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My New Ebook – How to Break Your Sugar Addiction Today

The topic of sugar addiction or the health dangers of sugar is one that you see me mention quite frequently around here. My addiction to sugar page is one of my most popular pages on the site, as more and more people are coming to the stark realization that they are truly addicted and looking for answers.

My new Ebook – How to Break Your Sugar Addiction today provides the sugar addict with a comprehensive blueprint to not only effectively stop sugar cravings, but to find relief from depression, anxiety and hyperactivity as well.

Learn more about How to Break Your Sugar Addiction Today

As a recovered sugar addict myself, the principles in this book are based on both my professional and personal experiences and come to us from the fields of neuroscience and orthomolecular medicine.

The sugar addict will learn the root of their addiction lies in malfunctioning of the neurotransmitters and can be addressed by making changes in their diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

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