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Smart Meters Are Hazardous to Your Health and Violate Your Rights

The new Smart Meters that are being rolled out by many of the gas and electric companies across the country have many detrimental effects on your physical and emotional health that you should be aware of. I am posting an article written by someone other than myself and a couple of videos further below that gives you a nice overview of all the potential risks and is backed with the scientific facts, but first I want you to be aware of what is happening to citizens across this country and to share my personal experience that I am currently going through with Southern California Edison.

As you’ll read further below, the Smart Meters expose all of us to dangerous microwave like EMF/RF frequency on a continuous basis, that among other things can disrupt the brain, nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, and hormones. Plants that grow beside Smart Meters die. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if it kills a plant it can’t be good.

Many people across the country who don’t even have any preexisting health conditions report they are developing very serious and debilitating effects from the Smart Meters, like high blood pressure, severe headaches, migraines, exhaustion, high pitched ringing in the ears, impaired memory and confusion, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, constant thirst, heart palpitations, anxiety, and a reduced level of functioning experienced prior to installation.

When a citizen tells the utility company they don’t want the Smart Meter installed they are told they have no choice in the matter, they must have the Smart Meter installed. If a person who becomes very ill after installation asks the utility company to remove the meter, most of them are told, No.

Initially, Pacific Gas and Electric also known as PG&E and San Diego Gas and Electric also known as SDG&E, were very unresponsive and unwilling to accommodate anyone’s request, however there have been so many protests and reports of problems that they are beginning to be a little more responsive and now state that they will consider your request on a case by case basis. You have to fight like heck, but some people are successful at preventing installation or having it removed once they are made ill.

However, based on my experience and others, Southern California Edison is completely hard-nosed, insensitive and unresponsive to any objections. They and the CPUC, California Public Utilities Commission, are responding with hostility, intimidation and lack of concern.

Therefore, many people across the country have been forced to literally go to war with their utility companies in order to protect their home, their health, and their basic rights. There are numerous protests being held, people are putting wire fences around their meters, using trespassing laws and physically preventing installation. Grandmothers and mothers are being arrested and treated like common criminals for trying to protect their children. Twenty-three cities in California have officially opposed the Smart Meter.

Some people are so sick some from the effects of the Smart Meter, they are having to move out of their homes. Many of them have nowhere to go because all their neighbors, relatives and friends already have Smart Meters. There are some who are in their car and traveling from place to place.

The bottom line is our rights are being violated. The utility companies are coming to our homes and altering our homes in a manner that subjects us to harmful environmental toxins. As far as I am aware, if someone comes on your property without your permission, that is a violation of rights called trespassing. If they inflict you with bodily harm, that is a crime called assault. However, we are being told that we have no rights — that we must sit back and allow them to assault us. Once again, as we have done at other times we must ask the question, How can this be happening in America?

I encourage you to visit this website and read some of the horror stories that people are being forced to endure and educate yourself more thoroughly about what your fellow citizens are being subjected to:


“On December 6, Assemblymember Jared Huffman (D – San Rafael) introduced Assembly Bill 37, which requires the commission to allow customers to opt-out of the wireless smart meters and provides for a wired alternative. Huffman also requested the California Council on Science and Technology examine the federal limits on radiation from wireless devices, including smart meters, to determine if they adequately protect the public.” See (https://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2010/12/support-ab-37-opt-out-of-smart-meters/) However even if this bill passes it will be some time before that happens, so this doesn’t help those of us who are being assaulted at this time.

Beyond the health issues, we have the invasion of privacy issue. According to the Denver Post, “Once a smart meter is attached to a home, it can gather a lot more data than just how much electricity a family uses. It can tell how many people live in the house, when they get up, when they go to sleep and when they aren’t home. It can tell how many showers they take and loads of laundry they do. How often they use the microwave. How much television they watch and what kind of TV they watch it on. The smart meter could “tell a robber what kinds of appliances you have, what kind of flat-panel TV you have and when you’re not home — to steal them,” said Quinn, author of the Colorado PUC study.”

The most disturbing violation lies in the fact that in the past we have had control over what toxins we allow in our home. Although toxins surround us all, to some degree, we could protect ourselves by choosing to live in a less toxic area and not using toxins within our home.

With the Smart Meter being forced upon us, we are now losing that ability. We are being told we have no choice but to attach this toxin making device to our home and no rights to protect ourselves. Nobody should be allowed to invade our own home with toxic chemicals. This is a blatant violation of rights.

The Wrath of Southern California Edison and the CPUC

I recently received notice from Southern California Edison that they will be coming to install the Smart Meter in my home at the end of this month. I promptly called them and informed them that they do not have my permission to install the Smart Meter because I have several health conditions that will be adversely affected. I told them I have a letter from my doctor and wanted to know where I should send it.

The first person I spoke with was immediately defensive and told me I had no choice in the matter, that I had to have it installed. She said there was no way I could opt-out. I told her that was not true, because I know for a fact that many people across the country have prevented installation. She told me that wasn’t true and that I had no choice. Her tone and demeanor were very hostile and confrontational. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

Once again I informed the supervisor of all that I had said to the previous person and she told me that there is no way to opt-out, that I had no choice. At this point, the conversation became very heated and the supervisor spoke over me the whole time I tried to talk. I told her that I would not permit them on my property to do the installation. Once again her tone was hostile and confrontational.

