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Is ALCAT Right for You?

I received the following question last week from a site visitor regarding the ALCAT test. I get these types of questions quite frequently, so I decided to post it online, so I can guide people to the answers quickly when it comes up again and in case any of you are wondering the same. Here is what the visitor had to say…

I am interested in taking the ALCAT test. I would like to use your site because your prices are cheaper. But, I don’t trust that I may be getting the same test that is on the actual ALCAT website. Also, I am skeptical that the ALCAT may not even help with my issues. If I do order, I think I will order the 100 foods test and maybe the food additives and chemicals one also. I am really not for sure which ones to order at a minimum because I need results, but they are so expensive. I struggle with: anxiety , depression, overweight, fatigue and muscle and joint pain and low energy. Please convince me. ~Marvin

Hi Marvin,

Yes, I understand the ALCAT is somewhat of an investment, so a little skepticism is certainly healthy. I will try and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

There is only one ALCAT testing center and it is located in Florida, so it isn’t possible to get an ALCAT test from anyone but ALCAT. Many health care professionals are and can be distributors or sellers for the ALCAT test kits, but the testing is always done at the ALCAT testing center in Florida.

So that means that when you buy an ALCAT kit from me, I am just working as a middle man, so to speak. The kit itself is prepared by the ALCAT center in Florida and when you send it back to the lab, it will be addressed to the ALCAT testing center in Florida. You will be able to see this is true when you look at the label. The kit comes with a pre-addressed and pre-paid Fedex envelope for mailing back.

Although, you didn’t specifically ask me why my prices are cheaper than other providers, many people do, and you may be wondering this as well. So here’s a little explanation on that matter…

One of my goals at Holistic Help is to try and make products and services that are effective to be more affordable for those who need them. I know what it’s like to be sick. I know what it’s like to not have enough money for health care. I know what its like to be disappointed with an ineffective treatment. I wouldn’t promote something unless I honestly believe it is effective and worth the money.

I can sell the ALCAT for a lower rate because I’m willing to accept a smaller profit than other practitioners so I can offer it at a more affordable price.

There are three prices involved in the selling of any retail product. The wholesale price, the list price and the retail price.

ALCAT themselves sell the test kit for the list price on their website.

ALCAT sells the test kit to practitioners at the wholesale price. The practitioner can then sell the kit for whatever price they desire, which is the retail price. Most practitioners mark up the price significantly higher than the list price.

I offer the test at below list price – which means I don’t mark it up as high from the wholesale price as other practitioners. This allows me to still make a profit, but offer a lower price for the customer.

You’re still getting the exact same test kit and it is sent directly to the ALCAT lab for testing. A hard copy of the results will be sent directly to you and I will have an electronic copy that I can send you as well, if desired.

Now in regard to whether it will help your issues or not. The types of symptoms you are experiencing have many different causes. Some common causes of each of the symptoms you are experiencing may include food sensitivities, chemical and mold sensitivities, candida overgrowth, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, neurotransmitter disruption, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances and insulin resistance to name a few. I encourage you to read the pages I have written about these issues to learn all the contributing factors.

So as you can see, food sensitivities, food additives and preservatives, molds and chemicals that the ALCAT tests for, are only one piece of the puzzle for symptoms like depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, aches and pains etc. They can sometimes be the only contributing factor, but most often they are accompanied by one or more of the other conditions listed above.

However, with all that being said, food sensitivities, chemical or mold sensitivities, food additives and preservatives are one of the most common causes of the symptoms you are experiencing and making changes in the diet in response to the results one gets in an ALCAT test usually always produces significant reduction in symptoms. Clients always report to me that they are pleased with the progress they are able to make with changes in diet. Sometimes it is miraculous. The types of symptoms you are experiencing are ones that respond the most.

In my own personal life, I have found diet to be the major contributing factor for all the symptoms you are experiencing. I overcame anxiety attacks by removing sugar from my diet. If I eat wheat on a regular basis I gain 20 pounds and I’m so tired I can’t stand up. If I eat tomatoes on a regular basis I have aching in my joints and muscles. The removal of each of those items as well as food additives, preservatives and other refined foods alleviated clinical depression. Additionally, we overcame hyperactivity in my son with the same changes in his diet. However, food additives, preservatives, chemicals and mold were also major offenders for both of us as well. I hear similar stories from clients on a regular basis.

As far as what tests I recommend; if one has the financial resources, then I always recommend the Comprehensive Kit #1. 200 foods is really needed, because many people only test 100 or 150 foods and then when they get results and they have a long list of offending foods that need to be removed they are left with only a handful of foods they can eat. When offending foods are removed, then you need to bring other foods into the diet that you may not have tested for. Therefore you would be guessing whether they are safe or not.

However, foods are only part of the picture, food additives and preservatives are very important and so are chemicals and molds. With the Comp Kit #1 you cover almost all the bases. It’s not uncommon for a client to purchase the 100 foods and then be so impressed with their results that they come back and order more tests. It’s much more affordable to get them all in one package.However, if you want to include the 50 functional and medicinal herbs, then the Platinum kit would be needed.

If resources are tight, then I recommend the 200 foods plus food additives and preservatives at a minimum. Although you get optimal improvement by addressing all possible offenders, significant improvement can be made by addressing food only.

The Platinum kit is really the best way to go if you want to cover all the bases. It is called for when the client uses a lot of antibiotics and other prescription or over the counter drugs and they want the mobile blood draw for free. It also includes the 50 functional herbs, which is important as well, if these are used frequently.

I have written about other aspects of the ALCAT test and answered questions a couple of different times, so I encourage you to read these pages as well for more information that may help you make a decision, at the following links:

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So in summary, I feel the ALCAT is a very effective tool for relieving anxiety, depression, weight gain, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, however, depending on the individual, other issues may need addressed as well. On the other hand, regardless if their are other conditions to contend with, improvement with changes in diet alone can often be dramatic, which makes it well worth the money and effort.


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