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Get My New Book – Healing Chronic Candida – In Bookstores Now

Healing Chronic Candida Book

My new book Healing Chronic Candida: A Holistic, Natural, and Comprehensive Approach, was released today and is now available in all bookstores including Amazon.

Chronic candida is a hidden and widespread condition throughout the world that may be an underlying factor to countless neurological, metabolic, autoimmune, endocrine, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as many mental health conditions, hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances and much more. Furthermore, the standard treatment protocol for yeast overgrowth is incomplete, ineffective, and outdated.

Healing Chronic Candida provides the most up-to-date and exhaustive approach at this time. It addresses not only candida and its associated conditions, but many of the vital problems that are often ignored in treatment that can sabotage healing.

  • Understand the Magnitude of the Problem
  • Identify and Confront Roadblocks to Recovery
  • Develop Strategies to Outsmart Mutation and Resistance
  • Conquer Cravings for Sugar and Carbs and Master Diet Compliance with Ease
  • Recognize and Address Co-infections like SIBO or Parasites
  • Understand the Vital Role of Biofilms and How to Take Action
  • Reduce Sympathetic Dominance and Support the Adrenal Glands
  • Distinguish Between Supplements that can Harm or Heal and Troubleshoot Intolerance
  • Become Aware of Critical Diet and Treatment Fallacies
  • Lower Excess Histamine, Glutamate, and Oxalates

Healing Chronic Candida is backed by hundreds of scientific resources, challenges many myths around diet and treatment for this condition, and arms the individual with a holistic, cutting-edge, self-care protocol to encourage optimal healing.

Buy Healing Chronic Candida Today

“In this groundbreaking book Healing Chronic Candida, Cynthia Perkins has explained and explored the scientific literature to help clinicians and patients understand the complex path of treating candida. This book is both comprehensive and concise in presenting a holistic treatment model for the treatment of candida.

Healing Chronic Candida is the most innovative, inclusive treatment model for candida I have encountered. Cynthia Perkins weaves clinical experience, scientific literature, and simplifies complex medical information into relevant, clinically astute treatment models that are easy to understand for both clinicians and patients.” – Dr. James M. Greenblatt

“Cynthia Perkins does an amazing job of tackling a difficult topic in the book, Healing Chronic Candida. Patients will find this a very valuable resource in their healing journey!” – Dr. Jill Carnahan

“Healing Chronic Candida: A Holistic, Comprehensive, and Natural Approach by Cynthia Perkins, M. Ed, is an indispensable book when taking on chronic candida. If you are hoping to become better informed and equipped to understand and address candidiasis and its related health concerns, you will definitely want to have this book to keep handy for reference.” – J. Eddy, R.H.N. (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

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