She told me in a very smug tone that they will turn off my electricity.

I repeatedly asked to speak to her supervisor, but she continually cut me off mid-sentence, spoke over me and repeatedly told me there was nothing I could do. Once again I said let me speak to your supervisor and she said, “no it isn’t going to happen.” Finally, she said she had other customers to talk to and was putting me on hold.

I then called the CPUC, also known as the California Public Utilities Commission, because I had read somewhere that if you oppose the installation of the Smart Meter and they threaten to turn off your electric that you should call the CPUC. So I was under the impression that they were good guys and our on side, but I was sadly mistaken and quite shocked by the response I received.

The first person I talked to fought with me like she was a young teenage girl. Her tone and demeanor were also smug, hostile and confrontational. She again told me I had no choice in the matter. I told her that I would not permit installation and they would have to physically remove me to access the meter. She said, “go ahead and try, you won’t win.” She then connected me to her supervisor.

His tone also felt smug, confrontational, intimidating and lackadaisical.  He too spoke over me and cut me off mid-sentence consistently and told me I had no choice in the matter. After a long period of arguing with this man and speaking over one another, he finally said that some utility companies had deferment lists, but not opt-out lists. So I said, okay then I want a deferment. He said Southern California Edison does not have a deferment list.

I repeatedly insisted that I did not want the Smart Meter installed and finally he said he would call Southern California Edison and see if they have changed their position on a deferment list. However, he told me that he already knew they had no deferment list, so it was probably a waste of time. He called me later that day and left me a message on my answering machine saying that he had not yet received a response from Southern California Edison. It’s been five days now and he has never returned my call. I did get a letter in the mail from Southern California Edison that basically told me I had no choice in the matter, that they had the right to do whatever they wanted.

What was most disconcerting about all my interactions with each of these people, including the CPUC, was their flippant, lackadaisical attitude. I felt that each one was hostile, confrontational, insensitive, used intimidation tactics and exhibited a complete lack of regard for not only my position but the rights and concerns of citizens in general. Every time I tried to talk, they would cut me off. Basically I was not allowed to communicate. Not one of these people listened to anything I had to say. They are completely unapproachable and don’t care.

Even more disconcerting is that the CPUC, who is supposed to regulate the utilities and ensure safe delivery is colluding with the gas and electric companies to cause us harm and trample over our rights. We clearly have a case of the Wolf tending to the Sheep situation going on here.

After that, I called Corix, the company who Southern California has outsourced the installation of Smart Meters too and informed them that if they come on my property they will be prosecuted for trespassing. The woman answering the phone told me I had no choice in the matter, they were under contract with Edison and they would install the Smart Meter regardless of my wishes. Once again I repeated, you do not have permission to install the Smart Meter on my home, you do not have permission to come on my property. If you do, you will be charged with trespassing. She said she would note that on my file, however, they would be coming to my house anyhow to install the Smart Meter.

In my eyes, all of this really amounts to abuse of power and Big Brother behavior. It really is very terrifying that the utility companies are permitted to force their will upon us without our consent. If one is not the master of their own domain, their own home, then what is going on here? Is it not one of our most cherished rights?

Again, this is Assault. This is a violation of our Constitutional rights. This is an Invasion of our Privacy.

After all this went down, I thought about it long and hard and decided that I have no choice but to take more action since my health and my life are at risk. So I sent a letter to several of the executives at Southern California Edison and the CPUC. Here is the letter I sent to them.

Open Letter to Southern California Edison and CPUC

On Thursday, January 6th, I called Southern California Edison to inform you I do not want a Smart Meter installed at my residence.

I am disabled with several health conditions that will be adversely affected by the installation of the Smart Meter.

I have very weak adrenal glands that don’t produce enough Cortisol. The combination of EMF/RF in the Smart Meters is known to be very damaging to the adrenal glands. The stress from this type of exposure could push me into Addison’s disease and possibly result in death.

I have chronic migraines, which could be magnified with the EMF/FM exposure.

I also have EMF sensitivity. EMF sensitivity is an illness caused by exposure to radiation that is discharged from a variety of sources like cell phones, microwaves, cell phone towers, etc.  When I am exposed to certain levels of EMF, I experience migraines, heart palpitations, trembling, weakness, hot flashes, increased pulse, pain in my gastrointestinal system, dizziness, inability to concentrate, impaired cognitive functioning and hyper-arousal. I do not even own a cell phone, because I’m incapable of using one.

When I called your office, I was met with hostility, confrontation, intimidation and a complete lack of regard for my position. I was told that I had no choice in the matter and if I do not comply my electricity will be shut off.

Therefore, if a Smart Meter is installed at my home, I will hold you, Corix and the CPUC legally responsible for any and all impairments in my health and consider the following possible charges:


I have informed you that the installation of a Smart Meter will cause me bodily harm and puts my life at risk. If you install a Smart Meter, I will consider this assault and will file charges accordingly.

Manslaughter or Wrongful Death

If I die, then we’re talking about manslaughter or wrongful death.

Medical Expenses

If you install a Smart Meter, I will hold you legally responsible for all medical expenses incurred by the Smart Meter to my health.


