Why the ALCAT Test?

You may notice that I don’t recommend very many products or services. That is because I’m very picky and to be honest there are a lot of products and services in the natural health field that are just a bunch of hype and don’t really work.

I am drawn to products and services that have very high standards, provide a lot of bang for your buck and strive to provide excellence. So I have a very select few that I feel are really worth your time and money and provide you with actual results for improving your health and the ALCAT test is at the top of my list.

You may also notice that the two issues I focus on the most on this blog are diet and environmental toxins. That is because diet, along with environmental toxins, are the two components that have the most impact on your level of health.

What is really great about diet is that it is a component in your health care plan that you have almost complete control over and it costs you nothing beyond the cost of your food. By making simple changes in your diet, you can make significant changes in your health. This doesn’t require a visit to the doctors office, a prescription or even a nutritional supplement.

We can say almost the same about environmental toxins, with one exception. You don’t have as much control over them as you do diet. You can make choices that make your immediate environment, such as your home, car and yard, less toxic, but to some degree you will be impacted by the choices of others around you who contaminate the air space you share. However, keeping your home environment clean and green will also improve your health greatly.

Now, most of us know that we should avoid a diet that is high in pesticides, refined foods, white flour, sugar, additives, preservatives etc., but designing a diet that will promote optimal health is much more than this. It’s about finding what foods are compatible with your body chemistry and unfortunately what most of us have been taught is not really the truth.

As you’ve probably heard me say before, there is not a one size fits all diet because we are each unique biochemically and metabolically. Health conscious individuals often eat a diet they think is healthy, but in reality it is at the root of many of their health issues.

For example, foods like whole grains and beans may be full of nutrients, but for many people they are not equipped genetically to digest and assimilate them properly and this can lead to symptoms like headaches, gastrointestinal distress, irritable bowel, weight gain or just about any undesirable symptom you can think of. Garlic and onion are also packed with health benefits, but for some people these foods can be the root of gallbladder attacks, heart burn, arthritis, etc., We can apply the same concept to every possible food out there, for one person the offending foods could be peanuts and beef, while for another it could be chicken and potatoes. A food is only healthy for you if it is compatible with your unique body chemistry.

When you eat foods that are not in sync with your body chemistry ,then health issues and conditions develop. The problem is that the majority of the population has hidden food sensitivities and most people are not aware of which foods aggravate symptoms for them and which ones will help them function optimally, which leads us to the beauty of the ALCAT test.

The ALCAT test is one of those rare services in my select list of recommendations because it is a powerful tool to help you define the unique diet that will help your body function the best that it can. Based on sound scientific lab testing it will take all the guess work out of planning your diet and provide you with a bioindividual meal plan. In addition to that, the ALCAT test can also tell you if you are sensitive to the most common environmental toxins and molds, which are also major contributors to our health.

There really just isn’t any other test out there that I feel so strongly about because it gives us invaluable knowledge that empowers us to make better choices and improve our health without having to be dependent on a physician, drug, nutritional supplement or other natural remedy. When you take the results of your ALCAT test and put them into action, the benefits to your health are enormous.

The service and amount of information that comes with the test far exceed my expectations for getting the most bang for your buck. The results of your test are presented in an easy to read, color-coded chart that tells you which foods, molds and chemicals you’re sensitive to, the degree of sensitivity for each one and what steps to take to address the issue. You also get an individualized meal plan designed for you based on your results, a comprehensive and educational overview of nutrition facts and a glossary with definitions of all terms in your results.

Not only that, the ALCAT team is top-notch. They have an excellent reputation because they take pride in providing a high quality, professional and effective service. Ask most anyone who has had an ALCAT test and they will tell you they were more than pleased with not only the service they received, but what they gained from their results.

As a practitioner, it is very discouraging when clients tell me that they have tried a particular remedy or technique without results and it’s something I hear all the time, but that is not the case with ALCAT. It’s very rewarding to recommend a product that truly helps individuals to reduce symptoms, improve their condition and sometimes even see miraculous results.

So, if you haven’t had an ALCAT test yet, I encourage you to take a look at all it has to offer. There isn’t anyone who can’t benefit from what they will learn with the ALCAT test results. It is one of the best investments that can be made in your health and this week I have a special offer on the test for the next 5 days.

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Learn more about hidden food sensitivities and the ALCAT test

Since Candida often accompanies food sensitivities and balancing your nutritional needs is also crucial to optimal health, these are very valuable books to combine with your ALCAT results.

5 thoughts on “Why the ALCAT Test?”

  1. Dear Cynthia,

    I totally agree with you. I did ALCAT test 8 years ago, when I still didn’t have MCS, and it totally changed my life. I was desperate because I had hypoglycemia and a lot of digestive problems added to my multiple food allergies. Thanks to ALCAT test I changed completely my diet and all these problems disappeared.

    Regards from Barcelona!

  2. I am dealing a lot of skin inflammation (my face mostly…acne!) and also digestive issues. Would you recommend the ALCAT for these symptoms?

    Thank you!

  3. I just had my test done Monday 1/28 and I am dying to get my results. I have been doing paleo diet for months in hope of losing weight and getting rid of constant bloat. It never helped! I cannot lose a pound and I hope food intolerance is to blame so at least then I’d have an answer. Do you feel this can help me lose once I eliminate all the foods (healthy foods) I have been eating?

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Jayme,

      Sorry for the delay in answering this. It got overlooked.

      If you have been doing Paleo for a while and still having a lot of bloat and not losing weight, there are several possibilities. One is that you have a hidden food sensitivity to something healthy like chicken, beef or eggs. If that is the case, then the ALCAT test will help you identify this and yes, the elimination of these foods should produce some results.

      Other possibilities include some kind of overgrowth in your GI tract, like bacteria, parasites or yeast or environmental toxins, chronic stress, and hypothyroidism, you should take a look at the following page:



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