Symptoms of Anxiety – Tracking Down the Culprits

Anxiety and Depression

I recently received the following question from Brandi about symptoms of anxiety, panic and a variety of other of disruptive symptoms.

Q. For the past month I have gone from being an upbeat, happy, 23 year old woman to being anxious and afraid. I experience brain fog, anxiety, panic here and there, weakness, fatigue, and lack of emotions and motivation.It takes a lot for me to even get through my days.I have gone to 3 different doctors and they wont even do a physical examination on me…I just want to have my hormones and thyroid checked and cant seem to get them to do it. It runs in my family BIG time….every female.Most have to have full hysterectomies they are 30. How can I get a doctor to check them for me?I feel like I am going crazy here…please help me!

A. Hi Brandi,

I’m sorry you’re going through such a difficult time. I have been through it myself, so I know it can be really terrifying. However, take comfort because there is hope.

The symptoms you are experiencing could be the result of a variety of different factors or even a combination of these factors, so it will take some detective work on your part to figure it out.

First of all, the symptoms you are experiencing not all in your head, so don’t allow any doctor to put this on you. The symptoms of anxiety usually have a physiological basis, not a psychological one, and could be the result of any of the following:

The fact that you tell me that your symptoms came on suddenly in the past month, indicates that you can probably track down the culprit by looking over your activities in the past month. However, it is possible that Candida has been building up for a period of time and just hit a crucial level that has bombarded you with symptoms.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you or your property owner done any pest exterminating or weed eradication in your home or on your property?
  • (If so, these are classic symptoms of pesticide exposure.)

  • Have you taken an antibiotic recently?
  • (If so these, are classic symptoms of Candida overgrowth.)

  • Have you had any major changes in your living space? For example: did you recently move, get new carpet, have painting done on your house , get new furniture or any other kind of construction in your home, develop a mold problem anywhere in the house?)
  • (If so it could be the result of toxins from these products)

  • Have you recently been pregnant, stopped taking the pill or started taking the pill?
  • (Any of these could have caused an upset in your hormone levels.)

  • Did you recently start taking any medications?
  • (You could be having side effects.)

Since you tell me that hormone problems run in the family, that tells us the chances are good it is related to hormones. However, here’s a couple things to keep in mind. Women who must get hysterectomies usually have an undiagnosed Candida problem. Hormone problems don’t usually occur on their own out of no where. Something upsets them. Pesticides, herbicides, poor diet high in sugar and caffeine and Candida overgrowth, excessive and continuous stress and nutritional deficiencies cause dysfunction in the hormones, neurotransmitters and the thyroid. Additionally people who experience high levels of anxiety usually have an imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the brain, but again this imbalance is caused by things like nutritional deficiencies, excessive and on going stress, pesticides, herbicides, diet high in sugar, Candida, thyroid malfunction and low blood sugar. All of these issues are intertwined and influence one another.

If you haven’t read my other pages on this blog and my site, please take a look at them, as they give more detailed information on tracking down the culprit for the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks and all the symptoms you’re experiencing. Then be sure to read all the pages that link off those pages for more information on each of those topics. They can be found here, as well as all the words on blue on this page:

Anxiety Attacks – Physiological Causes

Holistic Treatment for Symptoms of Anxiety

You need to find a good doctor who is knowledgeable about the issues I have discussed on this page. That is not going to be your general practitioner or any doctor in mainstream medicine. You need to get a holistic or alternative health medical doctor, which can be found at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine or the American Holistic Medical Association. You can learn more about how to go about that on this page.

Finding a Holistic Medical Doctor

Well this information, should help you get on the right track. Best of luck to you.


7 thoughts on “Symptoms of Anxiety – Tracking Down the Culprits”

  1. It was really helpful.
    Asking myself questions does kinda help.I do live right by Galveston and we just went through a horrible Hurricane.My Grandma told me that everyone is having a difficult time getting over simple things as colds or whatever.I wonder if that might have been an issue for me as I have bad sinus and allergy issues.Thank you so much for answering my question and it was extremly helpful.

  2. Hi Brandi,

    You’re welcome. I’m glad it was helpful. I didn’t realize you were in hurricane aftermath. That tells us a whole lot.

    I saw on the news that after the hurricane in the Galveston area there was a severe mosquito problem and they were doing heavy pesticide spraying.

    Additionally hurricane destruction exposes you to all kinds of environmental toxins. Many toxins are spewed into the air and water and there are likely to be mold problems as well.

    All of these things could be your problem.

    My suggestion would be to try and leave for a while if that’s possible.

    Good luck.

  3. I came and reread all this….I had a baby 9 mths ago(January 28) but I was fine until October 16 to be exact…yes I can tell you exactly when it started.We left for the hurricane and came back a week later.Now I live about 30 mins west of Galveston.I live in Alvin tx.We didnt get alot of damage and mostly wind and tornado damage.I never thought of pesticide poisioning but then wouldnt the other people I live with be sick too?

  4. Hi Brandi,

    Since it’s been 9 months, your hormones should be balancing out by now. Changes before, during and after pregnancy in hormones certainly could result in the kinds of symptoms you’re experiencing, but it most likely would have started in the first few months after the baby. Unless you’ve been breastfeeding and you just stopped. Then changes will occur then as well.

    In regard to the pesticides. No, not everyone would be sick. Some peoples biochemistry and liver are not as well equipped to deal with pesticides. Some people may exhibit no symptoms while a vulnerable person may become deathly ill.


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