Things I’m Most Grateful For This Thanksgiving

You may have heard me say this before, but every year at Thanksgiving I reflect on my life over the past year and make a list of the people and things that I am most grateful for. For the people who have a significant impact on my life over the past year, I send them a note, card or phone call to express my appreciation.

I find that practicing gratitude not only at Thanksgiving, but on a daily basis, is not only a good spiritual practice but it’s beneficial emotionally and physically as well. It helps keep things in perspective, minimizes the challenges and burdens in life, reduces stress, makes life richer and more meaningful and reminds you what’s important in life, all of which will enhance your health on all levels. The expression of gratitude to others brings good feelings of emotional and spiritual well-being to both the giver and the receiver.

With that being said, here’s my list for this year.

  1. Always at the top of my list is my beautiful son, for his love, support, humor and joy that he brings to my life.
  2. Dr. Charles Gant, my new mentor, who has filled my head with an abundance of knowledge about functional and integrative medicine that has enriched my life both personally and professionally
  3. Reconnecting with an old dear friend and mentor, that I lost contact with for about 18 years. A man that literally saved my life, helped me transform into a new and improved me, and changed the course of my life permanently.
  4. The Alliance for Addiction Solutions, a new organization I joined that put me in touch with Dr. Gant and my dear old friend, as well as many other valuable educational resources and fine people.
  5. The birds and bunny rabbits that eat my birdseed and leftover scraps. Particularly the ones who are my friends, visit me daily and eat from my hand; Mr. Bluejay and his woman Wannabe, Brokewing, Youngster, Mockingbird, precious baby bunny, friendly bunny and sometimes Mr. Roadrunner and his woman.
  6. A home to live in.
  7. My safe neighborhood.
  8. Decent neighbors.
  9. The view out my window from my desk.
  10. The Internet for all that it brings to my life.
  11. My computer for the same reason.
  12. Being self-employed and thus my own boss, which means I can’t be fired or laid-off and a business that’s holding strong even in these bad economic times.
  13. The delicious meal I will have on Thanksgiving day and time spent with my son.
  14. I don’t live in a war zone.
  15. President Obama.
  16. Courageous people who are willing to protect our country
  17. Grassland Meats, an online store I recently stumbled onto that has a great selection of organic meats I get delivered to my doorstep.
  18. All of you visiting my website and reading this page. Thank you for your patronage.

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Have a beautiful holiday and don’t forget to be mindful when you’re eating. Experience the sensations of your food completely; appreciate fully the flavor, tastes, texture and aroma of each bite. Take your time; savor and be one with your food, the experience of eating and those who may surround you at the dinner table. This will make your food more flavorful and fulfilling and decrease your chances of overeating.

How about you, would you like to share what you’re grateful for this year?

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