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Probiotics and Candida

Probiotics are an important part of any regimen to overcome Candida overgrowth, but when is the best time to take them is what one of you wants to know today…

Hi Cynthia, I was just wondering which of the two thoughts is correct — to take probiotics while on a candida diet or to wait until it is under control and then take it. -Susan

Hi Susan,

I’ve never heard of any practitioner recommending to take probiotics after the candida diet. It is always advised that probiotics should be taken simultaneously while following the candida diet. They work synergistically. Candida is not likely to become under control with diet alone. Diet is of the utmost importance and usually results in significant, if not drastic, improvements, but must be in conjunction with other treatment modalities for long-term success.

The diet will starve out the yeast and the probiotics will replenish the healthy bacteria. You want both to happen simultaneously. Natural antifungals should also be taken at the same time. It is the three of these steps together that will result in the best results.

Additionally, once someone has systemic Candida overgrowth, there is usually not a time when they are done with the candida diet. The candida diet usually has to be followed for the rest of their life or overgrowth returns. As progress is made in reducing overgrowth, the diet won’t have to be as strict and limited, however things like sugar, white flour, caffeine, alcohol, and other refined foods will need to be eliminated forever. These foods will encourage Candida to flourish again. Even complex carbohydrates may have to be limited for the duration for many.

Probiotics and an occasional course of antifungals will also be part of a life-long plan. Additionally, all the other contributing factors to yeast overgrowth like, nutritional deficiencies, pH, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, colon functioning, liver function, detoxification, metal toxicity, immune function etc., will need to be addressed as well.

Once systemic Candida overgrowth has occurred, life-long yeast maintenance is usually required.

There is disagreement in health practitioners on whether probiotics should be taken with meals or in between meals. I take them at both times, just to cover all the bases.

Best Regards,

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