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8 Reasons You Should Burn Your Bra

Burn your bra

I had the topic of bras and breast cancer in my queue for a few months now and it kept getting pushed to the side, but the following question from a site visitor has prompted me to get to it now.¬† If you’re one of my male visitors reading this message and are about to skip over it because you think it doesn’t apply to you, I urge you to read on so that you can educate your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, friends, etc., about this very important issue and help change your perceptions and expectations of the women in your life.

Cynthia, are push up and extremely padded bras harmful to your breasts and can they change their shape by being restrictive? Is it better to wear a lightly lined underwire bra instead? After my first pregnancy back in 1981, I was given a breast binder to wear to “naturally” push out the milk & assist in a quicker drying up period. I wasn’t given one to wear after my other 2 pregnancies & am curious if it caused my breasts to be smaller & if the above bras do the same. Please advise. Thanks, Cyndie.

Hi Cyndie,

It is my opinion, as well as many others in the natural health field, that women should not wear a bra at all, and especially not a push-up or an underwire, and here’s why:

  1. Research suggests that wearing a bra greatly increases your risk of developing breast cancer.In a groundbreaking study of 5000 women, by Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, they found that three out of four women who wear a bra developed breast cancer, compared to only one out of 168 women who rarely or never wore a bra.Women who wear a bra 24 hours a day are 125 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who don’t wear a bra at all.Women who wear a bra even 12 hours a day are 113 times more likely to develop breast cancer than women who wear their bra less than 12 hours a day. Singer and Girsmaier published the results of this study in more depth in their book, Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, a book all women should read.
  2. Wearing a bra causes a slight increase in the temperature of breast tissue and the levels of a hormone called prolactin. Both of which may contribute to breast cancer.
  3. Singer and Grismaijer also found that 90% of women who have fibrocystic breast disease find relief by not wearing a bra. Restriction caused by bra wearing causes lymph fluid to create lumps, cysts and fibrous tissue.
  4. It has also been found that wearing a bra decreases the amount of melatonin one produces and increases the core temperature of the body. Melatonin is a crucial hormone in the regulation of sleep, aging, immune function and slows the growth of breast cancer and other cancers.
  5. The correlation between breast cancer and bras is four times higher than the correlation between smoking and lung cancer.
  6. Wearing a bra while breastfeeding can cause breast engorgement and sore breasts.
  7. In aboriginal cultures where bra wearing is rare, so is breast cancer.
  8. Bra wearing restricts the circulatory system from distributing vital nutrients.

So I encourage you to burn your bras today and it has nothing to do with being a feminist. It’s about protecting your health.

Why Bras May Cause Breast Cancer

Bras restrict lymph flow in the breasts which causes dangerous toxins to build up in the breast tissue instead of being flushed out. These toxins can lead to breast cancer. This is a growing concern with the high levels of dangerous chemicals we are all exposed to on a daily basis in our environment. A properly functioning lymph system is even more vital in this day and age.

The more restrictive the bra is, the more it inhibits lymph flow. Underwire bras and push-up bras are about the worse choice there is because they are so tight and there is so much restriction.

The breasts should be free to move around and bounce.

Proper functioning of the lymph system is dependent on movement. Subtle bouncing of the breasts when we move, walk, exercise, make love, etc., is crucial to keep the lymph system functioning as it should. It gently massages and stimulates the lymph glands to move toxins out. The lymph system cannot function adequately when a bra is worn.

Bras increase the body temperature, which can alter hormone functioning. Breast cancer is linked to hormone levels.

Since bra-wearing prevents the circulatory system from delivering vital nutrients to the breasts, the lack of essential nutrients can often leave one vulnerable to cancer.

You can find more in-depth information on the health risks associated with wearing bras on the following pages:

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I also encourage you to read another post of mine called 8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Mammogram.

Breaking Bra Burning Fears

When some women hear the suggestion that they shouldn’t wear a bra, it triggers all kinds of thoughts, feelings, and remarks, so let’s address some of those concerns.

Women often feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or self-conscious when they aren’t wearing a bra, but that is because they have been conditioned or socialized to believe that it is not normal, acceptable, or immoral. You must break free from this conditioning.

The whole purpose of the breast is to provide nourishment for our children. That’s it. Breasts are not supposed to remain perky, big, firm, sexy, etc. These definitions were created by society. Women have been brainwashed to believe that their breasts shouldn’t sag and they should be kept restricted in a toxic undergarment.