If you, Corix or anyone on your behalf comes on my property to install a Smart Meter, I will have you arrested for trespassing.

Invasion and Violation of Rights

Last, but not least. This entire procedure is unconstitutional. It is an invasion and violation of my rights. You should not have the right to bathe me with environmental toxins without my permission. You should not have the right to alter my home in any manner without my permission.

I am not willing to play Russian roulette with my life and you should not be permitted to do so either. As someone who lives with five disabling chronic health conditions, there is not room in my life for more suffering that may result from the Smart Meter. You should not have the right to violate and intrude upon what I must do to protect my health.

I should have the right to have electricity service without being forced to put my life and health in danger. I will take any and all measures available to me to be heard on this issue in my community and across the country including the media and the Internet.

For starters, I am using my website which gets more than 70,000 visitors a month, to broadcast all that transpires between me, the CPUC, Corix and Southern California Edison, including your threat to turn off my electricity and your hostile and lackadaisical attitude towards the concerns and rights of the citizens. I will also use Facebook and Twitter. You may want to take a look at the following page on my blog, which I will be updating throughout this process:

Smart Meters Are Hazardous to Your Health and Violate Your Rights

I am in the process of contacting ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, all the local newspapers, the Internet Radio shows, legislators, City Council, President Obama and anyone else who is willing to listen about your lack of concern for our rights and the threat to turn off my electricity — a woman who is disabled with five chronic health conditions. The lack of electricity would leave me without heat in the middle of winter, not to mention the inability to cook, etc.

So, once again, this letter is to inform you that I oppose the installation of a wireless SmartGrid meter at my home. I do not want to be exposed to the wireless radiofrequency/microwave radiation from the meter, the security and hacking risks, the potential fire hazard from the meter, or the electromagnetic interference with electronics and medical devices, the invasion of privacy – nor do I want any more cell antennas in my neighborhood.

I will not opt-in to the Southern California Edison Company program by installing power transmitters inside my home on my home appliances, to report energy usage to SCE. The California Public Utilities Commission should require SCE to conduct additional economic studies that take into account various percentages of people who will NOT join this program. SCE has stated that its current ‘base case’ requires compliance by the public in placing radiofrequency radiation transmitters inside their homes. SCE says the SmartGrid project will cost $1.6 billion dollars of ratepayer money (for 5 million new wireless meters). This is a waste of ratepayer money if people decline to participate due to health and safety or trespass reasons.

Therefore, I am requesting that you do not shut off my electricity and continue to provide me service with the meter that is currently installed at my residence.

If you do not want to send out a meter reader to read my meter, I will be happy to take a picture of my meter every month and send it to you.

I repeat I do not consent to the installation of a Smart Meter at the address listed below. Corix or anyone acting on your behalf does not have my permission to install a Smart Meter at the address listed below.

I would appreciate hearing from you on this matter promptly, as deployment begins on January 18th in my neighborhood.


Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The letters went out in the mail this week, so I don’t know have a response from them yet. I will update this page when I do.

Now with all that being said, please read the following article written by Sandy Ross to get a better understanding of why the Smart Meter is so dangerous to your health.

Smart Meters are Dangerous to Your Health

by Sandy Ross, President of Health and Habitat

Have you heard of Smart Meters?  They will come to your neighborhood – and they are not smart, but they can be dangerous and are creating a looming public health disaster.

The story begins with the premise that electric grids are outdated, overburdened, can’t handle inconsistent green sources like wind, and cannot always move electricity around to where it is needed. So power companies are replacing simple, functioning meters with ones which will communicate constantly with headquarters, advising them of your every electrical usage; eventually, meters will communicate with your appliances, and utility companies will have the ability to turn them down or off to balance the greater electric grid.

What is particularly concerning about Smart Meters is they put out both electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiofrequency radiation (RFR).  RFR comes from the signals between meters, poles, and the station. The meters will transmit pulses of microwave energy at various rates, around the clock, and may repeat the signals from neighboring meters in what’s called a “mesh network”; additional antennas will be installed on light and power poles.

This kind of microwave pulsing works differently than more continuous cell phone radiation and is more dangerous as it is stronger (though shorter duration).  It particularly affects the brain, nervous system, and hormones, disrupting the functioning of body systems and causing leakage of your blood-brain barrier.

Typical acute symptoms are reported to include migraine headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, forgetfulness and confusion, tinnitus, tingling, nausea and vomiting, constant thirst, heart palpitations and increased blood pressure, anxiety, and a general reduction from prior levels of functionality.  Systems go into hyper-arousal, as with severe stress, ultimately leading to collapse (“burnout”).  Cumulative exposure causes DNA breaks, which can ultimately lead to cancer.

EMFs come from the resistance the meters add to electrical lines; the more devices you and your neighbors have on your electric lines (such as the black boxes for remote phones and chargers), the more this interferes with the flow of electricity.  This additional high-frequency load is then re-radiated throughout the interior space.  It is called “dirty electricity”, and is related to a host of health problems similar to those described above.

Risk of developing serious symptoms often referred to as “electrical sensitivity”, increases the longer our chronic exposure to EMFs and RFRs continues.  Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health problems are particularly vulnerable.

