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What Should You do When Nutritional Supplements Make You Feel Worse?

Feeling worse when taking nutritional supplements is a very common problem among many of my clients, and it’s a frequent comment in correspondence I receive from my Ask Cynthia page. So lets’ take a look at some of the factors that may be at play here and some possible steps that can be taken to improve the situation.

Unfortunately, there is not an easy solution to this problem, because there are many possibilities that may be at the root of the issue that are difficult to address, and to complicate things further, what is true for one person may not be true for another.

However, by far, the most common underlying cause for feeling worse when taking nutritional supplements is due to an overactive sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system, also known as the stress response system, is often in overdrive when one is dealing with a chronic health condition. When that is the case, the body can become hypersensitive to everything, including foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sounds, interactions, and nutrients.

The more severe the sympathetic stress, the more hypersensitive they will become. The body starts perceiving everything as a threat, including nutritional supplements. So, essentially, your brain thinks the nutritional supplements are harmful, which sets off an alarm, which produces a variety of negative physical and psychological symptoms; which can range anywhere from anxiety and depression, to heart palpitations, dizziness, and nausea, to insomnia, trembling, headaches, gastrointestinal distress, and so on and so forth. The list of symptoms that one may experience is endless.

The solution in this situation is to put a lot of focus on trying to restore the body to the parasympathetic mode. This can done by eating the right diet, which means consuming adequate animal protein and fat, eliminating the sugar, caffeine, grains and other starches, eliminating environmental toxins from your living space, deep breathing exercises, practicing mindfulness and meditation, smiling more often, rewiring the brain and a variety of other steps.

You can learn more about soothing the autonomic nervous system by visiting this page. The sicker you are, the more likely it is that your sympathetic nervous is in overdrive and the more severe it is likely to be. It can take a long time to restore balance, so it may be awhile before you can take supplements successfully. You should also be aware that when the body is in sympathetic stress mode, it does not absorb nutrients very effectively, so they will not benefit you much anyhow if you do not work on this area.

Sometimes an overactive sympathetic nervous system will accept nutrients if you take just a little bit, then wait a day or so to let symptoms subside, and then take a little bit more and wait for a few days again for symptoms subside and just continue on like this until it settles down.

Another common underlying cause of feeling worse on nutritional supplements is that there are too many problems occurring within many different organs and systems, and when you try to jump-start one organ or systems with a nutrient, but are missing nutrients that are needed for other organs and systems, then it backfires in your face. For example, you take a supplement that makes your body start to detox, but you’re deficient in a variety of other nutrients that are needed to effectively eliminate the toxins you have mobilized. Before mobilizing toxins, you must be capable of moving them out.

Additionally, all organs and systems are interconnected; if one starts working better from a nutrient you are taking, but others that are downstream are still impaired, then you can run into a road block and symptoms occur.

To address these two issues, one must replenish all depleted nutrients and try to get all organs and systems on board. However, this too takes time and can be quite tricky to achieve in complex conditions.

However, some people are simply too toxic from environmental toxins and/or internal toxins from bacteria, Candida, or parasites, and supplements just overwhelm the body even more, so they must go very slow with replenishing nutrients. Some supplements may actually feed the unfriendly organisms, which results in more proliferation and more toxins and ultimately more severe symptoms. For example, many B vitamins will feed Candida yeast depending on the species involved, many protozoa eat probiotics, most microbes need iron for survival as well as magnesium, and calcium.

Sometimes, if you can identify and address one of your “core” problems first this will enable you to take supplements for other issues. For example, I used to have a great deal of problems taking nutritional supplements myself, but after I took high doses of pantethine and vitamin C to support my adrenal glands, I then became tolerant of a lot more supplements. Additionally, using some brain rewiring techniques that turn off the sympathetic nervous system also enabled me to take more supplements

The third most common cause for an exacerbation of symptoms when taking nutritional supplements is that you’re taking too many, too fast. If you are quite sick and/or you have a very overactive sympathetic nervous system, it is usually best to go very slow with your nutritional supplements. Start out with one and give your body time to adjust before adding another. Observe how your body reacts and if all is okay, then proceed with another one, and so on and so on. Again, the sicker you are, the more important this is and the slower you need to go.

