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Ten Plus Health Benefits of Garlic

Fresh raw garlic bulbs are rich in health benefits.

The health benefits of garlic have been known by common folk for thousands of years, but more recently, these benefits have been backed up by a large amount of scientific research. Below are some of the most important reasons to try and eat more of this time-tested food. [click to continue…]


A Delicious Low-Carb Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Low-Carb Homemade Ice Cream

Well, the temperature has been in the hundreds in my neck of the woods for the last few weeks and this kind of weather always gets me in the mood for some rich and smooth ice cream to cool me off a bit. After my main course meal, I love to curl up and get mindfully intimate with a delicious bowl while watching a good movie. [click to continue…]

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15 Fascinating Facts About Candida You May Not Know

Fascinating Facts About Candida

Candida is one of the most cunning and adaptive organisms that exists. It has developed a variety of ingenious mechanisms to ensure its survival and can wreck havoc on one’s mental, physical and spiritual health. Here are a few fascinating facts about this microbe that you don’t hear about very often. [click to continue…]


Ten Natural Remedies for Depression

Happy and depression free woman in nature .

According to the World Health Organization, depression affects approximately 350 million people worldwide. You’ve probably heard traditional psychologists use the word chemical imbalance when speaking of depression; the chemicals they are referring to are neurotransmitters in the brain which are not functioning properly. A chemical imbalance may involve depletion or excess. [click to continue…]


The Many Powerful Health Benefits of Salmon

Salmon and Vegetables

The health benefits of salmon have been widely chronicled, but it is always worthwhile to go over them again. Before looking at all the great aspects of this superfood, it is important to note that the fish that you eat should be wild and not farmed. Farmed salmon have an imbalance in their fatty acid ratio because of unnatural diets, and almost all fish from areas other than the Pacific Northwest are high in heavy metals and other pollutants, both of which can result in a vast array of psychiatric or medical health conditions if consumed on a frequent basis. [click to continue…]

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Is Lufenuron Safe and Effective for Candida?

Fungal Cell Wall Depicting Chitin

You may see a lot of hype around products that are marketed as Candida cell wall suppressors also known as chitin synthesis inhibitors. One of the newest on the scene is a substance called lufenuron, which is the active ingredient in some veterinarian flea control products and parasite medications. It is a type of pesticide that inhibits the production of chitin. Chitin, a derivative of glucose, is a substance that helps form the hard outer shell (exoskeleton) of insects and crustaceans, and the cell wall of fungi like Candida. We will attempt to cover this topic by answering the following question submitted by a visitor to the blog. [click to continue…]


What are Oxalates and How Can They Affect Your Health?

What are Oxalates and How Can They Affect Your Health

We’re going to tackle this topic by answering the following question from a site visitor.

“Cynthia, my oxalate level on a recent Organic Acid Test from Great Plains Lab was 250. I don’t know if that is seriously high or not, but it was recommended that I reduce them. I cut out the spinach, severely reduced greens (but not kale) and almonds. I don’t have any idea if that has made a difference. I have so many symptoms from so many things, I don’t notice any difference when I do “indulge” in higher oxalate food. Are oxalates really harmful at that level? I hope I have reduced my level of Candida which you and I have connected on in the past, but I’m not sure about that either. Still have gas, bloating and constipation. Have been gluten-free since 2007 and tested negative recently for SIBO.” ~Lynne

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Choosing the Right Natural Health Remedies

Choosing the Right Natural Health Remedies

Choosing the right natural health remedies can be difficult and confusing, because there’s so many opposing viewpoints to be found it’s hard to know what really works. One of the reasons that we see so much conflicting information is because not everyone responds in the same manner; different approaches work for different people. There are several key factors to keep in mind when choosing which remedies are right for you. [click to continue…]


Save the Humans – An Overlooked Earth Day Cause

One of the most overlooked issues on Earth Day is the condition of the human species and its correlation to environmental health. We have Save the Whales, Save the Dolphins, Save the Speckled Frog, Save the Trees, Save the Ozone layer, etc. etc. All great, worthy and essential causes; but let’s not forget the humans. [click to continue…]

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Top Five Health Benefits of Spinach

Top Five Health Benefits of Spinach

Popeye ate spinach for a reason – because it is absolutely great for the body. Spinach packs the healthy punch of several top-notch “superfoods” all rolled into one. It tastes good on anything from salads to soups, and there are ways to prepare it so that even the pickiest eaters will appreciate its beauty. Below we take a look at a few of the amazing health benefits of spinach and why it is a good choice as a mainstay in your diet. [click to continue…]