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A visitor named Glen had this question about an antifungal product.

“Just wondering what your thoughts are on an anti Candida product called Syclovir?”

Thanks Glen

Hi Glen,

I haven’t taken this product so I can’t say whether I think it is effective or not. However here are my thoughts on it.

Like most of the Candida products out there, it sounds great, however my experience tells me that it most often sounds better than it really is. I always approach an antifungal with hope, but caution. Keep in mind that the sales page is a marketing tool and it is supposed to sound good. It’s main goal is to convince you to buy the product.

I like to do a lot of research on the net and see what other people are saying in forums etc. However be discerning in who you believe and look for “real” people. Many distributors of products will join a forum and write posts so that they sound like a forum member, however they are usually trying to get you to their web site to buy their product. You can usually identify these people, because their comment will contain a link to their site, however not always. It can be a representative of a product posing as a forum member who is doing some damage control for the product in general.

Additionally, I like to research the ingredients. Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it can’t cause complications, have side effects or contraindications. Natural products can be just as potent as prescription drugs, so it’s important to know what you’re putting into your body. I’ve got into trouble before by jumping on a product too quickly without fully understanding what I was ingesting.

Personally, I wouldn’t take Syclovir for three reasons:

1. It contains vinegar. Vinegar aggravates my Candida. I can get away with eating a small amount of it once in a while, however to take it every day in a supplement would be impossible. I would feel awful and my yeast would be exacerbated.

2. It contains sugar. We all know sugar is the number one food source for Candida, so therefore this will feed it and make it proliferate. It always puzzles me when I see an antifungal that contains sugar. The explanation the manufacturers always give is that the sugar is used to keep the bacteria in the product alive or it is used as bait to lure the Candida out and kill it with the main ingredient such as the plankton in Syclovir, but I have never seen that to be true.

I’ve tried several products over the years that have sugar, fruit juice or some other sweetener and every time my experience has always been that my Candida would proliferate because of the sugar. I never get any relief from a product that has sugar in it.

3. The sugar in this product is actual “cane sugar.” Not only is cane sugar bad for Candida it’s bad for the body in general. It weakens the immune system, instigates addiction, contributes to obesity, type II diabetes and a variety of other health conditions.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that your experience may be different than mine and everyone’s body responds differently to different products. One person may do great on a product such as Syclovir, while another may have no benefit at all. There’s usually a lot of trial and error for each individual to find which antifungals work best for them.

Just do your homework and make an informed decision. If you’re looking for more information on Candida you may want to take a look at my little electronic handbook Candida Secrets. It’s packed with helpful little tidbits like I’ve shared today.

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