Sometimes it is the dosage that is the problem. People who are really sick, or very nutrient deficient, often do best with very small dosages of supplements, rather than large doses. Then you can work your way up to larger doses.

Alternatively, Dr. Amy Yasko has demonstrated it may be about taking the right nutrient in the right sequence. It may be necessary to introduce a particular supplement after another type of supplement has been taken to correct another issue first. If you or your practitioner don’t know what that sequence is, then you can get into trouble. Unfortunately, very few practitioners have the level of expertise needed to address these complex issues.

There are a wide variety of genetic polymorphisms that one may have that can have a profound impact on how one responds to a particular nutrient. For example, you may have a mutation in a gene that causes one condition to get worse when you take B6, cysteine, or taurine to help another condition. The same can be said for many nutrients. One nutrient can produce dramatic improvements in one person and cause significant impairment in another person due to genetic mutations. In this case, another nutrient is needed to support the genetic mutation before taking other types of nutrients that may make the mutation worse.

Everyone should read Dr. Amy Yasko’s book, Autism: Pathways for Recovery to understand this issue further, even if you don’t have autism. The information in this book applies to most other chronic health conditions besides Autism. A test called Nutrigenomics can help you identify your genetic mutations that affect nutrients, as well as your overall nutrient status and an abundance of other information like methylation and neurotransmitters. This book will open your eyes to exactly how complex it can be for using nutritional supplements and the depth of these conditions.

Taking a nutrient that you don’t really need can also produce negative side-effects. Too much of a nutrient can be just as bad as not having enough.

On the other side of this coin is when one takes only one nutrient, but there are three or four others that are needed to address a particular problem. For example, many people take tryptophan to increase their serotonin. However, tryptophan cannot be converted into serotonin unless there are sufficient levels of B6, B3, iron, and folic acid. So if you are deficient in any of these nutrients the tryptophan is not going to be able to do the job.

If you are mineral deficient, this can also cause reactions to other supplements. Minerals are like the spark plugs in the body. They are needed for all other nutrients to do their jobs. So if you supplement with a vitamin, but are missing its mineral co-factors, then you may feel worse. So, spending a few months replenishing minerals before taking anything else sometimes enables one to tolerate other nutrients.

Minerals will also help drive out any heavy metals that may be present in the body, which can also be at the root of many symptoms. Heavy metals destroy friendly bacteria in the gut, interfere in absorption, and may have an effect on the way the body processes the nutrients. They also interfere in neurotransmitter production and function, disrupt the endocrine system and overstimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Minerals are also a good place to start for someone who is very toxic.

The quality or brand of your supplement may also contribute to problems with nutritional supplements. Be sure to take a high quality brand. Some of my favorites are Thorne and Douglas Labs. Before giving up and assuming that your symptoms are from the nutrient itself, try several different brands. There may be something in the additives or processing that is the problem and not the supplement itself.

Another issue that comes up with some people, especially those with a sympathetic nervous system in overdrive, is the presence of something in the supplement that increases norepinephrine, glutamate or histamine. Each of these are excitatory neurotransmitters, that can cause a variety of neurological symptoms like anxiety, fear, irritability, restlessness and insomnia when they are in excess. There may be other substances in the supplement that are too stimulating as well. Some nutrients may also increase cortisol, acetylcholine, or estrogen too much, which would produce a variety of negative symptoms.

