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Become More of Who You Want to Be and Live a More Fulfilled Life

Woman and Phoenix bird rising depicting her becoming more

I remember back when I used to be crippled by disabling anxiety attacks, more than 30 years ago, and how this made me feel so inadequate, less than, and held back. I felt like I was missing out on all that life had to offer.

My life lacked satisfaction and I couldn’t live up to my fullest potential. I couldn’t be the mom I wanted to be, the employee I wanted to be, the friend or partner I wanted to be, participate in life the way I desired, and most of all, I abandoned myself because I wasn’t happy with the person I saw in the mirror. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. My life was filled with inner conflict, turmoil, pain, deep emptiness, discontent, and uneasiness.

I turned to sugar, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, compulsive overeating, and serial relationships with abusive men to try and alleviate my pain and suffering, which only made things ten times worse. I sought help through traditional mental health counseling and allopathic medicine but found no relief and they became complicit in the destruction by setting me up for addiction to benzodiazepines, which is what they provided as the “solution” to my problem.

For over a decade I was trapped in this vicious cycle that continually degraded my self-esteem, self-worth, and quality of life and I spiraled out of control.

Eventually, I met my breaking point and my life came crashing down like a demolition site and I landed in rehab broken in a million pieces. Although it was catastrophic, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because at that point I was able to build a new foundation. I was able to rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix and become the person I was meant to be and live a deeper, richer, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life. I become stronger, wiser, and more whole.

I began a new life journey, and soon thereafter, to my utter astonishment, through a series of events I discovered that I could overcome the anxiety attacks, depression, emptiness inside, life dissatisfaction, and addiction to all substances, with simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Yes, it was really that simple. Just like that, the anxiety attacks disappeared and so did cravings for all the substances I was using to medicate myself with and all the consequences that accompanied these circumstances.

A new and improved version of myself emerged and she has continued to grow and evolve for the past 34 years without ever turning back to the old life.

And this is what I want for you. I don’t want you to suffer needlessly and waste valuable years of your life or make things worse on the wrong path in the same way that I did. It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

When I first started my healing journey, the Internet and social media did not exist. I didn’t have anyone to show me the way or provide support. I pieced it together myself year after year with books, magazines, personal experience and experimentation, and occasionally stumbling upon the right person.

After learning what I learned and experiencing such profound improvements in my mental, physical, spiritual health and well-being, I felt called to help others do the same. I was appalled that nobody in the mental health field had knowledge of what I had discovered and that is what propelled me into this field of work.

I was in awe of the valuable information I had attained and the transformation I was able to achieve with the right changes in diet and lifestyle and I developed a deep sense of responsibility to pass these lessons on to you.

I’ve been living by the principles that I teach for more than 30 years and I continue to use these strategies each and every day in my own life.

You don’t have to be crippled or held back by your anxiety and chronic stress and all that comes with it or become dependent on benzos or other harmful addictive substances. Contact me today for a coaching session and I can help you become more of who you want to be and live a richer, calmer, more grounded, peaceful, and fulfilling life by creating a strong self-care plan to alleviate stress and anxiety and elevate your health and well-being.

Just like me, you can rise out of the ashes like a Phoenix.


Image by Brian Sarubbi from Pixabay

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