Natural Pain Relievers Instead of Vicodin

This week a visitor named Linda is looking for some natural pain relievers that can be used in place of Vicodin.

I have hep c, and cirrhosis of the liver. I have had this for 30 years and did not know I had this until 8 years ago.I also have osteoporosis, degenerative arthritis, FMS, five herniated disks in my neck and a few other things. I have be in so much pain these last 6 years but the only thing I can take is Vicodin, because my liver wont take anything else. So my doctors says. I go in for a new drug that came out and if my body doesn’t reject this I could have the virus gone within one year. I do not know if you can help me on this, but do you think there is an alternative to helping my pain instead of Vicodin? Thank you Linda

Hi Linda,

Well that’s quite a load to carry. I’m sorry you have so much to contend with. There are a variety of natural pain relievers that can be used in place of prescription drugs, but considering the condition of your liver, you’ll need to do a little homework to determine what will be best for you. When your liver isn’t functioning adequately, even herbs and supplements can be hard to process. So I would advise finding a good holistic medical doctor that could address all these issues simultaneously.

Some of the most popular herbs and supplements that are effective for the kind of pain you’re experiencing include fish oil, kava, aquina, SAM-e, ginger, D-phenylalanine and Vitamin D. However, considering your liver condition and other prescriptions, you may want to take a closer look at some techniques that don’t have the potential to cause drug interactions or go through the liver like acupuncture, a TENS unit, massage, deep breathing exercises and meditation. You can learn more about these herbs and techniques by visiting my natural pain relief page.

My focus here at Holistic Help is largely on techniques and strategies that help people deal more effectively with pain without drugs or herbs and to look for underlying causes. For example arthritis pain can often be the result of food allergies and fibromyalgia pain can often be triggered by foods and environmental toxins. A lot of time pain can be removed or reduced by making changes in diet and lifestyle such as eliminating sugar, white flour and other refined foods, eating organic, cleaning up environmental toxins like those found in cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, cologne, personal care products etc. and using environmentally friendly products.

Many types of pain can be the result of a vitamin, mineral or amino acid deficiency or hormonal imbalance.. For chronic pain that can’t be eliminated, I am a strong advocate for techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation and exercise. You can learn more about a variety of non-invasive and cost effective natural pain relievers I use quite regularly by visiting my chronic pain management page.

Managing pain naturally usually works best when you combine a variety of different methods and techniques together to create a comprehensive plan that fits your unique needs. Be sure to visit all the links above as they contain a lot of good information to get you on your way.

Best wishes.

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  1. hi there,

    I’m currently working in a job where I’m drug tested, I suffer from significant pain however in the lower part of my back and need an operation in the hip region to remove spurs. However this has to wait because of financial difficulties. I need an all in one pain killer of the herbal variety, at the moment I was taking trammadol before and I understand that this will show up in a drug test.

    Hope you can help me by providing a good product for me to buy

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