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My Holistic Self-Care Books

Get Cynthia Perkins’ eye-opening and holistic self-care tips, techniques, and strategies to elevate your physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, live life more fully, and take charge of your healing journey at an unbeatable price in her books.

Cutting-edge healing strategies, diet tips, meal plans, and recipes to combat yeast overgrowth.

Break free with a drug free approach to better mental health that goes beyond psychotherapy. 

Your definitive guide to combating yeast overgrowth and its associated conditions.

Alleviate chronic pain, naturally and affordably, in minutes with mindfulness-based meditation.

Diet tips, meal plans, and 125+ low-carb and Paleo-friendly recipes to battle candida.

Learn how to use mindfulness meditation to enhance your health and transform your life.

Creative coping strategies for managing chronic illness and living a more satisfying life.

Stop your migraines in minutes, naturally and affordably, with mindfulness meditation.

You can overcome cravings and quit smoking today by correcting addictive brain chemistry.

Learn how to get sober and stay sober by correcting brain chemistry, the root of addiction.

Programs,Webinars & Toolkits

Comprehensive self-care packages filled with rock-solid wisdom to help you take charge, enhance your health and well-being, and live life more fully.

Overcome your cravings, binges, and  compulsive overeating and enjoy a sugar-free life.

Learn the basics of adrenal fatigue, the driving force behind it, and how to support adrenals.

Learn how to achieve craving-free and life-long sobriety by correcting brain chemistry. 

Overcome your cravings and end compulsive overeating by resetting your biochemistry. 

Customer Reviews

Reader’s raving reviews and praises for Cynthia’s books and wisdom.

Very insightful and packed with helpful information. Cynthia isn't afraid to speak the truth even if it isn't what you want hear. Her personal experiences with Candida are a nice touch and enhance her advice.
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I've been following your dietary suggestions and it has completely taken away my food cravings and put an end to my overeating.
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This book is a must read for anyone dealing with depression! Informative, relevant, Cynthia's book gives new hope for a new life for those dealing with depression and anxiety and it's about time!"
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