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Like many of you probably do, I saw the Threelac reviews promoted all over the Internet with all the raving testimonials. I’m not one to make a hasty decision, so I researched it thoroughly and couldn’t find not one negative testimonial at that time. However, since that time I have found other posts where other people have had similar experiences that I had.

I was a little skeptical of all those bacteria I’d never heard of and the yeast and the sugar listed in the ingredients, but I saw so many powerful reviews, that I thought there must be something good about it. It sounded too good to be true to me, but I thought I’d give it a try anyhow.

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not sharing my experience with you to try and persuade you one way or another to try Threelac. One of the most important things I’ve learned about Candida overgrowth is that not every person’s body responds to treatment in the same way. Just because I had a bad experience with it does not necessarily mean it’s not effective for other people.

But I thought that I should share my experience so that you can weigh it in with the other testimonials you may read and make an informed decision for what’s best for you.

My Threelac Review

First of all, the price was somewhere around $65 which is a pretty hefty price for a natural antifungal. However, if you achieve results then it’s certainly worth it.

Since I have a very severe level of Candida overgrowth, I must always take less than the recommended dosage, so that I won’t experience overwhelming die-off. So I started out with only a quarter of a packet. I never did make it up to a whole packet.

Within a few days, I developed a severe vaginal yeast infection. I had no vaginal yeast infection present at the time I started the Threelac.

I also developed a high fever, sore throat, aches, pains, chills, hot breath, and chest congestion.

I discontinued usage for a few days and then tried again to make sure that I had not had contracted an infection coincidentally at the same time as using Threelac. I went back to feeling as I usually do.

After a few days, I resumed taking a quarter packet of Threelac. I once again developed a vaginal yeast infection, sore throat, high fever, etc.

I discontinued usage again until I felt better and then I tried it once more time just to make sure I gave it a good college try. Again I developed the same symptoms and discontinued usage again.

My son, who is also an adult, decided to try the product as well. He also took only one-quarter of the recommended dosage and was flat in bed for three days after the first dose. He was even much sicker than I was. Very high fever, severe migraine, chills, aches, pains, hot breath, etc. He wasn’t willing to try it again.

Was it Die Off or Side Effects of Threelac?

There are two possibilities for the symptoms that we experienced. Either it was a severe case of bizarre die-off or side effects of Threelac itself.

I don’t think it was die-off. I tend to believe that we both developed some kind of bacterial infection. That’s what it felt like and resembled.

I’ve taken many Candida products in my life and have endured a lot of different die-off symptoms, but I’ve never experienced die-off like this before. If it was die-off, then it was too severe to live with. Neither one of us could continue our daily functioning, so it’s just not possible for me to continue this treatment.

Then there is the puzzling issue of why did my vaginal yeast flare up so intensely while taking it. That shouldn’t happen with die-off. It appears that this product made my Candida proliferate, rather than eradicate it. I believe that is because it contains yeast and sugar.

Conclusions on Threelac Reviews

I had high hopes for this treatment and was quite disappointed with my results. I notice on all the Threelac reviews that the Candida symptoms that people listed were pretty mild in comparison to mine, so I’ve concluded that perhaps Threelac Probiotic is effective for people who have a mild case of Candida, but not so good for people with severe overgrowth. I also believe that this product, as well as many others on the market, might be helpful for Candida that is restricted to the gastrointestinal tract but aren’t helpful for people like myself who have systemic Candida.

Recently I came across an article that may explain why I had the negative experience that I did. Threelac contains an ingredient called Enterococcus Faecalis. This is an opportunistic bacterium that can make you quite sick. Products that contain this ingredient are actually illegal and banned in countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Since I felt all along that what I developed was a bacterial infection this seems to fit the picture pretty well.

But why is it that so many people have taken Threelac without any negative side effects and achieved good results? Perhaps it is a matter of immunity or vulnerability. Maybe some people are more vulnerable to the bacteria than others. Please keep in mind that I am only hypothesizing here, I don’t know for sure what caused my experience, but this is what I tend to believe.

Another important thing to watch out for with this product is that they claim you don’t have to follow the Candida diet. This is preposterous advice and I would strongly recommend you ignore it and educate yourself as thoroughly as possible about what’s really needed for an effective treatment approach.

For a quick and comprehensive guide to get you started on the right path, you may want to take a look at “Candida Secrets.” It contains vital information that will help you understand what’s needed for success.

So should you try Threelac? Well before making that decision I encourage you to investigate the product as thoroughly as possible and weigh all the factors. Do not assume that just because you see a bunch of positive Threelac reviews that everyone is having the same experience. You may also want to read my Threelac blog post where I’ve expanded this conversation a little and some other people have shared their experiences as well.

The really good thing about the product is that they do offer a money-back guarantee and I know for a fact that they stand behind that guarantee. I bought mine from a distributor who didn’t offer refunds, but I called Threelac and they made the distributor honor the guarantee. If I had paid only $20-30 dollars for the product I wouldn’t have bothered asking for a refund, but I felt that $65.00 was a little too much for something that actually made me worse. Even still, I encourage you to look at all the Threelac reviews with a skeptical eye.

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