Meters have other major liabilities including over-billing and security and privacy concerns.  A cybersecurity firm tested 5 different brands of Smart Meters, and found that they all could be easily hacked into, allowing someone to remotely shut down your power, inflate your bills, tell if you are out-of-town (making you a target for burglary), commit identity theft, or even bring down the whole electricity grid. (For more details, see www.denverpost.com/frontpage/ci_15106430). There also are safety issues, like popping your ground fault interrupters (GFI) or actually starting a fire.  In a recent official filing, PG&E confirmed that its Smart Meters can damage customers’ sensitive electronics.

Electrical meters are usually attached to building walls and can be a few feet from where people sleep.  Lessemf.com (518) 432-1550) has various materials that may help block some of the signals.  Hopefully, a filter will be developed for the “dirty electricity”.  One holistic practitioner is recommending clients spend time grounding themselves by walking barefoot on earth or beach and contacting earthinginstitute.net (858-225-3514) to get their book and products.

Some research is showing that claims of energy savings are phony greenwashing.  It takes energy to broadcast all those pulses, day and night.  Think of all the working meters being thrown out and the energy to make new ones.  In order for the grid to fully function, people would have to buy all new appliances; hardly an overall energy savings to get rid of useable appliances; and they could cost more, as they’d have this communication device in them.  Then you need to set up a home computer network to manage and monitor everything – if you have time and can figure it out.

Very disturbing is the concept of giving a utility the right to turn down or off any or all of our appliances if/when it so chooses.  This could be dangerous for the elderly, the infirm, or babies who need safe-for-them temperatures; and what about people with oxygen machines, heart monitors, CPAPs, etc.?

One solution would be for utility companies to use fiber optics or DSL to transmit the messages.  This reduces one of the major objections but does not help with dirty electricity. Keeping your old analog meter and sending monthly readings to the utility company would be ideal.

Bottom line – who gives anyone/company the right to bathe us in EMFs and RFRs?  Is this not a violation of our constitutional rights?

We must be given the right to opt-out. Council on Wireless Technology Impacts (CWTI), 936-B 7th St., # 206, Novato, CA 94945 (purrycomo@jps.net) has created a letter for doctors to sign, with helpful references. Alexander Binik, Executive Director, DE-Toxics Institute, Fairfax, CA, is working tirelessly to provide updated information.  I am indebted to him for much of this article.

ACTION you can take to protect yourself

a) Go to TURN’s web page www.turn.org/article.php?id=1154, download and print copies of the “Do Not Install” sign, and tape onto both your electric meter and gas meter.

b) Call your local utility (in northern California its PG&E’s Smart Meter Dept. – Austin @ 707-577-7097). Tell them you absolutely do not want a Smart Meter installed. Provide your name, billing address, account number, and phone. They will probably reply that you have to get the new meters; presently PG&E is allowing a delay if you strongly insist on it. Call your local utility.

c) Contact your local public utility commission.  In California the CPUC Public Advisor’s Office logs all complaints and concerns about Smart Meters; send them a short email to public.advisor@cpuc.ca.gov, telling them why you don’t want a smart meter. Include your name, billing address, account number, and phone.

d) Educate your neighbors about Smart Meter dangers, and ask them to follow all the above steps too. Download Turn’s “Smart Meter Free Zone” sign (also at www.turn.org/article.php?id=1154); place it where it can be seen from the street, and ask your neighbors to do the same. For more support in creating such a zone, contact TURN organizer Kori Chen at (415) 929-8876, x361, or kchen@turn.org.

Smart Meter Alert

Here is an excellent video that describes exactly how the Smart Meter works, the politics involved and the negative effects on your health.

Smart Meters are an Invasion of Privacy

This is another excellent video about the invasion of privacy associated with the Smart Meter

Dr. David Carpenter on the Smart Meter
Harvard Medical School-trained physician who headed up the New York State Dept. of Public Health for 18 years before becoming Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Albany, where he currently directs the Institute for Health and the Environment.

What Else Can You Do About Smart Meters?

Follow the steps a, b, c, d in Sandy Ross’s article directly above.

Call your state representative and ask them to support the Senate bill AB37. Bill AB37 is a bill that will allow you to opt-out of the Smart Meter installation.

Make a lot of noise about this issue to anyone who will listen. Speak Up. It is not okay to have our rights stomped on as if they do not exist.

Write to President Obama.

Refuse to have the Smart Meter installed at your home.

If you have a Smart Meter and it is making you sick, consider filing a Small Claims suit against your utility company. Learn more here.


Visit the following sites to learn more and get involved:

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Refuse Smart Meters


EMF Safety Network


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Smart Meter Frequency Assessment

Smart Meter Dangers

Chuck Norris on the Smart Meter


Maine’s Smart Meter Safety

SoCal Edison’s Smart Meters–Are They The Latest Way To Invade Your Privacy? (Beverly Hills Courier)

Stop back here again, as I will be updating this page as this process unfolds.

Update: October 2011

There have been several developments on the Smart Meter front since I first wrote this post back in February.

After I sent my first letter to SCE and CPUC, I received letters from both of them basically stating I had no choice in the matter. I also received a handwritten note from the CEO of Southern California Edison in which he proceeded to tell me he was touched by my depth of emotion in my letter and he would look into the manner in which the staff responded to me.

