Colon Cleansing at Home

Colon cleansing at home can be an excellent component of your holistic self-care plan, particularly if you’re living with a chronic illness or health condition. Even if you’re in good health, it’s one of the best preventative methods you can take to protect yourself from future problems.

Keeping the colon functioning optimally is essential for physical and mental health.

Unfortunately much of our society already has some sort of colon problem. As a matter of fact, according to some professionals more than 70 million Americans have suffered from problems with their bowel at some point in their life.

And these are only the numbers that we’re aware of because they sought help from a health care provider. There’s a lot more people living with bowel problems who don’t seek help from a medical profession because they don’t think it’s serious enough or they’re not aware they even have a problem.

Constipation is the most common problem we hear about and encounter. However, the colon is vulnerable to a variety of other diseases, disorders, and problems, such as diarrhea, IBS, polyps, diverticulitis, colitis, Crohn’s, and ultimately cancer.

The reason colon problems are so abundant is largely a result of our modern day diet and lifestyle. Poor diet, processed foods, toxins in our environment like pesticides and air pollution, overuse of antibiotics, and lack of exercise all lead to deterioration in colon health.

Another major factor contributing to the large number of colon problems we see in our society is the modern-day toilet. Human beings are supposed to squat when having a bowel movement. When we squat it allows the colon to empty itself freely and completely, which is necessary to keep things flowing smoothly and to prevent build up on the colon wall.

The toilet we use today is in complete contradiction to what is healthy. It does not allow for squatting and therefore complete evacuation of the colon does not take place and thus constipation and other colon problems develop. If you have ever gone to the bathroom in the woods you will know this true. When squatting in the woods, the bowel movement comes out with complete ease and feels so complete and empty afterwards that is actually renewing.

Some experts claim that we should be having a bowel movement after every meal. At the very least we should be having one at least once a day. Many people are not achieving this. It’s not uncommon for some people to go for several days at a time without a bowel movement. This is very unhealthy for not only the colon, but your entire body.

Bowel problems impact much more than just the colon. They can lead to nutritional deficiencies, chronic fatigue, bad breath, Candida, eczema, acne, indigestion, lower back pain, chemical sensitivities, allergies, headaches, food allergies, depression, poor eye sight, anxiety, aching muscles, joint pain, and much more.

Problems in the colon can be a contributing factor to just about any health condition or illness you can think of and that’s why colon cleansing at home can be helpful.

Why Do Colon Cleansing at Home?

Every organ, gland, and cell in the human body is affected by the health of the colon. The colon is more than five feet long, and is connected to every part of the body through nerve endings. So when problems occur in the colon, symptoms can be exhibited in areas that seem entirely unrelated.

The bowel removes toxins that are found throughout your body including the intestines, blood, and lymph system. It works in conjunction with your lungs, liver, skin, and kidneys.

If the colon does not expel the wastes and toxins it collects, fecal matter can accumulate in the pockets of the colon or along the colon wall. When elimination is not occurring regularly, this debris can sit for weeks or months and result in an irritated colon that produces a spastic or inflamed colon.

If the fecal material continues to sit inside the colon then decay begins. Decaying fecal matter produces toxins and harmful gasses that can be absorbed into the blood stream then get transported though the entire body and poison other organs and tissue. This can lead to a variety of detrimental effects to our mental and physical health ranging anywhere from acne or depression to serious autoimmune diseases.

When the bowel is congested, we can’t absorb essential nutrients, and vitamins are not processed or synthesized properly. Toxins flow back into the body and the lymphatic system becomes congested. The liver can’t function adequately. All organs and systems get overburdened. Cleansing the colon at home removes this fecal matter and the build-up of toxins, thereby cleansing the whole body and helping all organs and systems to work more efficiently.

The benefits from cleansing the colon may range anywhere from a reduction in symptoms to a complete cure of a particular health condition. Other people have used the practice of colon cleansing at home as a way to eliminate parasites or Candida, lose weight, increase energy, and even clear up acne.

There are a variety ways to cleanse the colon. So many, that it may be difficult and confusing to understand what is the best method to follow. I encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible about all the various options and then make the choice that fits best for you and your situation.

