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Post Inauguration Day Thoughts

As I was going about my daily activities yesterday, I found myself reflecting quite frequently on the Inauguration. One of the things that struck me the most about the event was the way that President and Michelle Obama presented themselves to the country.

As they walked up Pennsylvania Avenue, it was an amazing sight to see as they exuded such an astounding amount of power, positive energy and hope. It seemed to me that it was more like Mr. and Mrs. President, rather than President and First Lady, and I really like that. They appeared to be saying “we are in this together.”

Michelle Obama has a very strong presence about her. She comes across as a confident, intelligent, sincere, caring, authentic and capable woman to name a few. President Obama has referred to her as his rock and is quoted as saying that he values her opinion and often consults with her on political issues. So it seems that Michelle Obama will most definitely have a great influence over shaping our country while he is in office.

I think our country could do well with a mixture of estrogen and testosterone in the white house, instead of all this testosterone we usually have. A little yin and yang will help bring some much needed balance and a more holistic approach to our politics.

The other factor I am most impacted by is the renewed sense of hope that I feel in my own life. Many people I know, including myself, have felt oppressed by the Bush administration for eight long years. Witnessing their destructive, appalling, counterproductive and dysfunctional impact on our country has been heart breaking and was whittling away at our spirit.

Many us literally cried when we watched the election this year and listened to the announcement that Barrack Obama had won. I know that tears of joy over this election were common in the African American community, but many of us white folks who are Democrats we’re crying as well. Although to some degree we were crying with the black community for overcoming this amazing hurdle of race and color, for obvious reasons there is no way it could be as meaningful to us on that level. However we were crying for a variety of other reasons as well.

We were afraid that our hopes would once again be stomped on with deceit, manipulation, corruption and voter fraud. We were afraid that our election process had become so badly corrupted that it could not be overcome and we didn’t have a chance. We were afraid this beautiful opportunity for positive growth and change would be stolen from us again as it was with Al Gore.

Additionally, we were terrified about what would happen to not only our country, but our own personal lives if we had to face another Republican administration. In all honesty, prior to the election, I was actually giving serious contemplation to the possibility of having to move to another country if Obama did not win. I simply could not bare another four years of oppression.

So this election and President Obama restores hope for us on many levels. He and the First Lady are truly a much needed breath of fresh, clean air. The two together create a powerful force that I think is headed in the right direction for the first time in eight years. They are breathing new life into our politics and our country, restoring our countries dignity, character and integrity that was obliterated by the Bush administration and restoring that sense of freedom our country stands on that we used to know.

The Bush administration was about as far away from holistic as you could get, so even though President Obama may not be living a holistic lifestyle, it feels great to finally have an administration  back in power that stands for goodness, has values I can relate to and is not an embarrassment to our country. I am marvelling at the wonder of it all and basking in the afterglow.

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