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8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Mammogram

October is breast cancer awareness month, so I’m a little late for this cause, but didn’t want to miss it completely. Here are several important issues that all women should be aware of that they are not likely to hear from their general practitioner.

  1. Just last week, Otis Brawley, the Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, made a stunning and controversial announcement that we are over-screening for breast and prostate cancer, that results in a large number of people being treated for cancer when it really isn’t needed. Screening the healthy population results in identifying and treating a large number of false positives and tumors that will never actually become cancerous. He also states that the American Cancer Society may have exaggerated the health benefits of screening. (ABC Nightly News)

    This announcement confirms what alternative medicine doctors have been telling us for years.

  2. There is great concern that breast cancer can actually be caused by low level exposure to irradiation. According to Dr. Jonathan Wright, one of the most respected physicians in alternative medicine, “Each mammogram (which delivers 1 rad of ionizing radiation) increases risk of breast cancer by 1%. So if you follow the “expert” recommendation to get a mammogram every year after you turn 40, by the time you are 50, you’ll already have increased your chance of getting breast cancer by 10%.”
  3. Compression of the breast tissue during a mammogram can result in spreading of cancer cells if cancer is present.
  4. Most breast cancer occurs in the upper quadrant of the breast, which is an area that is often missed with a mammogram.
  5. False positive rates for mammography are about ten percent.
  6. Not all cancers are deadly, but when found in a mammogram, they all get treated as if they are. Some may be completely innocuous and the person could have lived a full life without knowing they even had cancer. Many women are subjected to treatment unnecessarily.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, mammograms do not significantly reduce the risk of death.
  8. Mammograms also have a high rate of false negatives. One in four cancers is missed.

What Should You Do, Instead of Getting a Mammogram?

  • Do regular self-exams.
  • Change your diet. Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, sugar, white flour and other refined foods and switch to organics. It is especially important to avoid foods that are pumped with pesticides and hormones. Look for foods that say hormone free.
  • Remove environmental toxins from your living space. Chemicals in common everyday products like cosmetics, personal care products, pest and weed control and cleaning supplies are linked to cancer.
  • Breast feed your child. Women who breast feed are more than fifty percent less likely to develop breast cancer.
  • Don’t wear a bra, they inhibit the lymph nodes from detoxing toxins. If you feel it’s not possible to burn your bra completely, then at least reduce the amount of hours you wear one. Women who don’t wear a bra have drastically reduced levels of breast cancer diagnoses.
  • Take vitamin D or be sure to get adequate sunlight. Vitamin D is believed to not only significantly reduce cancer risks, but is also effective in reversing breast cancer. Dr. Mercola tells us that Vitamin D can cut cancer rates in half.
  • Eat lots of organic vegetables high in antioxidants.
  • Don’t Smoke
  • Avoid the birth control pill and synthetic hormone replacement.
  • Exercise regularly. Women who exercise have significantly lower levels of breast cancer. Don’t wear your bra while exercising, it inhibits your bodies ability to detox.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • If you feel you must have a screening test, then Dr. Wright tells us that a safer and more effective form of breast cancer screening is called Thermography. Thermography uses an infrared camera that takes a digital image of infrared heat in the body. There is nothing emitted to expose to the body and it can detect cancer up to 10 years earlier than traditional mammography.

    Educate yourself on the truth about breast cancer, not the myths that the medical community or pharmaceutical companies want you to believe so you can put money in their pockets.

    Think Before You Pink

    Dr. Whitaker – Cancer Screening Does it Really Save Lives

    Dr. Mercola – Steps to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

    Breast Cancer Deception


    Be aware that the primary force behind the push for mammograms and the pink movement is mostly from people who have money to gain. Instead of focusing on diagnosing breast cancer, the focus should be on prevention and the key to prevention lies in diet, nutrition, lifestyle choices and environment. Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed and herded off for slaughter.

    8 thoughts on “8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Mammogram”

    1. I am just wondering: How can I protect my breasts during exercise where I am jumping (e.g. cardio) or even driving on bad roads?

      I find its hurts when they bounce around, if i am not wearing a bra or something while exercising or when driving on bad roads (potholes, etc.).

      What would I be able to wear? (Can a tank top with a shelf-bra work? nylon + spandex tank top? )


      1. Hi Kyra,

        Well, the best practice is no bra. At the very least, reducing the amount of time the breasts are in a bra is crucial. The less time a bra is worn, the less likelihood of breast cancer.

        However a nylon or spandex tank top would be a better choice, as long as it is not restricting. A nylon or spandex shelf bra on occasion would be okay as long as it is not tight fitting. There shouldn’t be restriction around the breasts and armpits because this prevents the lymphatic system and circulatory systems from detoxing and delivering nutrients. This results in a build up of toxins that can lead to breast cancer.

        You want some bounce when exercising as this increases lymphatic flow and detoxification. The breasts are supposed to bounce when we walk, move, exercise etc. This is what keeps them healthy.

        You may find that your breasts are not so sore after you go without a bra for awhile. They may be sore because toxins are building up in them and the lymph system is not functioning properly. They may also be sore because of too much estrogen. Too much estrogen can occur because of a diet high in sugar, caffeine, white flour, soy, pesticides and other environmental toxins that are endocrine disruptors. Try going without, give it a little time and see if the discomfort dissipates.


    2. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this information on doing away with (your) bra! After 60+ years! I’ve done just That! Thank you Cynthia, it all makes soooo much sense to me! Took me about a week to get used to doing without!
      Yours in Sincere Appreciation and Good Health!

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