong supplements can do more harm than good and make it even harder to recover. It’s crucial to know exactly which supplements are needed to support and nurture the adrenals. The Top 3 Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue takes the guesswork out of supplement selection. (PDF Digital Download – Valued at $100)

The Hidden Dangers of Supplements & Herbs

Hidden Dangers of Gaba Supplements eBook

Balancing Gaba and glutamate is a vital step of the healing journey for alleviating anxiety, managing stress effectively, overcoming food cravings, improving sleep, and many other aspects of mental and physical health. Ignore this step and improvements will be hindered.


Many nutritional supplements make the problem worse, cause unwanted side effects and damage mental and physical health even more. 


Stop sabotaging your brain. Discover the hidden dangers of supplements and herbs that can disrupt your Gaba and glutamate balance, exacerbate symptoms, and damage your health further, and start making real progress.   (PDF Digital Download – Valued at $100)

The Definitive Checklist of Gaba and Glutamate Disruptors

Gaba and Glutamate Disruptors Checklist

There are hundreds of factors that can impair Gaba production and function and elevate glutamate that most people don’t know. This lack of awareness leads to unintended consquences and greater damage to one’s brain and health.


Learn 80 surprising things you need to know to protect your brain from Gaba and glutamate disruptors so you can save time, avoid unwanted side effects, and prevent unintentional self-sabotage. 


(PDF Digital Download – Valued at $100)

The Ultimate Guide to Balancing Gaba & Glutamate Checklist

Balancing Gaba and glutamate checklist

Balancing Gaba and glutamate requires a comprehensive and holistic approach which few people understand. Without a complete map they get lost on the journey.


The Ultimate Guide to Balancing Gaba & Glutamate Checklist helps you see the whole picture at a glance and understand everything needed to balance Gaba and glutamate and elevate your health and well-being more quickly.


(PDF Digital Download – Valued at $75)

A Total Value of More Than $4000

But You Get the Higher Level of Health Complete Support Coaching Program for Just $499 $367 Today

Higher Level of Health Coaching

Don’t lose any more years of your life, suffer needlessly, or become dependent on harmful addictive substances. Take charge of your healing journey and begin to conquer your stress and anxiety and elevate health and well-being within the hour.  

Yes, Cynthia I'm Ready to Live Life to the Fullest!

$499 – $367 Today

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Option #2

Higher Level of Health Basic Consult


Spend an hour with Cynthia on the phone one-on-one identifying potential underlying contributors for your symptoms or conditions, individualizing your diet, clarifying goals, and creating a plan of action for moving forward.

What You Get
  • 60-minute phone consult
  • Detailed health history review (3 intake forms)
  • Clarified goals and plan of action (Verbal)
  • Personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations

The basic consult can be used by a new client who just wants a simple consultation with no bells or whistles, or it can be used by existing clients as a 60-minute follow-up to work on a particular issue in more depth, get answers to questions, clarify details, tweak the diet, troubleshoot challenges, and stay on course with your goals.

30-minute Follow-up

To be purchased only after you have completed a 60-minute initial consultation.


Spend 30 minutes with Cynthia on the phone to discuss your progress, troubleshoot roadblocks, fine-tune diet recommendations, address one particular concern in more depth, or any other issue that comes up since your initial consultation, to keep you moving toward a higher level of health.

Additional Email Support

This option is only for clients who have already had an initial consultation and need additional support via email. Use email minutes to answer short questions that arise between appointments, clarify points that may not be clear, troubleshoot roadblocks, fine-tune diet, explore nutritional supplements, and stay on track with goals, etc.

$75 or $150

30-minute Follow-up
Plus Lab Review

Should be purchased only after you have completed an initial consultation.


Review of one or two tests plus a 30-minute follow-up phone consult to discuss your progress, troubleshoot obstacles , fine-tune diet plan, address one particular concern in more depth, or any other issue that comes up since your initial consultation, to keep you moving toward a higher level of health.

30-minute Follow-up
Plus Extended Lab Review

This option should only be chosen if you have already completed an initial consultation.


Review of three to five tests plus 30 minute follow-up phone consult to discuss your progress, troubleshoot obstacles , fine-tune diet plan, address one particular concern in more depth, or any other issue that comes up since your initial consultation, to keep you moving toward a higher level of health.


Integrative holistic health coaching services with Cynthia are for educational purposes only. They are not meant to replace medical or psychiatric care with your primary care provider. Nor are they meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Entering into a consulting relationship with Cynthia Perkins does not create a doctor-practitioner/patient relationship.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

No refunds will be provided once you have purchased a consultation. However, if you need to cancel your appointment, you will be permitted to reschedule on another day at no additional charge, if you have a valid and reasonable reason.

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