Does Colon Cleansing Affect Good Bacteria?

Hi Cynthia,
I was wondering if the different cleanses clear out the toxins and bad bacteria but know enough to leave the good bacteria alone. I am taking a bowel detox vitamin which is helping me become “regular” for the first time but I worry it will remove all the good stuff too. It is Bowel Detox by Nature’s Sunshine and contains: charcoal,Psyllium, Algin, Cascara Sagrada Bark,Ginger Rhizome, Apple Pectin, Parthenium Root, Marshmallow Root Extract,Sodium, Copper, Chlorophyllin, Bentonite Clay. Audrey.

Hi Audrey,

Yes, some methods of colon cleansing can remove the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria. It has no way of distinguishing which is which. That does not mean that cleansing the colon is a bad thing. It is a very effective means for improving health. However it is essential to replenish the healthy bacteria with a probiotic supplement. An oral probiotic is usually taken with any colon cleansing program to help reinoculate the good bacteria.

Poor colon health is rampant in our society due to poor diet, environmental toxins and lack of exercise and is associated with a long list of symptoms and chronic health conditions like bad breath, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel and other bowel disorders. It can also be a major contributor to lower back pain, headaches, muscle and joint aches, indigestion, food sensitivities, acne, Candida overgrowth, chronic fatigue and eczema to name a few.

Frankly, if the colon is not functioning properly then all other organs and systems will be impacted. The body will fill up with toxins, be lacking in proper nutrients and the liver can’t perform it’s duties properly which will lead to deterioration in many other ways. There cannot be good health with a poorly functioning colon. So improving the health of the colon should be a major component of all healing plans regardless of the condition and part of preventative care as well.

If the product you are taking is helping you to become regular then that is a sign that this formula is working well for you, but I would be sure to add a probiotic to the regimen as well. However, you do want to be aware that some products like Cascara Sagrada, Psyllium and Senna should only be used on a temporary basis, as long-term use can lead to dependence. There are other risks associated with long term use of cascara sagrada, senna and psyllium as well like, obstruction of the bowel, inhibition of nutrient absorption and disruption of electrolytes.

One of the most effective and quick acting colon cleansing methods is the use of an enema or colonics infused with oxygen. However, many people find this method distasteful or too much of a hassle. So there is a product called Oxy-Powder® that can be taken orally and will do about the same thing as an enema or colonic.

Oxy-Powder® does not harm the healthy bacteria. Instead it creates an environment in the colon that is unappealing to the unhealthy bacteria and encourages the healthy bacteria to flourish. I encourage you to learn more about Oxy-Powder®

However, even if you make the switch, I would still take a probiotic. It’s just a good health practice to take a probiotic on a regular basis. Probiotics are one of those essential supplements that should be part of everyone’s daily regimen.

In my opinion enemas, colonics or an oxygen based supplement are superior to herbal based colon cleansers. They provide fast relief by immediately removing the toxins and unhealthy organisms. This is particular beneficial for people with food sensitivities and Candida overgrowth.

The other excellent added benefit of a colon cleanser with oxygen is that the oxygen is beneficial to the body in many other ways. Oxygen is a vital element needed for the body and mind to function adequately and many of us are oxygen deficient. Oxygen will kill many unhealthy organisms like Candida on contact and then flush them out of the body.

Additionally, most cleansers only clean a portion of the gastrointestinal tract while oxygen based colon cleansers clean the whole system as well as the urinary tract.

There are many possible causes of constipation or irregular bowel movements like magnesium deficiency, lack of exercise or water intake, environmental toxins, candida yeast, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. You’ll want to visit my what causes constipation page for more in depth info on this topic.

Irregular bowel movements are an indication of other underlying problems, so these issues should be addressed or the bowel problem will get worse. When the underlying problem is addressed, then colon cleansing won’t be needed to keep the bowels functioning, however an occasional cleanse is still good from time to time for maintenance.

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