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Low-Carb and Guilt-Free Eggnog Recipe

Homemade Eggnog in a Glass

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a delicious cup of eggnog even for those of us who follow a low-carb diet. Try this quick and easy recipe for your holiday celebration and you’ll swoon with pleasure. [continue reading…]


Eating Red Meat Alleviates Anxiety and Depression

Red Meat on a Tray with Vegetables

Anxiety and depression are epidemics in our society. Although there are a variety of issues that contribute to this problem, the diet that one eats plays a critical role. If you are familiar with my work, you may know that I encourage my clients to eat lots of red meat and go low-carb to improve mental health issues of all kinds. This type of diet is what I have found to be most helpful for dealing with these issues in my own life as well as my clients and here are a couple of studies that back that up. [continue reading…]

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Is Your Cholesterol Too Low?

Cholesterol word collage

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really need to worry about having high blood cholesterol. Your bigger worry is low cholesterol. But how does dietary cholesterol (cholesterol contained in the foods you eat) affect blood cholesterol (the cholesterol numbers that are checked when your doctor orders blood work)? There are no reliable studies that prove dietary levels of cholesterol are connected to disease. Furthermore, the lower your blood cholesterol, the more health problems you are likely to experience. [continue reading…]


Is Alzheimer’s a Type 3 Diabetes?

Alzheimer's Brain Healthy Brain

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease that affects thinking, memory, and behavior which progresses slowly over time and ends with death. It is currently an epidemic in America where it is estimated that approximately 5.4 million people are affected. With a death toll exceeding a half-million Americans each year, it is one of the top three killers in the United States, right on the heels of cancer and heart disease. [continue reading…]


Delicious Low-Carb, Paleo, & Keto Milkshake Recipe

Enjoy this delicious low-carb, paleo, and keto milkshake on a hot summer’s day with no guilt and minimal risk for exacerbation of symptoms or triggering of cravings. This recipe is perfect for people with sugar and carb addiction, SIBO, Candida, adrenal fatigue, sympathetic dominance, or anyone else following a low-carb diet. [continue reading…]

Pesticides Toxicity Damage Brains

The widespread use of pesticides may be the biggest threat to mental health and humanity that we face at this time and for generations to come. If it is not addressed, it may dramatically alter the course of the human race and reshape the fabric of society itself forever. Slowly degrading us into communities that have the inability to feel empathy and compassion for one another, to bond emotionally, control impulses, exercise self-control, and show basic respect and civility, while at the same time increasing aggressiveness and violence towards each other. [continue reading…]

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Befriend Your Inner Saboteur to Support Changes in Diet

Inner saboteur voices in man's head

Although disrupted brain chemistry and impairment of the endocrine system can influence our thoughts and behaviors and they are the root of cravings for sugar and carbs, our thoughts, language, and behavior can also influence our brain and endocrine system. [continue reading…]


Save the Humans – An Overlooked Earth Day Cause

Woman in Protective Mask

One of the most overlooked issues on Earth Day is the correlation between the environment and the condition of the human species. We have Save the Whales, Save the Dolphins, Save the Speckled Frog, Save the Trees, Save the Ozone Layer, etc. etc. All great, worthy, and essential causes; but let’s not forget the humans. [continue reading…]

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Searching for the Magic Bullet or Miracle Cure?

Miracle Cure in a Box

There’s a widespread mindset I see amongst many of my clients and site visitors that is counterproductive to healing or attaining optimal health. It’s a false belief that there is a “magic bullet” or “miracle cure” that will correct their health issue. [continue reading…]


10 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

Couple Relieving Stress

In our quest for optimal health, keeping our stress in check is a vital key for achieving the goal.  Although stress is a normal part of day-to-day life and the human body can effectively handle it in small doses, it becomes problematic when you are consistently pushed to the limit. Excess stress can have a negative effect on all aspects of your health, as well as your relationships, and mood. Make one or more of these quick and easy techniques a daily habit to reduce its impact on your life. [continue reading…]

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