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Stop Offshore Drilling

I haven’t spoken publicly about the environmental crises in the Gulf of Mexico, largely because I am so livid by the whole mess that it has almost left me speechless. I stand before you with my hands thrown up in the air, my eyes closed and shaking my head. The pictures of the wildlife in that area leave me weeping and the devastation to human lives aching.

It is beyond my understanding how we could have allowed something like this to happen. It is appalling and despicable that there were no safeguards in place to prevent this kind of disaster. The lies, the attitude, the total lack of regard, the dragging of feet and the minimizing of impact by BP is even more despicable.

How many times do we have to be hit in the face with the truth before acting upon it appropriately?

In my opinion this situation makes it clear as a bell that offshore drilling is just too risky. We can never allow this to happen again. It is unacceptable and the only way to truly ensure it doesn’t, is to stop offshore drilling completely.

I encourage you to sign this petition to put a stop to offshore drilling .

Yes, I understand that this means many people would face great loss and change in their life and I feel deeply for them. However, change is something that must happen. It is a part of life.

I have faced several life-altering situations throughout the course of my life when circumstances beyond my control forced me to change my career, my residence and even my identity, so I know on the deepest level how difficult change can be. However it can and should be done. I am not asking something of anyone that I have not asked of myself. Once you get through the process of adjustment, you usually find out you are much better off than you were previously.

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