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20 Green Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With green Mother’s Day gifts, we can celebrate and honor not only the woman who gave us life, but our ultimate mother –Mother Nature or Mother Earth.

  1. Give her flowers that aren’t sprayed with pesticides. You can order them online at Organic Bouquet or depending on where you live some local grocery stores have an organic line of flowers as well. You may also be able to find them at one of your local farmers market or whole food stores.
  2. Organic nuts and dried fruits.
  3. A ceramic tea pot with an assortment of organic herbal teas.
  4. Take her to lunch at an organic restaurant or cafe.
  5. Plant a tree in her name, or better yet do it together and you’ll get the added bonus of spending quality time together and something you can enjoy together for years to come as you watch it grow.
  6. Pick her some wildflowers. Wildflowers naturally contain no pesticides, and because they were hand picked, it is a thoughtful gift that comes straight from the heart and will be more meaningful.
  7. Give her a gift certificate to Gaiam, Real products or any of her favorite green shopping stores. Even has a nice green selection, if she’s an Amazon lover.
  8. If Mom is a chocolate lover, get her some organic raw chocolates that don’t have sugar added. You can usually find some at your local health food store or a variety of places online.
  9. Get her started with an herb garden that she can enjoy tending to it and using the herbs in the kitchen.
  10. Organic fruit basket. If you can’t find any locally, they can be ordered at Diamond Organics or you could buy a basket at your local department store and organic fruits at your local health food store and put it together yourself.
  11. A subscription to an eco-friendly magazine like Natural Home.
  12. Organic clothes or bedding.
  13. Beeswax candles.
  14. Instead of fresh cut flowers, get her organic potted flowers that can be kept and enjoyed for years. Or a pot with organic seeds that you can plant together.
  15. Organic grocery bags or totes.
  16. Almost all mothers enjoy helping others. Give her a sponsorship or membership at a green organization like Sierra club or Nature Conservancy.
  17. A gift certificate to a Whole Foods store or an online store like Diamond Organics.
  18. Make a handmade gift certificate and write your own message on it. Give her something she enjoys doing with you like, “lunch at your favorite restaurant,” “time at the park,” shopping at the mall” or anything you can do together. Alternatively, it could be something you’ll do for her like, “a car washing,” “a lawn mowing” or “a housecleaning.” Have fun with it and make it look real with an expiration date and everything.
  19. Bamboo bowels and utensils or a lawn chair.
  20. Last, but not least, remember one of the things a Mom enjoys the most is spending time with her children. There is really no gift that can beat a little quality time. Take her on a bike ride, watch a movie together, spend time together in Mother Nature, take a walk, pick flowers, have a picnic, go to an art exhibit or cook her an organic meal – you could go shopping together for the ingredients, cook together and then eat together.

Have a Green and Happy Mother’s Day!

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