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How to Recognize and Listen to Your Body’s True Voice

How to Listen to the True Voice of Your Body

For many years, I have been teaching that the most fundamental principle for designing a diet that is right for you and choosing actions that optimize your health is that you must listen to your body. When creating your Individualized Paleo Plan or deciding which healing remedies to utilize, your body should be used as your guide. This can be confusing for many people in the beginning, because, as we all know, there is more than one inner voice and it can be difficult to know which one to listen to if you can’t recognize the one that belongs to your body.

The inner voice that tells you to give in to cravings for or consume sugar, carbs, chocolate, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or drugs or pushes you to exercise too much, stay up too late, or any other destructive or counterproductive behavior is not the true voice of your body. This is disrupted brain chemistry and an impaired endocrine system speaking.

The true voice of your body will always lead you to what is best and healthy for you. It will never tell you to do something destructive. Your mission is to learn to distinguish between the two and identify them as such.

When one has been eating a diet that consists of a lot of sugar or carbs and void of adequate animal protein and fat, consuming caffeine and alcohol, or smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, not exercising properly, being exposed to toxins, or living with chronic stress, your internal wiring gets short-circuited and the brain and endocrine system become impaired. When brain chemistry becomes disrupted and the endocrine system is impaired, they send out all kinds of wacky messages, that can drive you to engage in unhealthy eating behaviors and lifestyle activities, like cravings for sugar, carbs, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs or exercising excessively.

Not because these organs and systems want to intentionally hurt you, but because they are confused. They are actually doing the best they can to try and fix problems that are occurring in the brain and body as a result of the poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices. The drive to consume sugar, carbs, or caffeine or use nicotine, alcohol or drugs, or other destructive behaviors develop in an effort to alleviate the symptoms that these very substances are creating, but these systems do not understand that they only perpetuate the problem with these messages.

When you listen to these misguided messages from your brain and endocrine system, then it becomes more difficult to make choices that are good for you. The situation snowballs in the wrong direction. Bad choices lead to more bad choices, because the more you eat these destructive foods or engage in counterproductive behaviors the more disrupted and impaired the brain and endocrine system become, and the more impaired they become the more bad signals they send out and so on and so on.

In order to break this destructive and vicious cycle, you must step in and intervene. You need to think of your disrupted brain chemistry and impaired endocrine system as if they are an unruly child that needs to be guided in the right direction with love, acceptance, compassion, understanding, kindness, and support, but a disciplined hand. Tell them no when they send out destructive messages and listen to the voice of your body instead.

The voice of your body sounds like this:

When sugar, carbs, caffeine, chocolate, etc. or any other food results in anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, fatigue, cognitive impairment, or other negative symptoms, this is your body telling you that these foods should be eliminated.

You stay up late because you feel wired but tired. This is your body telling you there is a problem with cortisol or stimulatory neurotransmitters, and you should go to bed at a decent hour to help reset your circadian rhythm.

If you feel worse after exercising or you feel addicted to it, then your body is saying that you are pushing yourself too hard.

You develop acid reflux, irritable bowel, gas, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, or other GI symptoms after eating a particular food, this is your body telling you that these foods don’t belong in your diet, or they may need to be reduced in serving size or frequency.

If you feel excessively bad in response to a treatment remedy, your body is saying this is counterproductive and it should be discontinued or reduced.

You have cravings for sugar, carbs, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, drugs or other addictive substances and behaviors, this is your body telling you that brain chemistry is disrupted and/or the endocrine system is impaired.

Disrupted brain chemistry can also be the voice that makes excuses for why you can’t afford organic, grass-fed products. The true voice of the body will say, “I am worth it,” and it will motivate you to make the food you eat the number one priority in your life. The body will tell you to find a way, no matter what. It does not dwell on the high cost or how unjust it may be that eating healthy costs more than junk food. It understands we can’t change the facts because they are inconvenient and that anything worth having takes more effort.

Although a little skepticism is healthy, excessive skepticism can prevent you from reaching your goals, and it too emerges from disrupted brain chemistry and impairment of the endocrine system.

The more often you listen to your body then the quieter the voices of the disrupted brain chemistry and endocrine system will become because when you consistently eat the foods and engage in behaviors that are good for your body, they will begin to repair themselves. As that happens, the true voice of the body becomes more dominant and easier to recognize and the snowball will now begin to roll in the right direction. Eventually, you’ll reset your biochemistry and disrupted brain chemistry and an impaired endocrine system will no longer be running the show.

It’s also important to be aware that the needs of your body change over time, as we age, go through different stages in life, in response to stress levels, toxins, etc. so you must tune in and listen for subtle changes in the messages your body has for you. What you learned from your body at one particular point of your life may not be completely the same at a different point of your life. Adjust accordingly.

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