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Paleo Pizza Bread Recipe – Low Carb and Gluten Free

Paleo Pizza Bread

I made this delicious low carb, gluten free Paleo Pizza Bread with my son that tasted just like real pizza without the guilt or negative effects on physical or emotional health and thought it was just too good not to share. Our masterpiece is displayed below. Doesn’t it look divine?

Paleo Pizza Bread

My recipe below was originally inspired by a recipe I found at the Paleo Bread TM website, but I made several changes to it.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

4 Slices of Coconut Paleo BreadTM

1 Can of Organic Tomato Paste

1 Cup of Sliced Green, Yellow and Red Peppers (Woodstock Organics)

4 Beef Breakfast Sausage Sliders from US Wellness Meats. (These are absolutely wonderful sausage.)

A Few Shakes of Basil

A Dash of Real Salt and Organic Pepper

A Few Shakes of Organic Onion Flakes (You could substitute freshly chopped onions here if you prefer)

1 tsp of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Package of Organic Mozzarella Cheese

(You could add oregano and garlic if you like, but I didn’t.)


  1. Cook the beef breakfast sausage sliders from US Wellness Meats. Cover with a lid to keep warm when done.
  2.  Cook the peppers with onion till tender. (I baked them with a little bit of organic coconut oil so that I could do other things while they were cooking, but you could sizzle them in a pan if you prefer.)
  3. Shred the cheese and sit to the side
  4.  Toast the bread lightly in the toaster
  5. Spread tomato paste on the toast.
  6. Cut up the beef breakfast sausage sliders into little pieces.
  7. Sprinkle sausage on top of the toast.
  8. Cover with peppers and onions
  9. Top it off with the mozzarella cheese. Now, I know that cheese is not technically part of the Paleo diet, but it is okay to indulge in a little cheese every now and then, if you aren’t dairy or lactose intolerant. Many primal folks, including myself, allow an occasional cheese cheat as a treat. However, you can leave the cheese out if you desire.
  10. Put in the toaster oven for just a few minutes, until the cheese melts.

Bon Appetit! And of course, don’t forget to be mindful and savor your eating experience to enhance all the aromas, flavors and pleasures.

The coconut bread has a nice soft, chewy texture that is perfect for pizza. If you wanted a more crispy Paleo pizza crust, then you could toast the bread longer.

Honestly, both my son and I felt it was as rich and tasty as any pizza we’d ever had in our non-paleo days.

I was worried that the end product of the Paleo Pizza Bread would not live up to the delicious fantasy I had in my head, but it actually exceeded my expectations.

Many thanks to the Paleo BreadTM company for this great bread and recipe inspiration.

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  1. Hi Cynthia!
    Are you able to share some more true paleo recipes you may have found along your journey?

    I really love all your insightful articles please keep up your work!

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