However, then he told me that the Smart Meter was safe and I hand no choice in the matter and that I would have to have a Smart Meter installed. He also suggested that I do some research on the Smart Meter. He had his assistant send me a letter that stated a bunch of codes to prove why it was legal for them to violate my rights.

I then sent the following letter, accompanied by a letter from my physician that stated the Smart Meter should not be installed on my home because it would be detrimental to my health, back to the CEO. I will post it so others can learn what they should say.

(Second) Open Letter to Southern California Edison
February 8, 2011

2244 Walnut Grove Avenue
Rosemead, California 91770

Dear Mr.Craver,

Thank you for taking the time to send me a handwritten note. However, with all due respect sir, you have completely missed the point. A response from you that is anything less than a willingness to respect my request to keep a Smart Meter off my home is just another illustration of the complete lack of regard for the rights of your customers and another smack in the face.

Your comment that I should do some research on the Smart Meter is insulting. Of course, I have done my research. If I hadn’t done my research you wouldn’t be hearing from me. I would be herded into the concentration camp along with all the other poor unsuspecting citizens.

Physicians and scientists across the nation and the world are speaking out about the many dangers that the Smart Meter poses to human health and the environment. At least 23 cities in CA have formally opposed the Smart Meter. Many government agencies are calling for a moratorium. I refer you to the Sage Reports, Dr. Richter, Dr. David Carpenter, Dr.Magdavas, Dr. Milham, Dr. Harper and many, many more. Here are just a few of the facts that you choose to ignore.

“Elihu D Richter MD, MPH from Israel is a medical epidemiologist who has assessed source-exposure-effect relationships for many chemical and physical agents over the past 40 years. states “based on the accumulating evidence, it is now fairly certain that there will be widespread adverse public health impacts.”

In response to CCST report, “Dr. David Carpenter, public health physician and former Dean of the School of Public Health at the University at Albany, New York writes the following about the CCST report, “This document is not an accurate description of the state of the science on the issue of radiofrequency fields, and is full of inaccuracies.” He calls the report “faulty” and states, “The evidence for adverse effects of radiofrequency radiation is currently strong and grows stronger with each new study.”

Lukas H. Margaritis, Professor of Cell Biology and Electron Microscopy and Adamantia F. Fragopoulou, Biologist and Researcher from the University of Athens, Greece, comment, “The California Council of Science and Technology has released a report on WIRELESS SMART METERS, in which any relation with health hazards has been bypassed. It is, however, ‘common secret’ between the researchers in the field of electromagnetic biology that such a statement has absolutely no scientific validity.”

Thousands of people across the country who don’t even have any preexisting health conditions report they are developing very serious and debilitating effects from the Smart Meters, like high blood pressure, severe headaches, migraines, exhaustion, high pitched ringing in the ears, impaired memory and confusion, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, constant thirst, heart palpitations, anxiety, and a reduced level of functioning experienced prior to installation. Your Smart Meter is definitely not safe and is anything but smart.

I have had personal contact with people who are terribly sick and suffering from your Smart Meter. I have had personal contact with people who are literally homeless because of your Smart Meter. Some people are being hospitalized because of your Smart Meter. You are destroying people’s lives. It takes very little research to find these facts. So I respectfully point out that it sounds like you are the one who needs to do some more research.

The “DRA believes that the CCST Report does not fully explore issues related to additional factors that can impact RF exposure from Smart Meters; exposure from multiple co-located meters; or the basis for the report’s conclusion that “there is no clear evidence that additional standards are needed to protect the public from smart meters or other common household electronic devices.”

Dr. Peter Amann states, “I have been treating one of my patients that I believe has suffered some deleterious effects of Smart Meter installation in her community in South Portland. On two occasions, her physical symptoms worsened when in her home. She has recovered after being hospitalized and returning to her daughter’s home.”

Dr. Havas states, “I work with people who have become electrically hypersensitive (EHS) and I have received emails and phone calls from those who have had smart meters placed on their homes. They complain of ill health and many are unable to use the room closest to the smart meter. These individuals have no place to “hide” from the growing levels of electrosmog especially in densely populated urban centers..”

The Department of Neuroscience, Stockholm, Sweden states,”We are already seeing increases in health problems such as cancer and neurobehavioural impairments, even though these wireless technologies are fairly new in the last decades or so for the general public. This finding suggests that the exposures are already too high to protect people from health harm. Evidence suggests there are special risks for persons with occupational exposures to RF/MW as well as ELF.”

Dr. Harper states, “For one of my disabled patients that have electromagnetic sensitivity and other environmental sensitivities. The wi-fi frequency generated by the Smart Meter on her SDGE, has escalated her symptoms and is causing fatigue, insomnia, and cognitive dysfunction. I am hereby requiring that the unit be removed from her home as soon as physically possible. This is covered under the American Disability Act of 1990 under the invisible disabilities section.”

Dr. Harper states, I have become increasingly alarmed over the numbers of patients coming to me with Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (Electromagnetic field attributed symptoms), or IEI-EMF symptoms. I am treating one to three new cases a week since SDG&E began to install the Smart Meters.