Home Enema

It is my opinion that a simple water enema is a supreme form of colon cleansing at home, particularly if you are living with a chronic illness or health condition. This approach is also great for those who have extensive food sensitivities that may prevent them from taking herbs and other natural substances.

The colon can be cleansed quickly and efficiently with a home enema which may provide immediate relief for some health problems, like Candida symptoms, overload of toxins, or a sluggish liver.

An enema removes the old, dried up, fecal matter that has built up on the walls and pockets of the colon very fast. This permits your system to eliminate the accumulation of toxins quickly. It also directly removes Candida or other fungi and any unwanted bacteria that may be residing within the large bowel contributing to symptoms.

An enema can be done with plain water or other substances may be added for additional benefits like probiotics, coffee, or herbs.

Both enemas and colonics do basically the same thing. However, the enema can be done home alone in privacy and therefore avoids any embarrassment you may have and it’s also extremely affordable. Colonics are usually performed by health care professionals in an alternative health clinic. However, you can purchase a colema board and do it yourself at home as well.

Keep in mind that unlike herbal cleansing formulas enemas or colonics are not something you want to do everyday. Some health care providers may suggest that you do several in one week for an initial treatment and then follow up with a maintenance schedule. However, I personally feel that more than one enema or colonic a week is not healthy. I had a bad experience once by doing too many colonics in one week. I find that one a week or every other week is very beneficial and does not incite any negative experiences.

Now if you find the idea of an enema or colonic unappealing or don’t have the time, then you could try Oxy-Powder®. This is one of the most popular, effective, safest and reputable cleanses on the market that can give you almost the same benefits as an enema or colonic. It can provide quick relief for constipation and creates a climate in the colon that encourages healthy bacteria to flourish.

Herbal Colon Cleansing

There are a vast amount of herbs that are effective for colon cleansing at home. For those who don’t have the immediate need for an enema or colonic, or find that option too unappealing, the herbal route is another great option.

Colon cleansing products are abundant in the holistic health field and you can usually find a lot of reviews and opinions about which ones are the best to use. Keep in mind that different things work for different people in regard to any health care approach and this applies to cleansing the colon as well.

Be sure to take into account any specific allergies or sensitivities you may have and any special circumstances that your particular health condition may involve before picking a product. You should always consult with your health care provider prior to using herbs or other natural remedies. Some of the most common herbs used to cleanse the bowel include cascara sagrada, slippery elm, marshmallow root, charcoal, and bentonite clay, but you should learn about colon cleansing herbs in more detail.

Beyon Colon Cleansing at Home

In addition to enemas, colonics, and herbs there are a variety of other ways to go about keeping the colon clean and functioning optimally. It’s equally important to eat a healthy diet that is free of sugar, grains, legumes, caffeine, alcohol, refined foods, artificial flavorings and dyes, hormones, and antibiotics and to get regular exercise, stay hydrated, go to the bathroom when the urge arises. Learn other natural ways to cleanse your colon and put them into practice on a regular basis.

Now, some people are uncomfortable with the whole topic of cleansing the colon. Granted, talking about the colon, the bowel, feces, the anus etc, is not always an attractive subject, especially if this is new territory for you.

However, if you’re serious about improving your health, addressing colon issues will have to be faced at one time or another. I encourage you to try and get past this discomfort as quickly as possible. Once you experience some of the benefits of colon cleansing at home, you’ll become a supporter in no time at all.

Start out slow and if you experience anything like nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea or other unusual symptoms then discontinue whatever method you are doing and consult your holistic health care physician.

It’s also important to use some common basic sense and caution. Don’t engage in long-term or excessive aggressive colon cleansing. This could be damaging to your health. Too many bowel movements can cause dehydration. For some people with serious health conditions if you detoxify too quickly it could overburden your organs and you could become much sicker for a period of time.

You may want to engage in an aggressive approach for a set amount of time to assist in detoxification, keep toxins from building up, or reduce symptoms, etc., but then cut down and do periodic maintenance. Be sure to educate yourself thoroughly on any approach you decide to follow.

Everyone, but especially those with a serious health condition, should discuss colon cleansing at home with their doctor before proceeding with any method. Drinking lots of water, exercise, and skin brushing may assist the process and minimize any negative symptoms.

Too much of a good thing is not always good. Remember that old saying – “moderation in all things.”

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