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The Alcat Test measures cellular reactions to over 450 food, chemical, and environmental substances. It may help detect foods and other substances that trigger chronic inflammation and its associated health conditions, like gastrointestinal, metabolic, autoimmune, and neurological disorders.

It has been independently evaluated and demonstrated a high degree of benefit. Positive results connected to a wide range of symptoms have been reported in more than 30 published studies.

The results from the Alcat Test enable you to create a personalized nutrition plan that may substantially improve or possibly prevent the clinical symptoms associated with food and chemical sensitivities and promote optimal health and well-being.

*Please note, that at this time the Alcat Test cannot be sold to people in New York. However, it is available to residents in Canada.

The Alcat Test Kit includes the following in each purchase:

  • Complete Alcat Test Kit
  • Shipping to and Testing at the Official Alcat Lab in Florida (Cell Science Systems)
  • Free Personalized Meal Plan
  • Free Blood Draw*
  • Electronic and Hard Copy Results Sent Directly to You
  • Free Consult with a specialized Alcat Nutritionist

Here’s How it Works

  1. You order the Alcat Test kit.
  2. Your kit is sent to you at your home via UPS or Fedex. It includes the following:
    • Vials, tourniquet and alcohol swab.
    • Prepaid UPS shipping pack with pickup service
    • Requisition form
    • Shipping collection and instructions
  3. You get your blood drawn and send your kit to the Cell Science Systems lab in the prepaid UPS mailer.
  4. Your white blood cells are tested against the food or substances identified in the test you purchased to assess immune response.
  5. You’ll receive a detailed, yet user-friendly, lab report explaining your test results in depth, a personalized rotation meal plan based on your results, list of foods to avoid, practical shopping guide, and an educational nutritional brochure mailed directly to you at your home.
  6. You call and set up a phone consultation with a Cell Science Systems nutritionist to discuss lab results and answer any questions you may have.

Alcat has been the leader in food sensitivity testing and providing excellent service for health care providers and individuals for over 20 years. Your test will be performed in their FDA inspected lab. To date, the Alcat Test has helped over half a million people change their health.

Alcat Test Review

The Alcat Test is an easy, accurate, and reliable method for identifying food intolerance or food sensitivities, as well as sensitivities to mold and common chemicals.

Undiagnosed food sensitivities are very common in our society and are often at the root of a variety of debilitating chronic health conditions — both physically and emotionally. A true food allergy is not the same as a food sensitivity, which is also known as food intolerance. Food allergy creates an immediate and pronounced response, while reactions from a food sensitivity or food intolerance are usually delayed or hidden and the symptoms are not as recognizable.

Food allergies can be identified rather easily with standard testing from a physician, however food sensitivity is rarely addressed because it exists without IgE antibodies and is not detected in standard allergy testing. Food sensitivity occurs when the naturally occurring chemical composition of the food eaten has a direct negative effect on the brain or body.

It is believed that about 5% of the population has IgE mediated “true allergy”, while about 80% of the population has a food sensitivity. The ALCAT test is designed specifically for identifying food sensitivities.

Undiagnosed food sensitivity can result in an array of physical and psychological symptoms and conditions. Here are a few of the most common:

  • celiac disease/gluten intolerance
  • fibromyalgia
  • weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • extreme fatigue
  • autism
  • adhd
  • hyperactivity
  • anxiety (can range from mild to that seen in anxiety or panic attacks)
  • insomnia
  • chronic pain
  • depression ( can range from mild melancholy to suicide)
  • irritable bowel
  • arthritis (including rheumatoid)
  • gallbladder attacks
  • headaches and migraines
  • gastrointestinal distress
  • bed wetting
  • autoimmune disorders of all kinds
  • MS

However, food sensitivity can be the culprit of just about any symptom or condition you can think of, including:

irritability, mood swings, eczema, aggression, violence, euphoria, anger or rage, migraines, sleepiness, narcolepsy, inability to remember and concentrate, listlessness, muscle pain, edema, asthma, itchy eyes, aching legs, myalgias, palpitations, irregular heartbeats, indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, coughing, breathing difficulties, rashes, itching, indigestion, heart burn, stomach aches, earaches, sinus infections/irritations/congestion, nervousness, shaking, restlessness, recurring ear aches, restless leg syndrome, cravings for sugar, carbs, alcohol or other addictive substances to name a few.

Some of the most common foods to be the culprit of sensitivities or intolerances are the foods that you eat most often, such as cane sugar, wheat, corn, tomato, chicken, eggs, onion, dairy products, soy, and yeast, however, sensitivities to any food under the sun can be a potential suspect. It’s different for each person.

Undiagnosed chemical sensitivities or mold sensitivities can also be at the root of many health conditions and result in all the same symptoms discussed above.

By identifying hidden food sensitivities or food intolerance and chemical and mold sensitivities, drastic improvements in health can be made.

One way of identifying hidden food sensitivities is following an elimination diet and then reintroducing your common foods one at a time and observe the reactions you have to them, but this can be very time-consuming, difficult to abide by and can be complicated by a variety of other variables such as stress and environmental toxins. With the Alcat test, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

With a simple kit sent to your home, that you send back to the Cell Science Systems lab, you can take all the work out of the process and have not only reliable results, but an extensive explanation of these results, a personalized meal plan to address your sensitivities and nutritional information as well.

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