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Removing Wisdom Teeth Properly

Q. Hi Cynthia, I have some trouble with both of my lower wisdom teeth not coming all the way up. There is a cavity behind the teeth which causes food to get stuck, and pain in my gums. Today the dentist recommended me to have them removed. I am very skeptical to this, but unfortunately there is no holistic dentist in my town and I cannot get a professional second opinion.

The wisdom teeth are said to be connected to the heart, but I have not found much other information than that. I am wondering what consequences it may have spiritually to have them removed?

I am most likely going to have them pulled out, unless I find a way to make them correct themselves. So I want to ask you how I can prevent cavitation and other risks associated with the operation performed by a conventional dentist?

If you strongly recommend me to find a holistic dentist instead, it may be possible in Copenhagen, but I am under a time constraint before I leave Denmark and it will mean quite some trouble for me… ~ Sara

A. Hi Sara,

Sometimes it is necessary to have wisdom teeth removed. However, I recommend that you get a second opinion from a dentist that practices holistic and biological dentistry, or at the very least, follows the protocol of Dr. Hal Huggins.

Wisdom teeth frequently do not come in all the way, or they come in crooked or they are impacted. This can cause a host of problems like headaches, TMJ, jaw popping, face and jaw pain, pressure and ear ringing.

If you aren’t having any of these issues, then maybe the cavity can be taken care of without removal of the teeth. If you are having these types of symptoms, then they will probably only get worse.

For example, my son had 3 impacted wisdom teeth and one that came in only partially. He was having a great deal of pain in the face, head and jaw, ear ringing and popping. Initially he tried to avoid having them removed, but the pain became too great and there was no choice in the matter.

I would not be concerned about any spiritual consequences in having them removed, the concern lies in health conditions that can develop later if the teeth are not removed properly.

The manner in which wisdom teeth, or any tooth that is extracted, is extremely important. The periodontal ligament and part of the bony socket need to be removed and the area needs to be cleaned out to prevent cavitations.

A cavitation is a pocket that develops in or around the extracted area that harbors anaerobic bacteria that emit toxins. The toxins found in a cavitation are considered to be significantly more toxic than botulism.

These toxins can cause serious deterioration in mental and physical health and the development of many of other health conditions like migraines, myofacial pain, TMJ, headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, hypertension, bronchitis, neuritis, angina, sinus infections, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, nervous system disorders, stroke and many more.

They can bring on health conditions that never existed or they can exacerbate a preexisting health condition, putting more stress on the body and preventing healing.

Most dentists are not trained to extract teeth properly, so it usually takes quite a bit of time and effort to find one. You can call the Hal Huggins Institute in Colorado for a referral in the United States, so they probably have referrals internationally as well. Their number is 866-948-4638.

Having a holistic dentist that practices biological dentistry is crucial not only for wisdom teeth removal, but for all dental health needs.

Although it will be more difficult to find the appropriate dentist, you’ll be happy that you did so in the long run. It is not worth the cost of deterioration in health.

Besides that, addressing cavitations after the fact costs a lot of money and sometimes they come back even after treatment. So prevention should always be practiced.

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