Candida, Threelac, Diflucan & Culturelle

Hi there, After reading your Candida Secrets, I really value your opinion and would like to know your opinion on threelac. Also my doctor prescribed Diflucan one time pill and a probiotic called culturelle. What’s your take on that? I have Celiacs and Systemic Candida. Thank you, Audrey.

Hi Audrey,

Thank you, I’m glad you have found Candida Secrets to be helpful.

In regard to Threelac, I have written about it a couple times on the following pages, so please visit these pages:

A one time pill of Diflucan is going to do diddly squat for systemic Candida. The one time treatment is usually only effective for someone who has a mild case of localized yeast, such as a genital infection or athlete’s foot. Someone with systemic yeast may get some temporary relief with a one time treatment, but it won’t last long.

Diflucan is an effective antifungal, however like all antifungals, once you stop taking them, Candida typically returns. Additionally, Candida gets resistant to Diflucan usually in a short amount of time. Antifungals must be rotated.

For systemic Candida, Diflucan is usually prescribed for a longer period of time, like weeks or months. However, even with an extended amount of time, symptoms typically return once the product is discontinued and the longer one takes an antifungal the higher the likelihood of resistance will be. Diflucan can have a negative effect on the liver so the liver must be monitored.

Sometimes using a prescription like Diflucan for a short amount of time can be a good way to get a jump start on reducing overgrowth, as long as it is taken while following a strict Candida diet.

Culturelle is a popular mainstream probiotic. I don’t take this brand personally, so I can’t say anything about it with certainty. However, in looking at the ingredients from a package, it does have 10 billion microorganisms which is a good amount. It doesn’t have a prebiotic listed as an ingredient, which concerns me, because a prebiotic is necessary to keep the probiotic organisms alive. It also contains a small amount of whey, so it isn’t a good for choice people with milk intolerance.

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