For example, glutamine is used for a variety of purposes like healing a leaky gut or replenishing depleted GABA levels, however, it can also increase glutamate levels. 5-HTP is used to replenish serotonin, but it can increase cortisol.  Flax seed increases estrogen and choline or lecithin increases acetylcholine. Tyrosine is used to replenish depleted dopamine levels or thyroid hormones, but it also increases norepinephrine levels, and if one is not able to methylate their norepinpehrine into epinephrine, then it may build up in excess. Norepinephrine is the neurotransmitter that sets off the sympathetic nervous system. If it remains in excess, one remains in sympathetic stress continuously. Methylation needs adequate levels of B12, folic acid, magnesium, copper and SAMe, and there can be a genetic polymorphism as well. Methylation problems are abundant in the population. Some probiotics contain species that can increase histamine and d-lactate. Many people have no problem with these supplements at all, but the highly sensitive often do.

Another common problem is that some nutritional supplements feed microbes, which can be problematic for people with Candida, SIBO or bacterial overgrowth in the colon. FOS feeds Candida and SIBO, biotin and many of the B vitamins feed Candida, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium can feed microbes and contribute to biofilm development,

Some people simply do not respond well to certain supplements. For example, I cannot take any supplements that manipulate my neurotransmitters or hormones.  My brain and body will just not have it. This is true for many people I work with.

Now, the explanation you hear most often from other health practitioners to explain negative responses to nutritional supplements, is that they believe you are having a “healing crises.” Although this may be true to some degree, some of the time, in my experience this is not the case the majority of the time. Since many practitioners really don’t know why you are having a negative response, this becomes the “go to” response for this issue.

With that being said, it does take the body a while to “reorganize” itself when depleted nutrients are presented or when biochemistry is being corrected. This reorganization can result in making you feel worse before you feel better. However, healing crises occur most often with supplementation that is killing off some kind of unfriendly organism, like a parasite, yeast or bacteria.

As many people know, it is often difficult to know if one is truly having a “healing crises” or if one of the other issues I have discussed on this page may be at play.  It’s important to note, that if a healing crises is so severe that it impairs your ability to function, this is counterproductive.  It will only perpetuate the problem if you overwhelm the detoxification system or the autonomic nervous system.  One can cut down on the dosage and go at a slower pace.

Another option that one can try is a different form of the supplement. For example, a liquid, a spray, an inhaler, transdermal, and IV nutrients. Sometimes if you can bypass the gut, then you can eliminate the negative symptoms.

Many practitioners will blame or shame their client when they are not able to take the prescribed supplements. They often claim that nobody else has these problems and act like you are unique. That is not true. Don’t let them put this on you. Intolerance of nutritional supplements is very common. Almost everyone I work with has problems to one extent or another taking nutritional supplements. Don’t beat yourself up for it or feel like you are an oddball.

You should also keep in mind that there is a difference between nutritional supplements and herbs. Nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids are essential components for the body. We need them to function. Herbs are basically natural drugs and the body does not need them. Although herbs can be helpful for a variety of other health conditions, I am not in favor of using herbs for things like addiction, depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues because they do not correct the underlying issue. In some cases, they perpetuate the problem. Many herbs, like St. John’s Wort and Valerian, work like addictive drugs; they provide artificial stimulation, which results in tolerance and addiction.

A common misconception in our society that leads to trouble is the notion that nutritional supplements don’t produce any side-effects because they are natural.  It’s vital to be aware that natural therapies can be just as powerful as a prescription drug and should be taken seriously. This is especially true when we are referring to supplements that affect neurotransmitters and hormones, and these are typically the supplements that people have the most trouble with. It really is best to work with a knowledgeable health care provider, rather than supplementing yourself.

It’s also important to note, nutritional supplements are not the be all and end all. Yes, indeed, they play an important role in most holistic health care plans and replenishing depleted nutrients is vital for many ailments, but for some people, less is more.

As the word, “supplement” implies, nutritional supplements are designed to “supplement” the diet, not replace. Many people put way too much focus on supplements and fail to address other more important issues like their diet and managing stress. No matter how you look at it, we are a pill popping society. In traditional medicine it is pharmaceuticals and in the natural health industry it’s supplements and herbs.

The first step in addressing depleted nutrients is to fix your diet, by eating organic, consuming adequate animal protein and fat and low-starch vegetables, eliminating sugars, grains and legumes,  avoiding caffeine, alcohol and refined foods. You should be trying to get most of your nutrients from the food that you eat. Not only that, if you do not change your diet, you are not likely to see any significant or long-term results with nutritional supplements, no matter how many you take.

