50 Ways to Prevent Cancer

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of commercials on TV from big businesses who want to call attention to the fact that they are supporting research to find a cure for cancer. The first thing that strikes me in regard to this issue is that we rarely see commercials for research on the many ways to prevent cancer.

The second ironic and rather alarming point is that many of these businesses sponsoring cancer research are companies that produce products that actually contribute to the cause of cancer. For example, I’ve seen companies like the cosmetic industry and fast food restaurants have jumped on the research bandwagon lately. Two industries that have high levels of substances in their products that have been linked to cancer, something the public doesn’t hear about very often.

What they should be doing is making the public aware that their products are indeed carcinogenic. Seems to me, if they were really interested in finding a cure for cancer then they would stop producing products that contribute to cancer.

Preventing cancer is a lot easier and less traumatic than trying to cure cancer, so that is where we should put our focus. If we teach people what they need to do to prevent cancer, then we wouldn’t need all this research on how to cure cancer.

Why don’t we see any commercials for ways to prevent cancer? Because there is no money to be made with prevention. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what causes cancer and by making simple changes in your life that cost you absolutely nothing you can significantly reduce your risk of developing cancer.

It’s really very simple — like all health conditions it always boils down to environmental toxins and diet. However, the issue with diet always leads back to environmental toxins, because a diet that consists of whole, natural, organic, unprocessed foods, and no environmental toxins, does not lead to cancer.

Here’s 50 simple and easy changes you can put into effect immediately:

  1. Don’t use cosmetics, hair dyes, finger nail polish etc. Learn to love your face the way you were born. Au naturel.
  2. Avoid fast food
  3. Don’t use pesticides and herbicides. Learn to love your weeds and dandelions and live in harmony with insects.
  4. Avoid microwaves
  5. Eat organic.
  6. Avoid sugar and caffeine. Cancer cells thrive on sugar. Although refined sugar like white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, powdered sugar, cane sugar or cane syrup are the worst offenders, keep in mind that all starchy, high carbohydrate foods break down into a large amount of sugar in the body. So it isn’t just refined sugar that should be avoided. Any food that breaks down into sugar in the body should be minimized. Among other things, caffeine stimulates the release of sugar stored in the liver into the blood stream.
  7. Eat lots of vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit that are high in antioxidants, like blueberries, kiwis, broccoli and cauliflower.
  8. Don’t wear a bra
  9. Steam your vegetables, don’t boil. They retain more of their anti-cancer properties.
  10. Get adequate sunlight – about 15 minutes every day without sunscreen. However don’t sunbathe and avoid overexposure.
  11. Take vitamin D
  12. Eat more meat and less grains, potatoes and beans. However, make sure your meat is lean, organic, hormone and antibiotic free. No processed meats. Cut the bacon, sausage, pepperoni, salami and hot dogs.
  13. Don’t wear perfume or cologne
  14. Use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products
  15. Avoid industrial pollution
  16. Get regular exercise
  17. Avoid dry cleaning your clothes
  18. Don’t use oral contraceptives
  19. Avoid synthetic based estrogen replacement
  20. Get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night
  21. Manage emotional stress with meditation, deep breathing exercise, venting etc.
  22. Use environmentally friendly soap, shampoo etc.
  23. Seek employment that does not expose you to chemicals
  24. Don’t smoke and avoid second hand smoke
  25. Avoid traditional laundry proucts – use environmentally friendly
  26. Don’t drink alcohol
  27. Avoid mammograms, CAT scans and other screening methods. Every mammogram you get increases your chance of getting cancer by 1 percent.

    Additionally, new studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reveal that computerized tomography, also known as the CAT scan or CT scan, may be responsible for approximately 29,000 additional cancers every year, of which about 15,000 could be fatal.

    Why you say? Because doctors are using this diagnostic tool too frequently and the amount of radiation one is exposed during a CT scan is much higher than traditional X-rays.

    The radiation you are exposed to during a CAT scan accumulates in your body. Therefore, every time you have computerized tomography, it remains and builds up. If you just have one CAT scan in your lifetime, then there is relatively little risk. However, the more often you have one, the higher your risks.

    If your doctor sends you to the hospital for a CAT scan every time you have symptoms, which is often the case, then your risk is very high. Approximately 72 million CT scans are performed every year.

  28. Don’t drink chlorinated water or bathe or shower in chlorinated water
  29. Eat more nuts
  30. Don’t grill your meat
  31. Take more vitamin C
  32. Eat more garlic and onions, but not if you have a food sensitivity to these foods
  33. Increase selenium intake
  34. Be sure you’re ingesting adequate levels of all minerals or take a multi-mineral supplement
  35. Keep your bowels moving regularly
  36. Drink more water
  37. Avoid prescription drugs
  38. Don’t live near areas of agriculture unless they are organic
  39. Avoid car pollution
  40. Increase your vitamin E intake
  41. Spend time with nature or engage in other meaningful and nurturing activities
  42. Avoid genetically engineered food
  43. Don’t use products containing talcum powder
  44. Avoid food additives, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavorings, nitrates etc.
  45. Use green construction materials to build, renovate or remodel your home
  46. Avoid foods with rBGH
  47. Reduce stress
  48. Avoid exposure to pesticides like DEET and permethrins used in mosquito fogging
  49. Don’t use lindane, a substance found in treatment for lice and scabies
  50. Avoid irradiated foods.

In a nutshell, what we are saying is that the best ways to prevent cancer are found by living a green lifestyle. The reality is that we live in a toxic world and although it is impossible to avoid all possible carcinogens, you can drastically reduce your exposures through the choices you make every day, which will also protect you from many other degenerative health conditions as well.

The toxins that contribute to cancer also disrupt and damage the nervous system, endocrine system, reproductive system, metabolic system, cardiovascular system, detoxification system, immune system and the gastrointestinal tract. By avoiding these toxins, you are protecting your health all around.

Although we all have cancer cells in our body, the difference is that some people have more than others. The key to keeping cancer cells from overcoming healthy cells lies in prevention. Keep the body strong by eating healthy, avoiding everyday toxins, exercising and correcting nutritional deficiencies.

2 thoughts on “50 Ways to Prevent Cancer”

  1. I had a CT scan done before having surgery to correct a deviated septum. What would you recommend to someone who has already had one done in order to prevent cancer? I pretty much follow the rest of the list. Thank you.

    1. Hi Audrey,

      One CAT scan is probably not too much to worry about. It’s repeated exposure that causes the most risk. I was taught by my doctor that anytime you have an Xray you should drink lots of water, exercise and take very high doses of Vitamin C immediately after.

      After the fact, many people claim that clay baths, zeolite baths or Epsom salt baths are effective for removing a variety of toxins, including radiation. I recommend clay baths because they will remove pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals as well. If you’re interested you can learn about the clay I recommend at this link.

      Recommended Clay Baths

      All the best

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