It is a myth that the breasts need support. Bras are not going to prevent the breasts from sagging. Sagging is going to happen regardless. It is an unavoidable and natural consequence of age, childbirth, and gravity. Bras actually cause the breasts to sag more because they inhibit and destroy the breast’s natural ability to support themselves.

It is natural and normal for breasts to change shape and sag after pregnancy, breastfeeding, and as we age. Try to appreciate the beauty in their new look, knowing that they nurtured your beautiful child and performed such a life-affirming activity. Admire the stretch marks, elasticity, sagging, changes in shape, etc. They are beautiful symbols of motherhood and aging. They add character and uniqueness to who you are and should be embraced.

It is not immoral or an invitation for sex to go without a bra. There is not a commandment or rule somewhere that says women should wear bras. It is one of the many destructive, oppressive, and false messages that get passed from generation to generation and has no real basis in truth. Dismiss any negative or disapproving looks or comments you may get. Take pride in going without a bra and comfort in knowing you’re doing something good for yourself.

Keep in mind that mainstream society will likely try to convince you that bra wearing is not harmful. That is because you are challenging the belief system they have carried for so long, going against the grain, and there is a huge monetary gain in the bra market. Don’t allow yourself to be controlled or manipulated by others’ socialization or commercialism.

I have never worn a bra for my entire life, except for that first year when I was thirteen and thought I wanted to be like everybody else and a brief period when I was pregnant and nursing. At the time I didn’t know anything about the health risks, I just simply didn’t like them. They made me feel constricted, refined and controlled, so I dismissed them. I have faced scrutiny from numerous people over the years. My stepmother used to cringe, other women looked at me critically and whispered, etc., etc. But, I just didn’t care, and now I’m so glad that I didn’t.

Burn that bra and don’t look back. I urge all mothers out there to educate their daughters and instill in them the self-confidence and self-worth she needs to go against the grain and be proud.

What if You Must Wear a Bra?

If you have situations in your life where bra wearing would be required because of a certain dress code, such as a work environment, then wear a camisole. Other better choices would be a shelf bra, tank top, cropped camisole, sleeveless T-shirt, or bra top. You might also try to educate your employer about the health risks associated with bra wearing and get them to change the dress code.

If you do wear a bra, it should not leave any red marks or indentations on the skin. There should be no marks on the shoulders, under the breasts, in the underarm area, etc. Bras should not be tight or restrictive and take them off as soon as you get home.

In situations where bra wearing isn’t required but you feel social pressure to wear one, I encourage you to push yourself to go without. The only way to break the so-called society dress codes is to start going against them. Society must become accustomed to seeing women without their bras and become comfortable with that. In time, you will become more comfortable without one. In time, you will not want to wear a bra at all and will do everything in your power to avoid one.

If you can’t bring yourself to burn that bra completely, at the very least you should never be wearing a bra to bed and you should try to minimize the number of hours the breasts are in a bra. As indicated in the opening paragraphs, the incidence of breast cancer can be drastically reduced just by limiting bra wearing to under 12 hours a day.

Giving up your bra is really a very simple act that has the potential to provide enormous health benefits and may actually save your life. I encourage you to take advantage of this empowering self-care method that costs you nothing.

Best Regards,

11 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Should Burn Your Bra”

  1. Bras restrict the breasts from their natural movement. Sure, that’s what they’re for, along with shaping them to a “fashionable” appearance.
    For most of the ages most women didn’t wear breast restraints. A few, overrepresented in ancient paintings and sculptures (mostly upper-class women) wore some sort of support or restraint strap or wrapping.
    Once breasts have attained their maximum size from breast feeding, weight gain, or both together, any loss of breast fat volume results in the “balloon” “deflating” and therefore sagging. Other parts of the body, both external and internal, sag with weight gain and loss, and with age; so with breasts. The artificial youth industry flogs us with advertising promoting the imitation of youthful bodies by the mature. It’s big money for the investors in the artificial youth industry.
    Men are taught to be dissatisfied with their aging wives by the continual exposure to idealized young women by the advertising and entertainment industries.

  2. THIS IS GREAT! I’ve always felt wearing a bra is the MOST UNNATURAL thing in life. I’m now 21 and I have not worn a bra for 1 year. And even before that I just had it on for 1-2 hours tops. I can’t breathe in them, no matter what model or size i used.