Dr. Harper states, “today, there is an indisputable parallel between the wireless and the tobacco industry, which was not required to post warning labels on cigarette packaging and in advertising until 1965 — after generations of families suffered from respiratory illnesses, cancers and even death due to smoking. “It took 50 years to get warning labels and they are still selling the product.”

The city of New Gloucester states to the PUC, “Many citizens in New Gloucester have expressed their concern about privacy, health issues, security, and cost. Bypassing the consumers’ freedom of choice has diminished the rights of all citizens.”

I could go on and on, but there is no time or space.

The fact that you and your company would turn a blind eye to all the misery and destruction that you are causing, ignore the science that proves your Smart Meters are not safe and continue to march on like a Nazi army is appalling, despicable, irresponsible and unscrupulous.

Sending me a handwritten note to tell me you’re going to assault and violate me, while having your henchmen send me a separate letter quoting easement rights, to try and justify why you feel it is legal to assault and violate me and tell me your going to shove this thing down my throat whether I like it or not, does not soften the blow or constitute the type of customer service you say you want to provide the citizens in this state.

Assaulting and violating someone with a smile on your face, telling them it is for their own good or denying it while you go through the process is still assault and violation just the same. I never heard of “easement rights” as a defense to criminal assault and battery or defense to liability for damages for civil assault and battery

Your easement rights do not give you the right to commit a tort upon my person, including but not limited to intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, and battery, or to violate my constitutional rights.

Your easement rights do not give you the right to contaminate my home with environmental toxins. If you believe it does, I formally request a legal opinion letter from your legal department citing the authority upon which you rely.

As a matter of fact, the installation of a Smart Meter is a violation of the easement granted. The radiation emanating from these meters exceeds the physical boundaries of the easement and blankets the entire property, home and neighborhood with damaging radiation. Moreover, your company was granted an easement for electricity not radiofrequency and radiation. Furthermore, you are in violation of civil code sections 52.1, 50, 1770 and 1780.

I respectfully suggest that you do your research and read about overburdening an easement. Please provide me any authority you have that states that an easement of specific width and length for hard-wired electrical wires is the same as running radio frequencies that blanket the entire property of a customer, not just the designated easement.

Additionally, the installation of a Smart Meter would be discrimination towards a disabled person. I have been disabled with five chronic health conditions for more than 20 years, all of which could be negatively impacted by the Smart Meter. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are required by law to make accommodations.

Installing a Smart Meter after it has been brought to your attention that the Smart Meter will do me physical harm and documented by a physician, is assault and violation of my rights. If someone told you they have a peanut allergy and they could suffer severe consequences from exposure to a peanut, and you held them down and forced them to eat peanuts, this would constitute assault at a minimum. The same applies to installing a Smart Meter on the home of an individual with health conditions that will be negatively impacted.

I have attached a letter from my physician. If you do not honor the recommendations of my physician, then the next letter you receive from me will be from my attorney. I will take you to court.

Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.


After I sent this letter, I received a form letter from the CEO’s assistant, that once again stated something along the lines of, we have tried to accommodate you, we are within our legal rights and we will install a Smart Meter.

At this point, I decided I was wasting my breath and time to say anything more. I would just wait until they showed up to do the installation, and then take legal action at that point. I was not going to allow installation. They would have to take me to court to do it. I was going to prohibit access to the meter.

So, I put a fence around the area of my house where the electric meter is and I posted no trespassing signs. They would have to destroy my fence to access the meter, which would be illegal. I also posted my letter from my doctor stating that the Smart Meter would be detrimental to my health, a DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER downloaded from https://refusesmartmeter.com/, a written notification that the installer would be prosecuted if he trespassed and would be held legally responsible for any harm to my health if they installed the Smart Meter right next to my meter.

This was in February. Nobody ever showed up to install a Smart Meter. Even though they started installing in my area in January. It is now October.

During this time the CPUC made a ruling that the PG&E had to allow their customers to opt-out of the Smart Meter. However, they did not extend that right to customers with SCE. Many people in So Cal protested this action and finally, in September the CPUC made a ruling that SCE had to give their customers the ability to delay the installation of the Smart Meter until after they make a ruling on an opt-out plan.

I was debating whether I was going to call the number provided for the delay list because I was curious as to whether the fact that I had sent it to them in writing more than once before that I was opposed, was on file. Additionally, in the recent ruling by the CPUC, they stated that SCE must give their customers notice that they have the right to delay installation. So I was waiting to see if I would get that notice in the mail. I didn’t.

However, about a week or so ago. A Southern California Edison employee came to my door and stated he was here to post a Do Not Install Smart Meter on my meter so that installers would know I was on the delay list. So apparently they added me the delay list because of my previous letters. So I am officially on the delay list.

If you are in California and are not aware of it yet, you DO NOT have to have a Smart Meter installed. Exercise your right for a delay or opt-out. There are other states that are allowing opt-outs as well, like Maine.

The moral of this story for people in other states is that you do not have to accept the installation of the Smart Meter. No matter what they say, if you make enough noise and fight for your rights, you can win. Demand that you keep your analog meter.

Please share your Smart Experience below in the comments section.

20 thoughts on “Smart Meters Are Hazardous to Your Health and Violate Your Rights”


    PG&E has already killed people in Hinkley California and San Bruno California and other places less well known.

