Why You Should Ignore the Lancet’s Retraction on Dr Wakefield’s Autism Study

Last week I watched the announcement on the local news where the
Lancet retracted Dr. Wakefield’s study on autism with deep sadness and
fear, as I always do when the medical community takes another step
backwards and works diligently to bury the truth and discredit those
who attempt to expose it.

It immediately stirred all kinds of questions in my mind, why now?
what’s up? Something was not smelling very good. The room began
to fill with that old familiar stench of rotten fish.

Sure enough, I did a little research and discovered that Dr. Wakefield
was on the brink of releasing a new study on vaccines that is going to
have a devastating impact on the vaccine industry. This timely
retraction by the Lancet is an attempt to do damage control before the

In a statement from Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey, passionate autism
activists, they tell us the truth about this attack:

“Dr. Andrew Wakefield is being discredited to prevent an historic
study from being published.”

“The press has been deeply misled in the way The Lancet retraction,
and Dr. Wakefield’s mock trial, have been characterized. Led by the
pharmaceutical companies and their well-compensated spokespeople, Dr.
Wakefield is being vilified through a well-orchestrated smear campaign
designed to prevent this important new work from seeing the light of

I encourage you to read the truth about Dr. Wakefield, his new study
and this witch hunt attempt at the following link:


When I watched the Lancet’s announcement on the news, one of the
doctor’s being interviewed said something like, this is now a closed
deal or done deal with such arrogance and superiority, as if his words
were somehow going to make this be true. The door on this situation is
far from closed.

Ask any parent who has watched their child literally change from one
person into another, almost overnight, after receiving a vaccine and
they will tell you they don’t need validation from sources like the
Lancet to tell them what they already know to be true about autism.

If you’re looking for healing approaches to autism that actually
address the roots of the problem, I encourage you to read more on
these natural therapies for autism that many people find very effective.

For those of us who know better and can see this smear campaign for
what it really is, his words mean absolutely nothing and neither does
the Lancet’s retraction. The ones who are truly acting unethically are
those involved in trying to discredit and cover up Dr. Wakefield’s

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