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The Most Affordable and Greenest Mother’s Day Gift

What is the most affordable and greenest Mother’s Day Gift you can give?

Quality Time.

There is nothing Mom enjoys more than spending quality time with the children she loves. Regardless of what age you are, this is a gift that everyone can give. From newborns, little toddlers and teenagers to middle age and beyond, Mom never stops enjoying the moments she spends with her children.

It doesn’t have to cost anything and it’s also the perfect non-toxic gift for Mother Earth.

Some ideas for quality time together may include fixing Mom an organic breakfast and serving it to her in bed, watching a good movie together, gardening together, taking a walk together, going on a picnic, sitting by the lake, taking her out to lunch, playing board games, swinging on swings in the backyard or park, going to the bookstore, cooking dinner together, reading a book or engaging in deep and meaningful conversations.

Come up with your own ideas that are personalized for your Mom. Make a list of her favorite activities and ask her which ones she prefers for her special day. Nothing makes Mom feel more special than showing her how much you appreciate her.

This Mother’s Day my son will be taking me for a walk at my favorite walking spot — a nature preserve and out to eat at the local organic cafe. I can think of nothing more perfect.

I don’t have a mother, so spending time with nature also satisfies my need to connect, honor and appreciate on this level.

As an added touch, we’ll stop at Barnes and Noble where I will pick out a new book, on diet and nutrition of course, and perhaps play a game of
I Spy.

A favorite activity for my son and I when we want to spend quality time together is to go to the children’s section of Barnes and Noble, open an I Spy book and play a round or two. You’ll take note that both my son and I are adults. LOL. You’re never too old to stop playing.

Hope you have a beautiful day.

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