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What Causes White Mucus in the Stool and Urine?


[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Mucus Spelled out on a Caution Sign We explore the potential causes for white mucus in the stool or urine by answering the following question from a site visitor.

Hi, thank you so much for what you’ve done and are doing for the health of others, your site is amazing. I wish I’d found it earlier. After 5 years of working with a “possible candida overgrowth” (initially got very sick in Africa, some practitioners think it could be some other parasite(s) I’ve noticed that I see white mucous in my stool and urine, especially if I’m a little constipated. Any idea on that? I’ve thought it might be semen, or I’ve heard it could be dead yeasts…would it be crazy to try and get a test on that? (on a side note, I’ve been thinking about changing my probiotic from Dr Ohiru’s…could you suggest a probiotic you prefer?) Thank you very much! I’m considering the Alcat test, although I think I know what not to eat. Billy

Hi Billy,

You’re welcome, I’m glad you find the site helpful.

A small amount of white mucus in the stool may not mean anything. A certain degree of mucus is normal, as it is produced to moisten the lining of the colon and assist with evacuation. However, it is usually not very visible, so if it is thick and it occurs frequently then this may be an indication there is some type of problem. If it is accompanied by other symptoms like gas, bloating, abdominal cramps, indigestion, nausea, heartburn, or abdominal pain, this is also an indication that there may be one of a variety of potential issues that we will discuss below. A lot of mucus may indicate acute inflammation.

White mucus could be from inflammation caused by an unidentified food sensitivity or from eating the wrong foods that inflame the gastrointestinal tract like grains, beans, caffeine, alcohol, sugar or in some cases dairy. Inflammation of the GI tract is a hallmark symptom of unidentified food sensitivity.

White mucus can also be a sign that the colon is not functioning properly and that fecal matter and toxins are building up. If one is experiencing constipation, this is a sign that the colon is not working up to par. Constipation itself could result in the mucus because if fecal matter isn’t moving out, neither is mucus, then the mucus could build up with the fecal matter.

A good colon cleanse with something like *Oxy-Powder® might solve the mucus problem and help get the colon back on track. Also, be sure to read my what causes constipation page and consider those suggestions as well. If the mucus lining is too thick, it can interfere in absorption of nutrients and result in nutritional deficiencies.

It could also be caused by Candida, bacteria or some type of parasite. Overgrowth of any of these organisms can cause a great deal of inflammation. A lot of mucus may present if one is dealing with SIBO, so that should be assessed.

No, it is not crazy to try and get a test. A good stool test like the GI Effects or the Organic Acids Test can be very effective for identifying many organisms. However, stool tests are not very good at diagnosing Candida. Candida is very elusive and difficult to diagnose. The best test for diagnosing Candida is Dr. Crook’s written questionnaire in The Yeast Connection book. Additionally, if one follows the Candida diet and feels better, that is usually an indication that yeast is a primary culprit.

Other more serious conditions like colitis, Crohn’s, cystic fibrosis, bowel obstruction, pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer can also result in white mucus in the stool.

White mucus in the urine can also mean a variety of things. It may be bacteria, Candida or parasites or it could be a urinary tract or kidney infection.

If you haven’t already done so, I would suggest seeing a doctor and having these things checked just to rule out the possibility of something serious. You should be able to find a good doctor at The Institute for Functional Medicine or The American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

The fact that you can specifically pinpoint that your problems developed during a trip to Africa is a good indicator that you probably picked up some type of organism, like Candida, parasites, bacteria, etc. or maybe all of them. It’s not uncommon for more than one to occur together.

As far as probiotics, currently my favorite is called PB8. However, there are a variety of other good ones out there. On the other hand, one must be very careful with probiotics, as they can be counterproductive in some cases such as SIBO. Additionally, some organisms increase D-lactate and histamine, which can be problematic for individuals with an elevation in these substances.

All the best.


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15 thoughts on “What Causes White Mucus in the Stool and Urine?”

  1. I had diarreah a couple weeks ago for almost a week straight with severe cramping…the cramping never went away now I am having constipation with white mucus in it with cramping also…. what can u make of this?

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Britt,

      Could be any of the things I mentioned above. However, since it came on suddenly, it sounds like a parasite. I would have a GI Effects stool test done to identify any parasites or bacterial. Contact me directly if you’re interested in the test.

  2. i have been constantly using bathroom everyday well (pooping) and i always see white mucus in my feces so im wondering is that somthing seriously wrong .

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been having a lot of stool issues. Hard time going then having diarrhea. I ate a lot if cranberries and everything seemed fine until today. I went to the bathroom with no problem but I saw a massive amount of white (torn tissue mucus) looking stuff all through the stool. The color is a normal brown just a lot of white stuff. I have recently ate a lot of sweets and salt (state fair) and think maybe that’s why. But I would like one of those parasites test as well. Please respond

  4. Im in need of desperate help! I’ve been suffering from pain in the bladder for years now. This past year, I got off of all my medicines (they were not helping, and the doctor just kept prescribing more and more without knowing what was wrong with me, which caused a bunch of other problems) I suffer from constipation (probably from all the meds I’ve taken throughout my life.) I have mucus in my urine every day (clumps, sorry to be so graphic) and in my stool as well. Doctors don’t know what I have and I am becoming desperate. I am a college student and feel that I’m too young to be experiencing these things. What bothers me most is the pain I have in my bladder. It’s really affecting my quality of life. I’ve had about 6 urinary infections, and sometimes I’ll do the test and show there are a lot of white blood cells but no infection present. Help!! Please!

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Gaby,

      Sounds like you have an overgrowth of bacteria in your GI tract and maybe Candida. I suggest doing some research on those. Take a look at the Candida section and constipation section of my site



      You should also consider the GI Effects test to find out what’s going on.


      Additionally, you need to find a doctor who practices functional medicine so they will know how to handle this problem adequately.

      I offer consultations by phone if you would like to discuss this issue further.



  5. I went to the bathroom thinking i had diarrhea, but it wasn’t. I had formed or almost hard bowel and what i thought was diarrhea was a bunch of mucus. When recently using the bathroom I had more mucus that was thick and white. It has been like this for 2 days. Should I be concerned?

  6. I have had a yellow coated tongue that will not come off and looks to be cracking down the middle for two weeks now does not seem to be getting any better doctors ruled out thrush and now I am constipated and my stool is covered in a white film mucus im wondering if the two could be related and what can I do to help it

  7. Hello

    I have been told in the past I have candida and have just found out I have sorbitol malabsorption.
    I have severe bloating and gas and then mucus is present in my stool.
    I am currently trailing different fruit and vegetables to see which effect me. Will the mucus clear up or is it something to look further into?

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Grace,

      Well I can’t say what will happen with your condition, as I don’t know all the factors involved. As stated in the article above, a lot of mucus is the sign of inflammation. If you address all the factors causing your mucus, then it would clear up. There are many factors that may be contributing, like candida, parasites, bacteria, lack of friendly bacteria, food sensitivities, grains and legumes.


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