    And I feel that it has everything to do with feminism. I don’t understand why everybody is so AFRAID of that word and being related to it. Women have been oppressed all over the world as long as man been living. Women need support. It’s we that must get a better social status. That’s why it’s called FEMINISM, cause it’s the women that needs to be adressed in this issue of equality. If men were the oppressed sex, then it would be called masculinism. That’s not the case so stand up for your rights as a woman and A HUMAN! We need our rights as equals just as much as the LGBT and the immigrants.

  3. Many think it is immoral for women to go in public without a bra. So women before the 1930s, when the “Maidenform” bra was introduced, were all immoral??
    Oh, they wore corsets? Well, corsets with a breast supporter were a fairly recent introduction, for earlier corsets were belly and back supporters originally an exclusively men’s item. And until the industrial revolution corsets were custom handmade and very expensive, worn only by the upper crust.
    Poor Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, an immoral woman: she didn’t wear a bra but let ’em hang loose. And didn’t wear underpants, either! (not introduced for women until the 17th century and uncommon until the 19th).
    Oh – “loose woman” was introduced by corset sellers literally referring to breasts that were loose, not bound, and implying a woman of loose morals. Like Mary?
    Perhaps the bra will go the way of the foot binding of China. The girdle was still in vogue when I was a child but is virtually gone. Except reincarnated as tight jeans.

  4. I will be sure to put “dressed to kill” on my to read list. I stopped wearing bras regularly last year. Mainly because they are uncomfortable. I did research on bra wearing and discovered an article similar to this one. Since, I have only worn a bra to church (Genie bra sized up) and I occasionally put one on if I’m going to be around my spanks wearing, bra always conservative mother. I would never sleep in a bra and 99% of the time I don’t wear one to work. I am a receptionist at a very well-known software company…my breasts are free when I’m in the workplace, at the gym, for sure at home, and several other places.

    Thank you for this info. I wish more women would set their tatas free!

  5. I have not worn a bra for two weeks and it feels great. I’m not going back to wearing one as that is my choice. If my nipples show that’s okay because everyone has nipples.

  6. I quit wearing a bra about a year and a half ago. It’s so comfortable. I was a 38 DD/E. I use sports bras for running and Zumba because it hurts if I don’t. Other than that I use shelf tank tops for very light support. But lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to not wear the tanks because layering in 90degrees plus high humidity is so hot. Sometimes I have to be a little more discreet about not wearing a bra. I’m looking at crop tops or cutting old tank tops for that purpose. I also use the old breastfeeding pads for coverage in certain situations. It’s so much more comfortable not wearing a bra. My back pain has gone away for the most part and I stand up straighter. I’m doing it for health and comfort- not a political statement. ūüôā And I’m ok with sagging. It’s a natural thing. All breasts sag eventually. Gravity. Glad I found this website.

  7. I’m 61 and have always hated bras. The first thing I did for decades when I first got home from work was to get out of my clothes, bra and panties, and into an oversized t-shirt and yoga pants w/no bra or panties…..heaven!! My fav attire on weekends also. Over the years I’ve tried various bra types, styles, manufacturers, sizes, measured by experts….nothing ever fits me, it’s always so uncomfortable….the only bra half way comfortable was my Mom’s old stretched out discarded bras….my Mom took real good care of her bras like everything else she owned (she had 50’s good housewife syndrome all her life) and religiously replaced them twice a year….and then I would snatch them up. Then she passed 5 years ago. No more hand-me-down bras, what was I going to do? I’m now braless and loving it! I wear blousier opage cotton or cotton-blend tops that drape in soft folds around my breasts providing some camouflage and modesty. My breasts sway in the freedom of true feminity or feminism. I’ve always considered myself a humanist which includes feminism, but never a feminist per se, but freeing my breasts has also released my inner feminist! (-:

  8. Over the past month I have been going without a bra. It started with a second degree sunburn. For the first three weeks it hurt too bad to wear one. I found myself explaining it to people all the time. A week ago I put on my bra and left for work. By the time an hour had passed the back spasm I always get started up. I hadn’t realized because of the pain from the sunburn that I had not been getting them for several weeks. This time the pain was so bad it made me vomit. The bra came off and instantly the pain stopped. I have tried 2 more times since then and it’s always the same. Tonight I was reading in the subject when I found this article.
    I have decided to stop wearing a bra all together, unless it’s ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. when it is I will proajust wear a Cami. It’s funny I have a collection of corsets and they cause me no problems as long as they are a double lacing back.
    I also have found a courage to stop explaining myself to those who look at me like I’m “less than” for my decision. My health has to come before the opinions of others.
    Thanks Ladies.

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