    Why are you people complaining about Wireless smart meters? Do you think you deserve better than those adults and children that have already been killed by PG&E?

    I just don’t understand people wanting better than others. PG&E Corporate has a record of killing and sickening people throughout the state and that’s not going to change.

    Why don’t you people just accept it, like the rest of us?

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Aw, come on, Robert. I really hope you’re doing a tongue in cheek here, because otherwise that’s a really absurd question and statement. Yes, it is tragic that big corporations can get away with killing people and that many before us have met an unjust and outrageous demise. However, that doesn’t mean we should all sit back and say, “okay, go ahead and kill me too.”

      On the other hand, you highlight an important point I didn’t mention above. Let’s not forget that corporations like PG&E have lied before in the name of money. How many times in this country have we all been exposed to dangerous environmental toxins and pharmaceuticals that everyone insists are safe only to find out later “oops we made a mistake.” Or to even know ahead of time that they are dangerous and be forced at a later date to admit the truth, when the science is finally done to prove it. This is going to be another one of those situations. Once again we are guinea pigs in a lab.

      However, the significant difference in this situation that is much more frightening is that the perpetrators are actually allowed to come into our own HOMES and force us to be exposed. In the past we had no control over what corporations and the government expose us to in the community, however we used to have control over what takes place in our OWN home. We now have NO control over our own homes. They are invading our home and we are being told that we have no right to protect it.

      To some extent, we used to have the choice of avoiding some environmental toxins by moving and staying away from areas that are more toxic than others and we could choose whether we want to take a pharmaceutical or not. But when they are allowed to come in our own home and violate us, we have lost the ability to make any choices to protect ourselves — the choice that used to be considered a basic right. We are being told we have no choice but to drink the friggin Kool-aid.

      We should all be outraged by this violation. Even if you are not concerned about the potential health risks, everyone should be concerned by the violation of rights.

  2. I concur and support you 100% Cynthia. There are 9,000,000 people in America that will be severely hurt or killed by these meters. Those that are electro sensitive and radiation illness as well as a host of other vulnerabilities. I have talked to perfectly health people that are now sensitized and have radiation illness, whom never had it or heard of it before!!

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Thank you Barb. I appreciate your support. Yes, I believe you. That is probably the reality of the situation and it is terrifying.

  3. years ago, we lined an X-ray office with lead in sheet form as protection for those in nearby locations. Should we insist that our meter box be similarly treated?

  4. Thank you Cynthia.

    I have had the same experience with Southern California Edison. Rude, cutting me off etc. I’ve had to move twice because of Smart Meters. Seems like we’re in Nazi Germany don’t you think?

  5. Thanks so much Cynthia for spreading the truth about these “smart” meters. They are truly a menace, and should not be rolled out against an unsuspecting population without their consent. We should all have the right to control or at least have a say in the degree to which we’re exposed to radiation emanating from our own properties. The fact that these are being shoved down our throats without knowing whether they’re safe (and it sounds like they’re clearly not, especially for susceptible groups) is outrageous.

    Good luck with your own fight!!

  6. Thanks Cynthia for your story and website.
    We have been going through the same ordeal as you with SCE. I am extremely sensitive to EMF and RF signals since 2005 when a neighbor had 2 cell towers installed about 400′ from our home. We moved from that house and I got better as long as I am not in any contact with any signals. Then we got our SM installed about 9 weeks ago and I have been extremely ill every since. My husband has sent letters to all of SCE mangement and the CPUC and they all ignored us. He finally got an SCE EMF engineer to reply back and they sent out 2 EMF “specialists” to measure the signals twice, and both times they said our SM meter was OK. My husband has his own meter and showed the specialists that the meter is showing dangereous spiking every 15 seconds. SCE’s meter did not show the spikes. My huband got the made and model number of their meters and talked to the company that makes them… apparently the meters they use only averge the signals and the 15 second spikes do not show up, so of course they are telling every body that complains they are within the “approved” range. My husband also measured their cell phones and the smart meter signals were about 5 times stronger then their cell phones. We have covered our meter with Heavy duty aluminum foil and a thick metal bucket. We have also lined our garage with it. It does cut our signal a little, but we still have all the other neighbor’s signals blasting towards our house. The SM’s use a repeater signal that sends the signals from one meter to the next.. they constantly “talk” to each other all day long and send data the same way. It’s so bad in our neighborhood that I can’t take our dog out for walks anymore. I feel it as soon as I walk out the front door.
    Please keep us updated! This is so crazy.
    Also, I received this last night. Everybody please read and send in your comments to the link below.

    Submit comment on the California Council on Science and Technology report on Smart Meters –
    The information below can be found at

    Comment can be submitted by following the link there. It is important that they hear from people who are experiencing health problems as a result of transmitting utility meters. Otherwise they can continue to claim that there is no problem, as they do in the report.
    You may want to send a copy of the comment directly to your assembly member, and the two listed below, as well as your senator. This way legislators hear firsthand from affected individuals. It gives them more power to take direct action.
    Pass this on to other affected individuals.

    CCST SmartMeter Report Available for Comment
    January 11, 2011

    CCST’s report, “Health Impacts of Radio Frequency from Smart Meters,” is now available for public comment and review.

