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Reduce Stress and Relax by Being One with Your Self

Reduce Stress and Relax by Being One with Your Self

Use this quick and simple mindfulness meditation technique to experience less stress, better mood, deeper inner peace, and more relaxation instantly at any time throughout your day.

Sit, stand or lie down in a space that is quiet.

Close your eyes.

Take in a long, slow, and deep breath through the nose and from the abdomen.

Pause for a second.

Exhale in a slow and controlled manner through the nose.

Repeat a second time.

Then again, another deep breath through the nose and from the abdomen. But, this time as you breathe out, imagine that you are traveling inward to the core or center of your being. It may be helpful to visualize you are entering through the solar plexus or heart area.

Continue to breathe slowly and deeply through the nose with your eyes closed.

Then sit very still for a moment and become aware of the silence.

Ask the following questions silently inside your mind and meditate and reflect on each one:

“Who am I?” (pause for a second) Who am I? (pause for a second) Who am I?” (pause for a second)

“What am I?” (pause for a second) What am I? (pause for a second) What am I?” (pause for a second)

“Where am I? (pause for a second) Where am I? (pause for a second) Where am I?

This brings the “self” to the surface. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe, but you will recognize it when the “self” appears. You’ll feel deeply connected and grounded. You seem to become aware of how vast the Universe is, how you are a part of it and how little we really know about our origins. All the unknowns and big spiritual questions will surround you.

Just sit with your “self” for a while in silence. It is a profound spiritual experience that incites immediate relaxation and inner peace.

After you practice this technique for a while, you’ll become very good at finding and connecting with your “self” and you’ll be able to achieve the goal in an instant.

Just go inward and be present with your “self” anytime you feel stressed, anxious, worried, overworked, overwhelmed, or challenged. It can be put to use in any situation, no matter where you are – at your desk, in a rest area on the side of the highway, in the bathroom, a hallway, the office supply closet, on the couch, at the park, your backyard, etc. Anywhere you can steal just a minute of quiet time.

This is also a good exercise if your “self” has been traumatized in any way. For example, if you’re healing from childhood abuse, an abusive relationship, the loss of a loved one, or loss in any other area of life, living with a chronic health condition, sadness, grief or hardship of any kind. Embrace, comfort and nurture your “self.” Make it feel supported, loved, appreciated and respected. You can even talk to your self with kind words of support like, “It’s okay.” “Everything will be okay.” “I love you.” “You’re so beautiful.” “You’re so strong.” “You’re an incredible person.” “You’ll get through this.” “I’m here for you.”

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to not only be a highly effective stress management tool, but it also boosts the immune system, alleviates pain, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep and mood, decreases anxiety, enhances detoxification, promotes more inner peace, intuition, creativity, compassion and empathy and much more. This technique is just one of many examples. If you’re interested, you can learn fourteen more very simple mindfulness techniques in my Meditating for Health eBook that can be learned in just a few minutes and be put to use immediately.

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