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Why Christina Applegates Double Mastectomy Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis Should Concern You?

I watched the announcement of Christina Applegate’s double mastectomy after her diagnosis of breast cancer and the windfall it has created on the news in horror and outrage. Naturally, as a woman, this issue strikes close to home and sparks a variety of emotions for me.

I’m not sure what is most shocking and appalling, the fact that these doctors took advantage of a vulnerable woman consumed with fear as she faced one of the worst situations that can arise for a woman, by encouraging her to undergo such a barbaric and unnecessary procedure, or the fact that they are now using her celebrity status to promote this outrageous procedure to other uninformed and frightened women who don’t need it.

Even if we look at this situation from a mainstream medical treatment point of view, the first issue at hand is that she had cancer only in one breast and could have just went with a lumpectomy. Additionally she had cancer in one breast only, not both of them. So even if a mastectomy had been called for, the removal of one breast would have been sufficient. Naturally, as any woman would be, she was afraid that the cancer would return and the doctors used this fear to push this brutal and extreme protocol that really doesn’t decrease her chances of the cancer returning anyway.

However, the even bigger tragedy here is that Christina Applegate like many other woman are completely misinformed about the facts surrounding breast cancer and unaware of their options. It is not only very sad and unfortunate that women are not given accurate facts by the medical community that would enable them to make a better and healthier decision, but it is immoral, irresponsible and a crime. We should all be outraged.

No one encouraged her to look at other natural options that may have worked just as well and allowed her to retain her breasts. Once cancer is in the body, cutting off body parts that it has not infiltrated yet is not going to keep it from returning. Now that her breasts are gone, if the cancer is still there, it will just move to other parts of the body, like the ovaries, uterus, liver, colon, brain etc. If it was going to happen, it’s going to happen anyway one way or another, a double mastectomy is not going to prevent that. Additionally, she is probably completely unaware that the toxic chemicals in reconstructive surgery or breast prosthetics that she may use will put her at even more risk of developing cancer again, because this information is denied.

Another very frightening aspect taking place in this scenario is that it’s becoming more and more common for doctors to recommend a double mastectomy to women who don’t even have breast cancer. They are now encouraging women who are at high risk of developing it because it runs in the family to willingly allow their body to be maimed for no reason at all, other than it puts money in their pocket. This option should not even be considered let alone available.

I doubt that anyone has informed Christina or any of these women that they can drastically reduce their risk of developing breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, by getting sufficient levels of Vitamin D, exercising, eating a healthy organic diet that is free of sugar and other refined foods, high in antioxidants and free of hormones and antibiotics, eating more anti-cancer foods like broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, pomegranates and blackberries, keeping the colon functioning adequately, avoiding endocrine disruptors and other carcinogenic toxins that are found in herbicides, pesticides, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, personal care products, plastic food containers, carpeting, construction of the home or office.

No one is making women aware that almost all their personal care products such as nail polish, shampoo, hair dye, make up, perfume, soap, and even their toothpaste and the water they bathe in contain a vast amount of carcinogenic chemicals, They are not informed that the very act that many women engage in to screen for breast cancer – a mammogram- puts them at even more risk of developing cancer by exposing them to radiation or that they shouldn’t be wearing a bra, because bras restrict the lymph glands form performing their primary job adequately, which is detoxing chemicals out of the body.

Women are not educated that by making some simple changes in diet and lifestyle that avoid all the toxins and situations listed above as much as possible that they are taking the most powerful preventative step they can take to protect themselves not only from breast cancer, but many of the other common health conditions found in society today. Having your breasts cut off as a precautionary measure against breast cancer is preposterous and completely unnecessary.

So why should you be concerned about Christina Applegates double mastectomy and breast cancer? Because she is just one of many women who is being lied to, taking advantage of, denied access to healthier options and maimed by the hands of the medical community every day.

I came across a very informative and eye opening article that goes into deeper detail on not only the Christina Applegate double mastectomy situation but breast cancer in general that all women need to be aware of. I encourage you to read it at the following link and be sure to read the urls that link off this page as it also leads to more information that is potentially life saving.

The mainstream medical community is not looking out for you, you must look out for yourself by being informed with the real facts. Being informed is the most effective route to empowerment. Educate yourself and pass this valuable information to other women in your life.

1 thought on “Why Christina Applegates Double Mastectomy Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis Should Concern You?”

  1. This info. was very informative. I am going to mail it to a friend. I have heard of Doctors convincingwoman to have both breast removed. I have a friend that was convinced of that. I spoke to her of other natural alternatives but wasn’t open to it and just knew that the doctors suggestion was the right one. I also have a friend that has breast cancer and a lumph node was taken out when it shouldn’t have been while she was under and now I understand that other natural remedies she’s tried haven’t been successful and she’s not doing so well. So I thought I would send this to her and see what she’ll do with it.

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