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Designing Your Individualized Paleo Plan

Lemon Slice as Color Wheel Demonstrating Individualization of Paleo Plan

As you know, I am a strong advocate of the Paleo diet. However, it’s important to be aware that there is not a one size fits all even within these guidelines. We are all unique and what works for one person may not work for another. Each of us should take the basic Paleo principles and fine-tune and customize them for our own individual biochemistry. [continue reading…]


Zika Virus Insanity – Special Report

Zika Virus Carrying Mosquito on Skin

Concerns over the Zika virus have government agencies dispersing toxic pesticides across some U.S. cities by land and air. Few people are aware that the risk of long-term effects from pesticide exposure is much higher than those that are associated with this mild viral infection spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

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Are You a Sugar Addict?

Lines of Sugar and Cubes Depicting Addiction

Sugar is a mind-altering addictive substance that has been shown in brain scans to affect the brain in the same manner as hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. The consequences of this addiction can result in depression, anxiety disorders, antisocial behaviors and violence, learning disabilities, ADHD, microbial overgrowth, lack of inner peace and well being, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and drug and alcohol addiction to name a few. Read on to see if you if you fit the criteria for a sugar addict and what you can do to overcome your cravings. [continue reading…]


Woman Being Mindful while Eating

Being more mindful when you eat can help reduce cravings for sugar and carbs, decrease appetite and prevent overeating, improve digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, improve mood, heighten inner peace and feelings of well-being, make meals taste better and the act of eating a richer and more satisfying experience, and facilitate more connection with your spiritual source. [continue reading…]


Quick and Simple Coconut Milk Popsicles

Coconut Milk Popsicles

These delicious coconut milk popsicles contain only about two grams of carbs per serving and they are rich in fat. So they can be enjoyed by everyone following a candida, paleo, low-carb or ketogenic diet to beat the summer heat, or any other time of year, without any guilt or remorse. They are very simple to make and only take about 10 minutes of your time. [continue reading…]


Urinary Tract Infection Wordcloud

D-mannose is commonly prescribed for the treatment of urinary tract infections by many alternative/integrative health practitioners. If you visit the comment sections of blog posts and forums on this topic, you will see that thousands of people attest to the fact that it can be very effective, when the bacteria involved is E.coli. However, as I will demonstrate further ahead, D-mannose can be contraindicated if SIBO is present. [continue reading…]


Pasta-Free Lasagna Recipe

Homemade Lasagna in a Dish

This is not a true Paleo recipe because it includes mozzarella cheese, which I don’t typically recommend consuming very often. However, since eating Paleo is for life, I think some type of lasagna is just one of those things that we may want to indulge in once in a great while. This recipe gets rid of the worse offender, (pasta) and if you eat a little mozzarella once or twice a year or so, there is no serious harm done in most cases.

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Where Do You Start with Complicated Multi-Health Conditions?

Tangled ball of yarn depicting complex health conditions.

We’re going to approach this issue by answering the following question submitted by a visitor to the blog. Most of the people I work with in my practice come to me with a similar type of scenario. The diagnoses may be different, but the complex web that becomes a tangled ball of yarn is very common and the most challenging aspect of their healing journey.

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Why You Shouldn’t Eat Bread Even Though Oprah Says You Can

By now, you’ve probably seen the commercial with Oprah telling you that you can eat bread every day and still lose weight. It is sad, frightening, and disturbing that someone who has so much influence over society’s choices and behavior is using that power to encourage people to consume a substance that can have such a profound devastating affect on their mental and physical health that goes far beyond weight gain.

Skull and Crossbones Made from Bread to Warn

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How Meditation Can Help You Save Money on Health Care Services

Pink piggy bank saving cash on health care.The regular use of meditation and other practices that elicit the relaxation response, like deep breathing exercises, yoga, and prayer, have been shown previously to be beneficial in the treatment of a wide array of conditions like addiction, insomnia, depression, anxiety disorders, high blood pressure, chronic pain, stress management, and more. However, a new study has found that these same practices can also help reduce the need for health care services by as much as 43 percent. The greatest reduction in health care service utilization was observed in the areas of neurological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal. [continue reading…]


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