Cool Off With This Delicious Strawberry & Coconut Smoothie

I first posted this yummy strawberry and coconut smoothie recipe a couple years ago and it was a big hit. So I thought I’d bring it to life again for all my new viewers and any of my long-term faithful viewers who may have forgotten about it.

Now, if you’ve been with me for awhile you know that I am a strong advocate of the Paleo diet, and this is a sweet recipe that doesn’t violate those terms. Every now and then I love to enjoy something cool on a hot summer’s day to lower the body temperature while I relax and watch a good movie, and this is the perfect solution.

Additionally, this is a wonderful healthy replacement for ice cream or other not so healthy treats. For example, I often celebrate my birthday with this strawberry and coconut smoothie as my birthday treat instead of cake and ice cream.

Here’s what you need:

1 16 ounce bag of organic frozen strawberries
1/2 cup organic coconut milk
1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts
dash of vanilla
dash of stevia

(Serves 2)

Put them in the blender and blend until desired consistency. You can vary the amount of coconut milk you use to get different consistencies. The coconut milk is so rich, creamy and flavorful it makes it almost like a milk shake or with the right ratio you can have something that is almost like ice cream.

Coconut milk comes in light and whole varieties. I really like the whole, because it is much richer and creamier.

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy!

You of course, could replace the walnuts with any nut you prefer, and you could also use a different type of fruit if you desire. I sometimes throw in some blueberries as well.

Now if you’ve been with me a while, you also know that I recommend keeping sweet fruits to a minimum, because of their sugar content.  This is especially true for people who have an issue with Candida, adrenal fatigue, sugar addiction, hypoglycemia, compulsive overeating, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity or adhd, food addiction, diabetes, low blood sugar, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, heart disease, etc. Sugar, in any form, if eaten in excess leads to poor health.

However, this smoothie has no sweeteners added other than stevia, which is harmless. Strawberries are low in natural sugar, the nuts provide protein and fat, the coconut milk provides fat, all of which makes it easier on insulin, blood sugar, neurotransmitters and adrenals. So this is a great recipe that people with Candida, adrenal fatigue, sugar addiction, hypoglycemia, etc., can enjoy from time to time without too much worry.

If you like this smoothie recipe, you may also enjoy my peaches and almond recipe. I favor the strawberry and coconut, but it’s nice to have a change now and then.

But, you should be aware that I’m not encouraging you to eat this kind of food on a daily basis. It is something you can indulge in occasionally as a treat.

Now, if you’re familiar with my philosophy, you’ve seen me say this before too — take your time when eating. Be mindful of your food and the experience of eating. Be aware of each bite, the flavor, texture and temperature in your mouth. Don’t gobble things down mindlessly. Be one with your food- – like you are engaging in a long and tender lovemaking session or a deep meditation.

When you eat in this manner, it makes your meals much more satisfying and fulfilling. It encourages healthy digestion and allows the chemicals in your brain to communicate with your body, which curbs cravings for more carbs and you are less likely to overeat. When you savor and appreciate your eating experience, it is healthier for the mind, body and self.

4 thoughts on “Cool Off With This Delicious Strawberry & Coconut Smoothie”

    1. Great Kerrie, it is really Scrumptious! You should love it.

      Yes John, it’s true coconut contains a variety of healthy benefits. Primarily they are rich in short and medium-chained saturated fat which is great for blood sugar and adrenals. It is also believed they contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral abilities. However coconut oil contains no Omega 3s. So although whole coconut and coconut milk are great in the diet, I wouldn’t use coconut oil every day. I recommend walnut oil, olive oil, avocado oil or flax seed oil if you don’t have problem with phytoestrogens instead of coconut oil.

      Ideally, oil should not be cooked at all. Cooking destroys the fatty acid content and turns it rancid. However coconut oil doesn’t turn rancid, which is why it’s appealing. For optimal nutrient benefit, instead of frying, food should be sauteed in water and the oil should be applied after cooking.


  1. Congratulations as from my research the humble coconut is one of the most fantastic things to eat. The oil has all sorts of anti viral and anti parasitic ingredients and is apparently the best oil to use when cooking.

    Will try this one when summer returns to Australia

  2. That’s a great idea to add the oil after sautéing with water.
    When we were going it alone a decade ago, we used chicken stock etc then graduated to water once we realised the components of commercial stuff but never added oils after cooking
    I frequently add oil of some sort to my porridge (as its just turned spring below the equator) and it adds a new dimension
    John from down under

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