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Cancer and Candida

Some experts believe there is a correlation between Cancer and Candida, and this often causes concern for those dealing with yeast overgrowth, as indicated in the following question from one of you…

I’ve recently ordered 2 of your books. As I was reading about Candida, I couldn’t help but think of other things I have read about the belief some people have that Cancer is a fungus. There seem to be a lot of similarities between Candida, which is a fungus and Cancer. I’ve been reading about this for several years and it makes a lot of sense of me. What do you think? Thank you. Gayle.

Hi Gayle,

I am familiar with the cancer/candida theory, particularly the work of Dr. Simoncini.

It is fascinating, but some things don’t make sense. Millions of people get Candida overgrowth and never get Cancer. Just because everyone with Cancer has Candida doesn’t mean that is the cause of cancer. People with Cancer often get extreme cases of fatal Candida, that the average person doesn’t get, because of a weakened immune system and likely the chemotherapy drugs.

We know for a fact that Cancer is often caused by environmental toxins, so Candida can’t be the only factor involved. Candida disrupts the hormone system and often results in raising the levels of estrogen in the body. Too much estrogen is associated with breast cancer. So there could be many different links and avenues that this plays out.

I’m not saying he’s wrong or that his treatment doesn’t work. He is obviously performing invaluable and life saving work. However, I don’t think it’s a black and white situation. I think there are many complex variables to be taken into consideration and it has to be looked at a little deeper.

So, in my opinion I think we should be aware of the Cancer potential, but not assume that Candida is the only factor we should pay attention to. Lifestyle, diet, exercise, environmental toxins, not wearing a bra, avoiding sugar, avoiding mammograms and all the other things we know that lead to cancer should also be addressed as well.

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