If you can’t tolerate any nutritional supplements, then try to eat the foods that are richest in the nutrients you are trying to replenish, but stay within Paleo guidelines of course. A simple Google search for any food you can think of will provide you with its nutrient content. Put more focus on the things that you can do, like eating healthy, getting proper exercise, communing with nature, getting adequate sunshine and sufficient sleep, deep breathing exercises, meditation and positive thinking.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that the most profound improvements in health are typically made by eating the right foods and living a healthier lifestyle and don’t underestimate their power to do so.

36 thoughts on “What Should You do When Nutritional Supplements Make You Feel Worse?”

  1. I’ve never read about B complex vitamins feeding Candida albicans, can you elaborate further or show me where I can read more about that?

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Emmy,

      It is well known in knowledgeable practitioners that some of the B vitamins will feed many different species of Candida. It varies from species to species. For example, most species of Candida need biotin to survive. Other species like Glabrata need niacin and B6. All forms of Candida need iron and other minerals for their biofilms, which protect it from your immune system and antifungals. You will see many practitioners state that most people with Candida have deficiencies in a variety of the B vitamins. That is because Candida is using them.

      Yes, I know there are studies that claim biotin will stop Candida from morphing into the hyphal form, but there are other studies that illustrate it will make the yeast form proliferate.

      Since each person may have different species and strains of Candida the impact of B vitamins will vary. Some people can’t do B12, many people can’t do biotin. For example, in my own life, biotin will make Candida more severe than ever, but B6 and pantothenic acid have no impact on it.

      Here are a couple studies that provide this information.

      Meyer SA, Ahearn DG, Yarrow DG, published in Elsevier Science Publ. in 1984.


  2. Thank you so much for this useful article. I’m a big fan of Thorne brand supplements too. It’s really worth it to buy the best quality products as this lessens the likelihood of bad reactions to some extent. The advice to start at low doses is so important, especially when very ill, and that diet is really the foundation of any healing program. Along with good sleep habits etc. Thanks again!

  3. Thankyou so much for these thorough articles! I found this page because today I pretty much experienced what you are talking about…feeling better from certain nutrients and worse from others. Vitamin C and Pantohenic acid make me feel better….and then taking some Biotin made me feel all spaced out and horrible. Lesson learnt!
    As for Iron…I have read that if one takes lactoferrin with it, it will stop the candida using it…or something like that. Lactoferrin/colostrum can kill the candida is that correct? I’ve also had issues with other B Vitamins too, although I still take a complex once a week in the hope my body will get some of it and not the candida.

    For now I shall stick to mainly Pantethine and Vitamin C. Would you recommend liver/gallbladder cleansing? I have had to stop my high fat diet as it was clearly affecting my liver.

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      You’re welcome PC. Yes, it is true that colostrum and lactoferrin can be very beneficial for Candida as well as many other microbes. The Colostrum provides antibodies against them and the lactoferrin restricts their use of iron. So, yes it is also true that lactoferrin will impede microbes ability to access the iron. I do not really support any particular liver/gallbladder cleanse. One must be very careful with these type of cleanses, as it can cause gallstones to become lodged in the bile duct, if there are any present. I suggest supporting the liver with silymarin, and molybdenum and pantethine, which helps get rid of acetyldehyde; one of the primary toxins released by Candida that clogs the liver. Eating an individualized Paleo diet and regular use of enemas will also help the liver.


  4. I’ve found your site and greatly appreciate the info.I’ve been taking magnesium and malic acid for heart palpitations and fibromyalgia pain for app. 2 months. I don’t feel any better,if anything I feel worse.I feel constipated,which is weird with magnesium. I thought my heart palpitations were better but had a bad one today so I’m not so sure. And my pain is really no better. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Tysm

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Clair,

      Well there are a variety of possible explanations for your experience.

