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Holistic Nursing Degrees and Certification

To my knowledge there aren’t any colleges offering holistic nursing degrees at the time of writing this article, however, there are a variety of steps one can take to become a holistic nurse.

A holistic nurse holds the same type of degree and license as any other nurse. So, your first step is to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing from any university you desire and your nursing license.

Once that is achieved you can then join the American Holistic Nurses Association. They offer a holistic nurse certification, which requires filling out an application, an assessment of quality, and an exam. They also offer a variety of seminars, workshops, and conferences to build your holistic skills.

A nurse practicing holistic care offers services that are designed to address not only the physical but the emotional and spiritual health as well. Their practice may include using diet, nutrition, massage, yoga, breathing exercises, and a variety of complementary medicine therapies to improve health or manage an existing condition.

Teaching patients to engage in the healing process and practice a variety of self-care strategies is a basic tenet in the holistic philosophy.

Holistic nursing degrees or certificates are not required to practice as a holistic nurse. Anyone can incorporate principles of holistic health into their nursing practice. However, acquiring certification from The American Holistic Nurses Association does add credibility to your title.

An easy entrance to this field without certification is to become employed by a holistic, alternative, or natural health physician, clinic, or center. There are many of them to choose from and nurses are always in demand. Since these health care providers are already practicing holistic health, the approach would be built right into your position.

The field of holistic health is one that is growing in interest and popularity and will probably continue to do so even more in the future. Jobs in this area are bound to expand and be abundant, so becoming a holistic nurse is a smart career choice that will be rewarding and prosperous. Even the American Nurses Association recognizes this as a nursing specialty.

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