Candida Flare-Ups, Nuvaring and IBS

This post answers three questions on the topic of candida and it’s relation to flare ups, the Nuvaring and IBS. I’ve gotten behind on answering questions that have been submitted, so instead of providing a lengthy response to each one, as I usually do, I am answering these in a group.

Q. Hi, I am on week three of a strict candida diet (green veggies, buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, garlic, hemp oil and some meat are the main components. Absolutely no sugar of any sort). I have been having recurring flare-ups of vaginal thrush and fungal toe itchiness. I thought that these symptoms would have faded by now, but they are still strong. Can you suggest why, and what I could do about it? Thanks Josie

A. Hi Josie, the primary problem is that you are not on a strict Candida diet. There should not be any buckwheat, brown rice or quinoa on the candida diet, as each one of these are too high in carbs that feed Candida. All foods that break down into sugar must be eliminated. The diet should consist primarily of meat and low-starch vegetables. In my experience, the diet that is most beneficial is a slightly modified version of the Paleolithic diet, which you can learn more about on the following page.

Furthermore, although the diet is the most important component for reducing overgrowth of yeast, other steps must be taken as well. Good bacteria must be replenished with probiotics and/or cultured vegetables and antifungals are typically needed. Colonics or enemeas may be required to make significant progress in the beginning. There may be parasites, other bacteria and heavy metals that perpetuate the problem.

Vaginal and foot yeast may also need be treated topically. You may want to take a look at my Candida Secrets Ebook for more in-depth  information on each of these topics.

Q. I have been on the Nuvaring for about 3 years. In the first year of being on it, I developed a chronic yeast infection which required daily doses of diflucan 150 mg for 2 weeks and 1 a week after that for 6 months. I just could not get rid of it? Recently, I developed another yeast infection. Would I be wise to discontinue this method of birth control?

A. Hi Chelsea,

All birth control methods that consist of hormones promote the overgrowth of yeast. It is a primary cause of yeast problems. All physicians treating yeast overgrowth recommend the avoidance of these types of birth control. Not to mention all the other associated health risks, like breast cancer.

Q. Is there any connection between Irritable Bowel syndrome and Candida? If so how are they related? When you have IBS! Why do you have wipe outs? You just run off. Diarrhea like. Is IBS related to Colon Cancer? Thanks for your time and support Cynthia. ~Jacqueline

A. Hi Jacqueline, Yes there is a strong connection between IBS and Candida. Candida toxins cause inflammation and degradation of the bowel, which results in irritability and the many accompanying symptoms. Furthermore, Candida can burrow holes into the GI tract, which also results in inflammation. Also, diarrhea is often the bodies attempt to flush something out that is causing irritation or shouldn’t be there. Furthermore, when there is inflammation, then stool will not form properly. IBS is not typically associated with colon cancer, but that doesn’t mean it never occurs.

However, IBS has many other contributing factors as well. Could be parasites, heavy metals, insufficient digestive enzymes, food sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies and eating foods that are harmful to the GI tract. Most people with IBS have some type of unidentified parasite. You can learn more about IBS on the following page.

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2 thoughts on “Candida Flare-Ups, Nuvaring and IBS”

  1. Hi Cynthia,

    Could you please advise if prawns and shrimps are ok on the Candida diet.

    Thank you.
    Kind Regards/Andry

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Andry,

      From a Candida standpoint, shrimp and prawn are okay; meaning they won’t feed Candida. However, like all seafood, one must be very careful with their choices. Depending on where your shrimp and prawn come from, they could be loaded with a variety of chemicals, antibiotics and bacteria that could perpetuate yeast issues or have other negative health effects.

      Here is a good article on the topic to guide you to make the best choices.


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