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Diflucan Antibiotics and Candidiasis

Today we help a visitor sort out some confusion over antibiotics, antifungals like Diflucan and Candidiasis. Here’s what John had to say:

My holistic Dr. wants me to start with two Antibiotics , Diflucan 200mg and Trimethoprim. I feel very uncomfortable about doing that. I have A/FIB controlled after being Cardioverted twice .She wants me to take it for 4 weeks. I have intestinal Candida and do not wish to use antibiotics , I have a moderate case of Candida. Must I take antibiotics to beat this thing? John

Hi John, I’m not a medical doctor, so I’m sorry I can’t give specific medical advice, but here’s a few thoughts.

Diflucan is an antifungal — not an antibiotic.

I’m not familiar with Trimethoprim, but my research tells me it is an antibiotic that is used mostly for urinary tract infections or pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP), although it may be used for some other forms of bacteria.

I don’t know the reasons you’re doctor prescribed these for you, so I can’t advise whether they are needed or not.

Trimethoprim would not be taken to get rid of Candidiasis. Diflucan would.

Antibiotics do not get rid of Candida. They kill bacteria. They are one of the main causes of Candida.

However, if you have a UTI, PCP or some other kind of bacterial infection, it may be necessary to take an antibiotic. Since you say your doctor is a holistic doctor, they probably would not prescribe an antibiotic unless it was absolutely necessary.

Antifungals are used to get rid of Candidiasis. There are many different antifungals besides Diflucan. Some are prescription, some are natural. It’s not usually possible to get rid of Candida without some form of them. However getting rid of Candida overgrowth is not as simple as taking an antifungal. It requires a comprehensive approach. You can find a lot of free information about it on my Candida section of my site or my Ebook Candida Secrets.

Since you have heart problems, it is especially important to consult with a knowledgeable holistic health doctor before taking any antifungals, regardless of whether they are natural or not.

It sounds like you are confused about what you are taking and why. I would encourage you to communicate with your physician. Ask them to explain everything to you about what you’re taking and the reasons why. Express your concerns to them. Tell them what you told me.

You say you have a holistic doctor, so that is great. That means they are probably guiding you down the least toxic path to recovery and should be open to discussing your treatment options and health care plan with you. If they aren’t willing to discuss things with you, then I would suggest finding a different holistic doctor.

I also encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible about Candidiasis as well as your other health conditions, so you won’t be confused, so you know what all your options are and so you can take an active role in your treatment plan.

Best wishes.

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