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Is Miracle Mineral Solution an Effective Antifungal?

Miracle Mineral Solution is touted as a “miracle” cure against all anaerobic organisms, but is it really effective and if so, how does it stand up to Candida? That’s what this visitor would like to know today.

I just read your blog about Threelac and I’m glad I did! I was wondering if you have any information on the effectiveness of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) for Candida. A friend of mine says she has seen a wellness practitioner who states that he was Candida free after 3 weeks on MMS. This was confirmed by live cell analysis. Do you know anything about MMS? I have also heard that the treatments used for Candida need to be switched every 21 days or so as the yeast adapts so easily to the treatment.I just get so discouraged with all of the information and slow progress and setbacks. Thanks Teresa

Hi Teresa, I have personally not taken the Miracle Mineral Solution – MMS, however I have taken other products that contain the same ingredient, which is sodium chlorite. There are other products out there, usually called stabilized oxygen products, that achieve about the same thing. The sodium chlorite is converted to chlorine dioxide and works as an anti-microbial in the body. It is often used as a disinfectant in water purification and sterilization in the food industry and hospitals.

It is believed to be effective against all anaerobic organisms, like bacteria, viruses, yeasts, parasites etc., but does not impact the healthy bacteria. However, I can’t personally testify to that.

Personally, I am not able to ingest any type of chlorine product because I’m very sensitive to chlorine – it makes me ill. When I took it, I had extreme nausea and it inflamed my gallbladder quite severely. So people with a sensitivity to chlorine may not tolerate it. When you drink it, it tastes just like a bottle of bleach. I also had what seemed to be some pretty intense die off, which does indicate that it is probably an effective antifungal. However, I’m very leery of any product that claims to be a “miracle,” because there really are no “miracle” cures for Candida or anything else. Any time we see that kind of wording, it is typically just a marketing hype tactic.

Healing from Candida, or any other condition, takes time, work and a comprehensive approach that addresses many different facets. There isn’t one product out there that can address each and every aspect that contributes to yeast overgrowth and “cure” it on it’s own.

On the other hand, that does not mean that Miracle Mineral Solution or other products claiming to be miracles are not effective or that we shouldn’t give them a try. What it does mean is that we should be aware that there is always a certain degree of marketing hype occurring and we should keep our expectations realistic. I believe in trying everything possible, but only after first performing thorough research on the effectiveness and safety of a product and always keeping in mind that Candida or any health condition usually has many different contributing factors and it is a matter of finding what works for your body. Always listen to your body and let it be your guide.

Miracle Mineral Solution may have worked great for that practitioner, but that does not necessarily mean it will work great for everyone. It might, it might not. There are many other factors to take into consideration, such as how severe the yeast overgrowth is for the individual, their level of health, how strictly they are adhering to the Candida diet, other conditions that may be present, how well their detoxification system is working, how well their bowels are working, which strain of Candida they have, there are many different strains and some are more resistant to treatment than others.

However, I have a handful of clients and acquaintances over the years report to me that they have found MMS to be helpful.  Some people have found it immensely helpful, while others have found it be somewhat effective, but others have found it impossible to take because of side-effects or die off.

People who have severe Candida overgrowth often don’t have a liver or bowels that function adequately and when they take a powerful antifungal then their body is not able to eliminate the toxins and their body ends up overloaded and feeling worse than before. This is counterproductive and unhealthy. It is crucial when taking an antifungal to address these issues simultaneously and take steps to help absorb the toxins, like charcoal, bentonite clay, vitamin c or enemas.

Yes, antifungals should be rotated because Candida does mutate and get resistant to them. I think 21 days is not frequent enough. I recommend every week.

Also in regard to live cell analysis, I know there are some practitioners that swear by it, but I don’t trust it. I had live cell analysis once and it told me that I didn’t have Candida, when I did indeed have severe Candida. There aren’t any tests that are reliable for diagnosing the presence of Candida, except for the written questionnaire developed by Dr. Crook. The only sure way to diagnose is by your symptoms.

Yes, I understand, it can be very discouraging and it is a long road that is filled with confusion and set backs. Unfortunately that is the nature of this beast — Candida is exceptionally stubborn and resilient. There is a great deal of conflicting information out there, because it is a complex condition with many variables that are not consistent from person to person. It takes a lot of time and trial and error for each person to find what works for them and put together a healing plan that addresses their unique biochemistry.

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1 thought on “Is Miracle Mineral Solution an Effective Antifungal?”

  1. I started taking mms and it has changed my life as I had severe gut issues and all over illness. I think it kills the parasites and bugs in your guts which just keep breeding. Apparently it neutralises heavy metals but I am also chelating every weekend with dsma. I have read that metals form biofilm and all the bugs hide behind it which is why you don’t get better. I also use some dsmo as it dissolves biofilm but makes your skin smell so I only use it occasionally. I am hoping that this protocol will treat and eliminate the root cause of the problem. I have read about people taking two years!! To chelate the metals from their bodies! I am also using nystatin..

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