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Candida and Amalgam Filling Removal

Cynthia, Nice article on Candida’s link to heavy metal. I just wanted to see if you had any protocol after heavy metal exposure is eliminated (as you must know amalgam fillings are far and away the main contributing factor) fish and other exposures are only negligible in comparison. I had all metals removed from my mouth but am still experiencing candida. Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,

Well, I always recommend that anyone doing amalgam removal makes sure they use a dentist who is trained in the Hal Huggins procedure. There are a lot of dentists out there doing removal now, and not all of them follow proper protocol. It is essential that the protocol be followed.

Immediately after amalgam removal, there are several steps that should be taken to pull the mercury out of the body. There should be intravenous vitamin C immediately after each removal to assist in detoxification. When I had my amalgams removed, which was about 18 years ago, the recommended protocol was to take several rounds of an oral chelator called DMSA. That is still commonly used today, as well as a few others like DMPS and EDTA. DMPS can be used transdermally and EDTA can be used as a suppository.

I followed the Hal Huggins procedure thoroughly and followed up with the intravenous vitamin c and the oral chelator. However, I didn’t have any improvement in my Candida or see any difference whatsoever in my health. I know many other people who haven’t seen results either, so you’re not alone.

Additionally, I couldn’t tolerate any of the alternative filling materials either and ended up losing the teeth. So I always recommend that you should exercise extreme caution when considering amalgam removal. I don’t regret the decision, mercury and metal should not be in the mouth, but there are many factors to consider, especially if you’re highly chemically sensitive.

There are a variety of possibilities for why some people don’t see results.

  1. They didn’t follow up amalgam removal with vitamin C and chelation and/or proper protocol was not followed.
  2. There is still mercury hidden in the cells and tissues in the body that weren’t excreted with oral chelation. Removing mercury from the body is very difficult.
  3. Candida is very complex and has many contributing factors, mercury is only one of them. A comprehensive recovery approach is required.
  4. In my opinion, once someone develops severe systemic Candida overgrowth there is no way to eliminate it completely. It can only be reduced, controlled and managed. It requires life-long maintenance.
  5. Sometimes damage to the body from mercury and other environmental toxins like pesticides is permanent. Complete recovery is not always possible for everyone. However, significant improvements can always be made with diet, nutritional supplements and environmental clean up.

The gentlest and most affordable way to pull heavy metals from the body is through Epsom Salt baths and chlorella. Clay baths* are also good and will pull out a variety of other toxins like pesticides and herbicides in addition to heavy metals. Many people with Candida don’t tolerate Epsom Salt, so the clay is best in that case. None of these cross the blood-brain barrier.

It’s also very important to take a good multi-mineral supplement. When heavy metals are high, then usually one or more nutrient metals are typically low. Low nutrient minerals can be a significant cause of heavy metal toxicity. For example, if you don’t have enough zinc or iodine, then heavy metals can fill their receptors. Heavy metals can be driven out with mineral supplementation alone, but it can take many years. Epsom Salt or Clay Baths and chlorella speed up the process.

Read, what is the best way to test for heavy metals, for my testing recommendations.

Other products found to be effective include n-acetyl-cysteine,  zeolite,  cilantro paste and alpha-lipoic acid.

However, the protocol that one follows for heavy metal removal is very important. For example, if you use cilantro, n-acetyl-cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid or DMSA too early in the process they can move the metals into the brain. For that reason, DMPS and EDTA should be used before DMSA, as they don’t cross the blood-brain barrier.

The body pH should also be addressed, as it is believed that an acidic body holds on to toxic metals.

The steps you take may also depend on how quickly you need to act. If you have a serious health crises that needs improvement immediately, then you may want to bring out the big guns like DMPS and EDTA immediately. If there isn’t a serious crises, then it is better to go the slow and gentle route.

It’s important to do your homework and work with a health care provider who is knowledgeable in heavy metal detoxification, particularly if you take any prescription drugs, are expecting, have heart disease or high blood pressure. I offer consultation by phone, if you need more guidance.


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