      Candida needs magnesium for its survival and both Candida and bacteria use magnesium for the formation of biofilms. If you have overgrowth of one of these, the magnesium could contribute to proliferation. If overgrowth is increased, then an increase in symptoms is typically experienced.

      For your fibromyalgia, heart palpitations and constipation you should be looking at the following


  5. We have been involved in supplementation for our daughter for 18 years and I loved this article. Your below comment is the same thing that happens to her. Things like taurine, PS, Choline, B-vitamins, Curcumin, DHA all disrupt her sleep. Can you give a list of other supplements that directly affect neurotransmitters or hormones?
    Beautiful and very resourceful article- Thank you.
    Some people simply do not respond well to certain supplements. For example, I cannot take any supplements that manipulate my neurotransmitters or hormones. My brain and body will just not have it. This is true for many people I work with.

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you and you’re welcome. Well it would take some time to come up with a list. I’ll have to give it some thought. There’s a lot of them with that potential. I’m in the process of writing two books right now and I’m limited on time, so I’m not sure when I’ll get to this. (Sorry)


  6. Just wanted to say thank you for your website, you really are a blissing to many people. I’ve been doing years of reading and experimenting with supplements so I know so much more than a lot of the naturopaths out there. I just wanted to say that I’ve read a few of your articles and your pretty spot on and have a wide range of knowledge the kind of knowledge that most doctors and naturopaths just brush on which is invaluable to your clients.

  7. Good information.

    I guess the key is to keep calm and I think for many simply starting small and slow usually does the trick.

    But this whole thing about B’s and candida great but at the same time, B vitamins are very necessary. Esp B12, folate, etc. Its not wise to ignore it. Candida sucks. But not sure what is *most* important to address first… I sure wouldn’t want to be without B12 for obvious reasons.

    This is what always trips me up. Some of these nutrients are vital. It can be difficult to get them from foods so how can you simply not take them if your body needs them?

    Magnesium is another for example. It’s so imp to feel calmed down and relax and as you said detox. But some can not tolerate it, or have adverse effects, no matter what form it’s in.

    So… does that then mean you simply won’t be able to detox properly? (Or will I have to settle for it in trace amounts through food)

  8. Hi Cynthia, thanks for all the great info on candida. I read with great interest here and in another article you wrote about the effect of B vitamins. I would always hear my doctor say my bloodwork showed low B12 but he didn’t know why. He recently told me to take B12 tabs. Now I know and I’ve battled candida in the past.

    I’ve only been taking the B12 for about a month. I’m going through a major episode of candida right now with all the symptoms so maybe there was a connection. Additionally, I was taking on a regular a B-Complex tab, Biotin, L-Thenine.

    In the last few weeks I developed rashes like bug bites first on my legs, then on my face & neck, now on my chest. Have you ever heard of rashes or “bug-like bites” associated with candida?

    Before I realized this episode might be candida I went to an urgent care MD who thought I had a skin infection of some type. He prescribed and anti-biotic (Oh no!) and Mupirocin Ointment for the rash.
    Any info in greatly appreciated.

    Regards – Dom

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Don,
      Yes, many skin symptoms can be the result of Candida. They can also be the result of bacterial overgrowth like SIBO. B12 deficiency is very common in SIBO. And with H. pylori as well. You should take a look at these pages

  9. Hi Cynthia,
    I was really interested to read what you were saying about B vitamins.
    I had debilitating anxiety/panic attacks for over 20 years, I changed my way of eating to a ketogenic lifestyle, and it has been the best decision for me that I have ever made. My anxiety has subsided significantly, and I just feel so much calmer and at peace.
    Recently I started taking Biotin because I felt that my hair has been thinning a little, about a week into taking them I started having anxiety attacks, just a little at first but it’s gradually getting worse. Could this be from the Biotin?.

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Hi Sharlene,

      Biotin feeds all strains of Candida. So if Candida is present, supplementation can be counterproductive. The only way to know if that is the culprit is to stop and see if symptoms abate.Then try again and see if returns.


