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Searching for the Magic Bullet or Miracle Cure

There’s a common mindset I find in many of my clients and site visitors that is very counterproductive to healing or achieving optimal health. It’s the belief that there is a “magic bullet” or “miracle cure” that will fix their health problem.

It’s not really their fault that they think this way, it’s the result of mass conditioning by society and the powers of authority. Everywhere we turn we are hit with messages that perpetuate this lie. However, to really improve one’s health, one must become aware of this mindset and make a conscious effort to overcome it.

On TV, magazines, radio, the Internet etc., we are bombarded with ads that tell us we can have better health, lose weight, be more successful, make more money, look younger, live forever, feel great, become a magnet for the opposite sex and so on and so on, overnight with a simple, yet, magical pill or cream.

As a result of these promises, we have become a society that wants instant and dramatic results without making changes and without much effort. The problem is that these are unrealistic expectations. We are falling prey to great marketing tactics, but poor principles to live by.

On the other side of the coin, we also have confusion within the health experts themselves and many of them buy into and promote the whole “magic bullet,” mindset. Jane Doe health professional says improving health is all about energy, while John Doe tells us the whole problem lies in the colon. Doctor so and so says everything is caused by a fungus, while another doctor says it’s all about viruses.

Unfortunately the natural health, holistic health, alternative health or integrative health field is just as guilty of these practices as mainstream health care. In traditional medicine, the miracle cure is sold in the prescription drug; in the natural, holistic or alternative field, the miracle is sold in the nutritional supplement or alternative technique.

The truth of the matter is that it is all of these things, not just one. A person with poor health is likely to have a compromised colon, misaligned energy, an overgrowth of fungus and  a viral infection, as well as several other factors like neurotransmitter depletion, toxicity, adrenal dysfunction, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, etc. etc.

Poor health or the development of a chronic health condition is rarely the result of “one” particular issue. Most health conditions are complex, multi-faceted and have a variety of underlying contributing factors. All these factors must be addressed to achieve optimal health. Additionally, none of these factors can be cured with a “magic bullet” overnight.

When I tell people the first place they must start to improve their health is to change their diet and lifestyle and clean up the toxins out of their daily life, the response I hear most often is something like this, “isn’t there something I can take that will clear this up quickly?”

My response goes something like this, “there are probably a variety of nutritional supplements and natural therapies that you need, but it will be more than one, and it is not going to fix the problem quickly and it will be determined by the unique biochemical needs of each person.”

For example, one person with depression or anxiety may be deficient in numerous vitamins and minerals and have Candida overgrowth at the root of their problem, while another person with the anxiety and depression may have heavy metal toxicity at the root of their problem. The same applies to adrenal fatigue, heart disease, obesity or whatever the health condition may be.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter how many nutritional supplements you take, if you don’t change your diet, clean up your environment and alter your lifestyle, the benefits you receive from the nutrients will be minimal and short-term. Nutritional supplements are typically a crucial part of the puzzle, but one needs to keep in mind that nutritional deficiencies develop primarily because of a poor diet, chronic stress and environmental toxins.

Although one may see some kind of instant result with a prescription, drugs do not “cure.” They temporarily suppress symptoms, and the symptoms will return later or new symptoms will arise since the problem still exists. When one addresses the true underlying causes of their condition and attempts to correct the problem at the core with nutritional supplements and other natural means, this takes time. Healing is a long process, not an overnight event.

If one remains deluded by the belief that there is a “magic bullet,” it not only inhibits the healing process, but it sets people up for failure. When people are not able to achieve the “miracle cure” as they expected, they feel discouraged and lose hope. Precious time is lost chasing the elusive miracle cure, and then they give up, fearful that nothing else will work.

Healing from any health condition takes significant effort, time, commitment and persistence. You must become a detective and uncover all the clues within your body. There must be a willingness to change and do whatever is required. An easy “miracle cure” simply does not exist. The sooner you accept this reality and get on the right road, the better off you are.

Even if you are in good health, these same principles are still required to maintain that level of health.

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  • Jodi B December 17, 2013, 12:22 am

    An excellent article that makes many important points. Thanks so much for writing this.

  • Tracy February 17, 2018, 12:37 pm

    Cynthia, I had a counseling session with you before and I remember reading a stool test you recommended to test for Candida. I think you sell it on your site. Can you tell me what it is called?

    Thank you.

  • Admin - Cynthia Perkins March 16, 2018, 2:10 pm

    Hi Tracy,

    The stool test I prefer is the GI Effects. You can order it here.


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