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Miscellaneous Candida Facts

Cynthia, I’ve just been recently diagnosed with the yeast infection (candida). But now I’m not to sure as to what to eat or not someone told me about the unsweetened cranberry juice, almond nuts. I must not eat cucumber skins and potatoes skins. But really what is the best way to manage. And can someone in my condition be able to have sex and have children and when should one be sexually active? Sandi

Hi Sandi

I have written about the topic of Candida extensively, so instead of rewriting, for the most part I’m going to guide you to the sections of my site that address these issues.

Here is the Candida section of my site. You’ll want to visit all the pages that link out in blue.

In general the diet should consist primarily of meat and non-starchy vegetables with a small amount of whole fruits, seeds and nuts as tolerated. Not a problem with cucumber skins unless not digesting well. Potatoes should be avoided all together as they are high in sugar and not only aggravate Candida overgrowth, but also contribute to type 2 diabetes, sugar addiction, obesity and many more. All juices should be avoided as well for the same reason. Here’s an extensive page on the Candida diet.

However, you should note, that the diet I recommend is basically a slightly modified version of the Paleolithic Diet so I encourage you to read that page as well.

You’ll also want to take a look at the Good Carbs Bad Carbs page, to get a better understanding of carb consumption.

Additionally here is the Candida section of my blog.

Candida and pregnancy concerns.

I would also add that if one partner has Candida, then the other partner usually does as well. They usually pass it back and forth between one another. So both partners have to be treated to prevent reinfection.

Additionally, you can find a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know in my ebook, Candida Secrets.

Candida is a very complex issue; the most important step you can take is to educate yourself as much as possible about all the facets.

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