    At the request of Assembly Member Jared Huffman (Marin) and Assembly Member Bill Monning (Santa Cruz), CCST agreed to compile and assess the evidence available to address the following two issues:

    Whether FCC standards for SmartMeters are sufficiently protective of public health taking into account current exposure levels to radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields.
    Whether additional technology specific standards are needed for SmartMeters and other devices that are commonly found in and around homes, to ensure adequate protection from adverse health effects.

    SmartMeters are electronic monitoring devices that continuously measure the electricity output from each household and business. They communicate on a regular basis back to the utility. The goal is to enable power companies to better understand patterns of power consumption throughout the day and adjust power generation accordingly.


    The draft report can be downloaded using the link on the right. You can also access an online version of Appendix E from the report, containing direct links to websites and documents referenced in the report.

    CCST is currently accepting comments on the report. Please use the “Submit Public Comments” button on the right to access our online comments form. Comments will be accepted through midnight PST, January 31, 2011.

  7. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

    Hi Jana,

    You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your story as well. I’m sorry you’re going through such a horrid ordeal.

    This whole situation is just so outrageous.

    Thank you also for the information on CCST. That is very important.

    Please, everyone reading this, be sure to submit your comments to CCST.

    Jana, please keep us updated on your situation.


  8. sick from Smartmeters





    PG&E EXECUTIVES and the CPUC should be JAILED!!!!!!


    And Insurance companies don’t sacrifice insurance premiums ($$$) for nothing.

    TV NEWS VIDEO – Insurance Companies Won’t Insure Wireless Device Health Risks (3 minutes, 13 seconds)

    2. WIRELESS SMART METERS TRANSMIT RADIATION APPROXIMATELY 25,000 TIMES PER DAY, 24/7, not 45 seconds per day as claimed by PG&E Corporate.

    VIDEO – Radiation Measured From Smart Meter Mounted On A Home (6 minutes, 21 seconds)

    Radiation Measured From Smart Meter Mounted On A Home (6 minutes, 21 seconds)


    TV NEWS VIDEO -Skyrocketing Utility Bills after smart meter installation (3 minutes, 19 seconds)

    1. Insurance Companies Won’t Insure Wireless Device Risks (3 minutes, 13 seconds)

    2. Microwave radiation dangers in our home (6 minutes, 20 seconds)

    3. Truth about Smart Meters – Dr. Karl Maret, MD, Biomedical Engineer
    (Dr. Maret’s presentation begins at 23:40 on the video telecast).

    6. Wounded by Wireless Smart Meters (14 minutes, 19 seconds)


    7. WiFi in schools proven dangerous (14 minutes, 32 seconds)

  9. Just got the SM’s installed and I hear constant ringing in my ears. EMF is used in Warfare and can kill people. What if the Gov decides it needs to get rid of you/me? They have a weapon. SM’s invade my constitutional right to be secure in my person, house papers and effects against invasion of privacy. This is unbelievable attack on the people of this country and the Constitution!

  10. You can cover the front of your meter with a metal pan. Dont forget to put a metal sheet or copper screen on the inside wall.
    Also be aware that there are neighborhood collection units which relay the data. These create a real mess for the utility companies if for some reason they become non-functional.

  11. Carolyn D. Sarnoff

    Hello Cynthia,

    I too, have been threatened by SCE and
    Corix to have my electricity shut off. Please,
    let me know of any updates on an opt out list.


    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Carolyn,

      Just this week the CPUC has ordered all utility companies, include SCE, to provide a delay list for people opposed to installation. Not an opt out list yet, but at least a delay list. This is some progress. The number that the CPUC says SCE customers should call is (800) 810-2369.

      However, keep in mind that I am hearing from some others that you still get a hard time when you call and they still try to talk you out of it. Don’t let them intimidate you.


  12. I joined 2 blogs that are against Smart Meters. On each of them there are several blogger that dismiss all the scientific studies showing EMFs to affect cellular functions. They use crazy logic and name calling and insults. And they are very active and monopolize the blog. Anyone else having this experience?
    Meanwhile, I’ve sent a certified letter to the utility company that I refuse to all them to install a smart meter. I’ve written politicians. And I’ve consulted with a lawyer. I put info on the bulletin board of the library, gym, etc. People in the town I live in have never heard of smart meters. The newspapers will not publish any information. TV news ignores the outcries against smart meters in Texas, Maine, California and across the country.

  13. My electric company (Duke Energy) installed SM about 4 months ago in my 11 unit apartment building. I had never heard of them before, so did not protest (stupid). I am now having headaches and blood pressure problems that my Dr says are NOT related. I’m trying natural supplements, but nothing’s working.

  14. Initially I had no objection to the smart meters. However my meter is locked up inside my property and requires my presense in order to access. I asked my local utility Oncor, to notify me in advance when they needed to do the install so I could ensure access. They didn’t do that, they pounded on my door one morning and I told the person from Oncor they were supposed to have made an appointment. They threatened to turn off my electricity if I didn’t let them install it that very day. I have to wonder what would have happened if I had not been home. They had no right to threaten me like that when they are the ones that did not call in advance as required to make the appointment. Since the meter has been installed I’ve been having heart palpitations/flutters when my heart skips a beat. It is happening with regular frequency throughout the day.

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