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Can Candida Cause Paralysis?

Can candida result in paralysis? That is the question one of you asks today.

“Is there any evidence that candida can cause a progressive paralysis in humans?” ~ Mike

Hi Mike,

To be honest, this is an area I don’t have a lot of facts about.

I have not worked with anyone who has experienced paralysis from Candida and it isn’t something you hear about very often, but it is a possibility. I have experienced significant mobility issues and muscle weakness from Candida and so have many other people, but paralysis would be at the extreme end of the spectrum. There are a variety of reports that link facial paralysis to Candida.

Canditoxin is one of the many toxins that Candida releases in the body, and in laboratory testing it has caused paralysis and even death in rats.

Dr. Crook does mention paralysis as a possible symptom of Candida in his book The Yeast Connection, but this is not one of the most common symptoms associated with the condition.

Candida has a profound impact on the nervous system and muscles, so it is certainly conceivable that paralysis could eventually result. However, we’re probably talking about very extreme cases and advanced stages of Candida overgrowth.

On the other hand, some people with unexplainable paralysis may very well have Candida that they are not aware of because they have not seen a competent doctor who is aware of Candida. So it may be much more common than we realize.


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