    Hi cynthia, thank you for such an informative article. A few years ago I took an adrenal glandular as recommended by a Doctor. I was so wired, anxious, tearful and irritable , along with numbness and tingling through my whole body. I was able to handle supplements fine before this. Now I get the same effects even from a drop of a supplement. I have blasto hominis and Candida. Perhaps best to try and rid of the parasite first? I am ok with antibiotics.

  11. Hello again Cynthia,

    Thankyou for the link. Very informative.

    The last paragraph summed it up quite nicely.

    Curious if you generally start people on very basic and small amounts of calming herbs, nutrients, when they are trying to work thier way back? Quality bone broth?

    My issue is I went through a really tough year losing loved ones and I guess my system then became sensitive not only for supplements but most “healthy” food or practically anything with sugar even all fruits. ( I’m thinking man I really to get some basic nutrition going here. ) I went from drinking 1-3 cups coffee per day to absolutely zero.

    Lost weight, terrible foggy mind, and found out low B12. Ptsd like symptoms. If you have any suggested reading or supplements to start with it – it would greatly appreciated.

  12. Read the article on dysautonmia, and being that your subjected to tramuas, life’s hardships, etc etc you said it can permanently mess up the @stress response system”. Permenantly?

    What does this mean exactly? There are so many who overcome and (become) stronger due to hardships. So… is one just screwed over events they could not help?

  13. This was so helpful to me. I have been trying many supplements lately, given to me by my naturopath. I keep having the same reactions to almost all of them, which is feeling jittery, dizzy, as if I drank a gallon of coffee. Your description of the sympathetic response and how that connects to chronic illness was really validating and gave me answers to something my healthcare providers haven’t really been able to.

  14. Lorre Mendelson

    Is there a way to get in touch with you please? My husband and I recently moved to Las Cruces, NM. He is seeing a doctor who has prescribed multiple supplements for him and is feeling so ill. We need some great advice please. Thank you, Lorre

  15. I believe I have candida overgrowth and will be starting an anti candida diet. Zevia makes a soda consisting of carbonated water, citric acid, stevia leaf extract and natural flavors. Would this be ok to drink on this diet. thanks.

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Those ingredients will not feed Candida. However, (natural flavors) can mean anything, including sugar, so have to be careful about that. Additionally, not something you should be drinking daily. Would be okay as a treat, but not a regular part of the diet. The goal is to eliminate the desire for these kinds of unnecessary things and consume real food. Also, if one has a glutamate issue, the citric acid can increase glutamate.

  16. Hi Cynthia,

    Would topical magnesium feed candida and contribute to biofilm formation the same as oral magnesium? I found a magnesium oil that I’d like to try for achey and tense muscles, but I don’t want to use it if there’s a chance it can make me worse. Thank you!

    1. Admin - Cynthia Perkins

      Bypassing the gut by using something topical works for some people. The only way to know if it works for you is through experimentation.

  17. Amazing. I feel like crap with every single supplement I’ve tried . B vitamins make me anxious, magnesium fatigues me and causes nightmares, iron gives me insomnia , herbs like St. John’s wort , kava and Ashwaghand make me feel like crap too and the list goes on. I have tried Ashwaghnada for the past 5 days and feel like crap . Tomorrow I was going to try Taurine but now I won’t . I was trying to use a supplement guide for pmdd and anxiety and insomnia . Even feel crap when I eat certain foods like hemp seeds and evening primrose oil made me a wreck within days hmm what to do now.

  18. Danielle Richardson

    Hello. I have learned so much from your article. I have an integrative Dr that prescribed MANY supplements. I can’t seem to tolerate them at all. Long story short, I have debilitating anxiety with some depression. I was just diagnosed with sinus tachycardia and can’t even tolerate the beta blocker the Dr gave me for that. Now I have no clue what to take/not to take. I’m so sensitive to medicine and apparently supplements. I’m in such a rut and pretty much in bed for the past month. I’m only 41 and should not be in this shape. Please help!!!

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