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Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

Research has proven that GMOs cause a number of serious health issues including autoimmunity, fertility, adverse fetal outcomes, and nutritional deficiencies. Scientists who reveal these findings lose their jobs, funding, and good reputations as the industry attempts to hide the truth about the many dangers of genetically modified foods.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are created when a gene is taken from one organism, like a virus or bacterium, and inserted into another organism. Cotton, corn, soy, sugar beets, and canola are crops that are most often genetically modified.

When you read a label and see ingredients like cottonseed oil, soy lecithin, and sugar, you can be sure that they are genetically modified versions. The exceptions are when the label also says “certified organic” or “non-GMO”.

Almost all processed foods contain genetically modified organisms. Presently, there are no laws mandating the labeling of these products. Most Americans say they would refrain from buying GMOs if it were indicated on food labels, even if they aren’t up-to-date on the dangers of genetically modified foods.

Roundup Ready Plants: Poison for the Soil and Poison on Your Table

Roundup is a popular weed killer created by Monsanto. Scientists working for the company discovered bacteria surviving in the waste pools where it was produced. They used genes from this bacteria to insert into plants, making them “Roundup Ready” and resistant to the herbicide.

Roundup won’t kill Roundup Ready plants, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t affected. The poison is absorbed and accumulates in parts of the plant that are eventually consumed. It also travels through the roots and into the soil, killing beneficial bacteria. When the soil’s beneficial bacteria die, pathogenic bacteria are able to flourish.

Bt Crops Cause Reproductive Issues and an Autoimmune Response

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is a bacteria found in the soil that acts as a natural insecticide. Bt genes are inserted into plants so that they can produce it on their own. Modification makes this poison thousands of times stronger than when it occurs naturally. This is one of the most frightening dangers of genetically modified food.

Bt toxin affects the health of humans and animals. The consumption of Bt plants has proven to cause tissue damage and autoimmune issues. Farmers have complained of allergic and flu-like symptoms after coming into contact with them. Animals consuming Bt plants have been found to develop reproductive problems. Some have even died.

Death and reproductive issues have occurred in controlled laboratory settings as well. Animal studies reflect the same outcomes as those that have occurred on farms. It is unknown whether it is the insertion technique or the Bt itself that causes these issues.

GMO Soy is Allergenic and Causes Adverse Fetal Outcomes

GMO soy exacerbates allergies. It has been shown to cause allergic reactions that don’t occur with wild soy. GMO soy reduces digestive enzymes by over 70 percent, stimulating an autoimmune response.

Soy lectin blocks mineral absorption. This leads to deficiencies as it binds with calcium, magnesium, and iron and removes them from the body. GMO soy has double the amount of lectin found in non-GMO soy. It also contains seven times more trypsin inhibitors, which block the digestive enzyme that metabolizes proteins. Food allergies are often the result.

Animal studies have shown that genetically modified soy causes a variety of reproductive issues. More than half of a group of rats fed GMO soy before becoming pregnant lost their babies less than four weeks after conception. Those who lived were born smaller than average, and they didn’t reproduce.

Other studies suggest that GMO insecticides and seeds  may play a significant role in the collapse of bee hives that has become a problem across the nation. Not only that, genetically modified crops contaminate non GMO crops that grow near them.

GMOs cause a number of serious health problems. They offer no benefit as they cause disease and destroy the ecosystem. So the dangers of genetically modified foods are very clear. You can avoid them by choosing to eat organic, unprocessed and whole foods, like those in the Paleolithic diet.


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